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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The middle row massaging seat was holding us up for months as well, but I finally just received the coveted email from Lincoln a few minutes ago telling us that we're scheduled for a TPW of 8/15! WooHoo!
  2. I placed our order in January for a MY22 Navigator 4x4 Reserve. Later when they started accepting the Lincoln Play to be ordered, and since I didn't have a VIN or production date yet, I was able to add it on 4/1 to the existing order. A few weeks later I get another email from Lincoln saying that my order has been accepted! .... Just like the original email from Lincoln that I received after I originally placed my order. 🤨 So I asked my dealer what was up and he said not to worry, he may have accidentally ordered a second vehicle like mine but I'll still get my original vehicle that I ordered first and I won't have to buy the second one. Of course, that was also shortly after Lincoln said that they would only be fulfilling SOLD MY22 Navigators for the rest of the model year. 🤔 https://fordauthority.com/2022/06/lincoln-dealers-sternly-reminded-not-to-abuse-vehicle-allocation-system/
  3. How does it work then when Lincoln moves the priority up? (ex. Priority code 02) I'm kind of surprised my order has sat further with no VIN for 2+ months no while at priority 02.
  4. Priority code is a factor indeed, but I think apparently, more importantly, are the unpublished variables such as dealer allocation and manufacturer constraints. Been Priority 10 since the order was placed on 1/20 and when Lincoln began to permit the rear entertainment to be ordered, since we had still not been given a VIN and tentative production date, we were able to amend our order and add it on 4/1. Lincoln themselves then bumped up the priority to 02 and we have been at priority 02 for over two months still with no VIN or tentative production date. Little surprised by that. Interesting to have a VIN that high when you had your order placed so early. I think I read that there was a constraint on the Reserve Roast interior at one point and then just a couple of weeks ago, the dealer said that the regional Lincoln rep told him that the middle row messaging seats were on constraint and if we wanted, we could drop that we could probably get it built sooner. Of course I said no thank you, to that! My only reason for not switching over to a MY23 order is that I don't want to lose the price protection on our order we originally placed in January. I know there has been at least one price increase since then, on top of what most assuredly will be another price increase for MY23.
  5. What is your production sequence? (Basically your VIN the last six beginning with L12345.) You would have thought yours would have been one of the first Navigators in MY22 produced! I've already seen VIN's in the L10xxx range. Supposedly Lincoln is no longer producing Navigators for retail orders, only sold orders.
  6. Looks great! I ceramic coated my other two vehicles myself with Avalon King's Armor Shield IX, but for my wife's new Navigator I've bought Adam's Graphene ceramic coating advanced kit for it. 60ml I think it will be enough for the entire vehicle. Look into a windshield tint if you haven't already; I realized my Corvette that I bought as the 2nd owner with 5k miles on it and already had tint, didn't have this. Going to get that corrected in a couple of weeks. Helps keep out a lot of the heat and you don't have to wear your sunglasses all of the time.
  7. Can't force a dealer to accept X-plan pricing but you can certainly take your business to a dealer who will. Becoming eligible for Xplan pricing is as easy as joining the Mustang Club of America. Digital membership for $35 for one year; can't use the Xplan PIN until you have been a member for at least 90 days. https://www.oxmoorflm.com/ford-a-x-z-plans/x-plan-partner-companies/#s https://mustang.org/member-services/x-plan/ https://www.fordpartner.com/partnerweb/jsp/howitworks/fordpartner_rules.htm Here is my MSRP and how I understand the Xplan pricing to work, plus TT&L. About $950 over invoice, or about $5,271 below MSRP on my MY22 Navigator Reserve.
  8. I've received the emails from Lincoln saying they have accepted my order, and even the one a few months back about the time when I should have received an email saying that I had a tentative prod date and a VIN, but instead they said due to shortages my order would be delayed. A little after that I read where the rear entertainment system could now be ordered so I asked my dealer if I could add that and because I had not received a VIN/prod date, I could. About a month after that I received another email from Lincoln saying that they had accepted my order. I inquired with my sales guy and he said he "might have accidently ordered a second one just like mine," but not to worry because the first one was still mine and I didn't have to worry about the second one. This of course was shortly after Lincoln announced that they would only be fulfilling remaining MY22 Navigator orders that were sold. Haha. https://fordauthority.com/2022/04/2022-lincoln-navigator-production-now-limited-to-customer-orders/
  9. More pics I found yesterday.
  10. They are obviously not stopping production so what did they tell you was the reason? MY23 orders begin in mid June I believe.
  11. There were a couple teething issues with the LM2 combined with the reality that GM apparently just didn't want to sell me one that did it in for me on that route. (For some reason they love to sell the diesels a long ways away from where they make them here in Texas which is a shame, because the diesels are ideal for the Texas geography and climate.) I had a MY17 Yukon Denali 6.2 and it was a nice truck, but I am an avid opponent of their cylinder deactivation bullshat. Plus, it's the emissions that are killing the modern diesels and GM is already having to dump the LM2 after MY22 for a new inline diesel (LZ0) with tighter emissions in MY23. The irony is, especially with the diesel particulate filter on these modern diesels, they're actually cleaner than many modern gasoline vehicles at the tailpipe (my C7 Corvette will get the pipes dirty after a few spirited runs!) This is why in Europe many gas vehicles are apparently outfitted with a GPF, or gasoline particulate filters. Long story short, I'm a big torque fan and I'm looking forward to the high-output 3.5L EcoBoost and I'll still probably get a few more MPG's with it on the highway over the GM 6.2, especially with the couple MPG increase for MY22! As for X-plan pricing, the article you shared sounds like the only part that is going away is the shareholder program, which is not that big of a deal because it's still relatively easy to become eligible for X-Plan. Hopefully, Ford won't eliminate the entire X-plan program anytime soon, it's perhaps one the best things going for the consumer in the automotive industry today!
  12. I just received that email as well, but I've never received a VIN or production number. You can only log in somewhere once you have received this information, correct? Besides, this info is old news by about 2 months. They started this on April 15. They should all still be coming with the Active Park Assist 2.0 Prep Kit, Option 98H. This email was relatively worthless without them clarifying that yes, Lincoln will readily add this module for free 12-18 months down the road when they become available. https://fordauthority.com/2022/04/2022-lincoln-navigator-to-also-drop-ford-active-park-assist-2-0/
  13. I hear you and I do get it. Prior to the covid ruse, I placed an order for my MY20 Land Rover Discovery with the Ford V6 diesel. I think LR accepted it in December and it was built in late March, and I took delivery of it as soon as LR could get it across the Atlantic (from Nitra, Slovakia) to my dealer in Boerne, Texas. But that was the good ol' days when all of these disruptions didn't exist. I don't know what all the problems that may be impeding production are today, but it sure isn't covid. Prior to my Navigator order I waited almost two months with a GMC dealer who took my $1k deposit but then GM wouldn't even let the dealer submit the order, for a Yukon Denali with the LM2 diesel. All I was looking for was a simple acceptance by GM to build my vehicle in the order that it was submitted. The Navigator will be a tad more expensive but not by much, especially with X-plan pricing and hopefully I'm price protected from my original order date in January, but nonetheless April at the least. I will miss the premise of high 20's MPG but I really am a fan of the current generation PFDI 3.5L high output EcoBoost V6 and consider it a happy medium between the GM LM2 inline six diesel and their L87 6.2 V8 with cylinder deactivation of which I am not a fan of at all. I am really surprised though that since 4/1 my order has been priority 02 and I still don't even have at the least, a VIN and a tentative production date.
  14. Placed our order on 1/20 with a priority code 10, Reserve 4x4, Black with roast, relatively loaded. Added Lincoln Play on 4/1 when it became available to order, which Lincoln said to the dealer no problem because we hadn't been assigned a VIN or scheduled for production. Lincoln even upped the priority level to 02! And I have read that Lincoln is no longer building anything other than sold orders for MY22 Navigators, too. My Dad was recently able to place an order for a MY23 Corvette (5/4) and a week later (5/13) GM accepted to build the order, and now his new Corvette is tentatively scheduled to be produced the week of 6/20. I never would have thought that my Dad could place an order for a C8 right now 3.5 months after Lincoln accepted our order for a MY22 Navigator, and he'd get his new MY23 Corvette before we may even have a build date on our Navigator!
  15. When I ordered and received my Land Rover Discovery I literally drove from the dealership home, and straight to Discount Tire the next day. I swapped out the OE Pirelli Scorpions Zero for Toyo Open Country A/T III's. Should have been the OE tire, especially for a truly capable off-road vehicle. For the Navigator, I'm eyeing swapping the OE 22" tread for some Nokian Outpost AT's that can be ordered from Discount Tire. They have an OE size version in 285/45/22 with excellent ratings available at a relative decent price. I'd love to order another set of Toyo Open Country A/T III's but they are a lot more expensive than these Nokian ones, and while I'm sure they are a great tire in the 22" size as well, the Nokian spec tires have comparable excellent ratings. The sooner you can remove your OE tires the easier they are to try and sell to someone else. https://www.nokiantires.com/all-terrain-tires/nokian-tyres-outpost-at/ I ordered mine on 1/20/22 and I think the first thing that impeded it's production was the roast interior we wanted on our Reserve 4x4. Since it was delayed and Ford/Lincoln released that you could begin to order the rear entertainment, I inquired with my dealer who said since we hadn't received a VIN or production date, we could still add it. At this point I'm not sure it will even remain a MY22 despite the 02 priority status!