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  1. Wheeling

    2022 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Thanks for the information. No Sync 4 or any significant change, Then what is the purpose for an early model year? I'm really disappointed. Have been hopeful for a 2022 Model with Sync 4.
  2. Wheeling

    2022 Lincoln Aviator Production Information

    I would guess the 2022 Aviator will have Sync 4 and larger screen.
  3. Is 2021 Nautilus in production yet? I wonder when it will be on dealer's lot for test drive. Do any one know when Lincoln's on line configuration will be open?
  4. Wheeling

    Climate control temp display not working

    I think the OP is talking about the temperature display in the control unit right above the levels to change the temperature setting. One for eth drive and one for the passenger, the 2020 models have them and they indeed look nice. Now the two windows becomes black void. It is a downgrade, although the temperatures still display in the screen.
  5. Wheeling

    Climate control temp display not working

    2021 models don't have them. It has been discussed in this forum. They were eliminated in the US models . Maybe BL still have them. The foreign versions still have them though.
  6. Wheeling

    Interior Door Release Failure

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhjSVGyvfxM This is another one with the door button failure and other issue.
  7. Wheeling

    Interior Door Release Failure

    It indeed is a safety concern. This button should not fail so early. The aviator has had 10 recalls in its short life. Built quality and reliability is really holding some buyers back. Hope it get fixed quickly.
  8. Wheeling

    2021 Aviator Recall

    https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2020/lincoln-aviator-steering-knuckles-may-fracture.shtml unfortunately, bad publication again.
  9. Wheeling

    Has anyone ordered a 2021 yet?

    @Random Precision There is a post in another forum stating that 2021 Aviator deleted the interior temperature display on the control unit on the dash. I think this is hardly unreasonable. Could you check yours and post a photo for that? Thanks.
  10. Wheeling

    An Interesting Comparison

    XT6 is crossed board not on par with the Aviator.
  11. Wheeling

    Can you hear your gas moving in your tank

    There may be water in your trunk or somewhere. Gas should not make that noise.
  12. Saw this in a recent review of a different car. It is interesting to compare different SUV's in such a way and knows where each one is located.
  13. Wheeling

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    Drive another Aviator with 22" wheels on the dealer lot and compare with yours. If they are all the same, then he is probably right. If not, something wrong with yours.
  14. Wheeling

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    I guess you don't have the dynamic handling package. Otherwise, it should be very smooth. I don't want the package. That thing, with all the advantages, is built to fail, and when it fails, leaking air from rubber chambers, you probably can't drive it, no matter where you are. It is not just Lincoln, it is all the air glider set ups for all the brands. Plan to order a R1 with all the options for R2, prices will be almost identical, but get the 20" wheels. It is already big enough and should have all the benefits of plus-size wheels, but providing a much smoother ride. Best wishes!