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  1. Saw this in a recent review of a different car. It is interesting to compare different SUV's in such a way and knows where each one is located.
  2. Wheeling

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    Drive another Aviator with 22" wheels on the dealer lot and compare with yours. If they are all the same, then he is probably right. If not, something wrong with yours.
  3. Wheeling

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    I guess you don't have the dynamic handling package. Otherwise, it should be very smooth. I don't want the package. That thing, with all the advantages, is built to fail, and when it fails, leaking air from rubber chambers, you probably can't drive it, no matter where you are. It is not just Lincoln, it is all the air glider set ups for all the brands. Plan to order a R1 with all the options for R2, prices will be almost identical, but get the 20" wheels. It is already big enough and should have all the benefits of plus-size wheels, but providing a much smoother ride. Best wishes!
  4. Wheeling

    Perfect Position Seat Comfort

    It is entirely personal whether a seat is comfortable or not. When I test drive the Aviator, I found it really comfortable. I even brought a ruler with me to measure the seat width. Since a lot people claim it was narrow. Turn out it was about a inch wider than my Infiniti.
  5. Wheeling

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    The bigger size must also have some draw backs, otherwise there is no reason the GT not using the 22-inch wheels. They look really nice.
  6. Those 22" wheels certainly look very nice on the Aviator. However, there are draw backs, harsh ride, road noise, and high costs associated with potential replacement. I want to ask the owners what your experience with the large wheels? I know the dynamic handling package will take care of the harsh ride, but I don't want that for durability concerns. Any ideals? 20 inches are already big enough. For Reserve, you can either go to the reserve II with the 22 wheels, or stay with Reserve I and add Luxury and Illumination packages and keep the 20 wheels. You can also add the tow hatch. The prices are almost identical. Any suggestion?
  7. Wheeling

    Has anyone ordered a 2021 yet?

    Very nice. Thanks.
  8. Wheeling

    Has anyone ordered a 2021 yet?

    @Mithras @Tl99cobra Thank you for your answers. Looks like the waiting is much better than before. Any discount?
  9. Wheeling

    Has anyone ordered a 2021 yet?

    Did Lincoln tell you how long to production? Thank you.
  10. Wheeling

    Has anyone ordered a 2021 yet?

    Oops, they don't have one back then, don't they? No wonder no one has ordered.
  11. Has anyone ordered a 2010 yet? Want to know how long it takes before delivery.
  12. Wheeling

    Welcome lighting not working

    For auto-fold mirrors, the Lincoln welcome mat turns on when welcome lighting or lighted entry turns on and the mirrors fold in upon locking or using the switch on the door. Note: If you enable auto-fold and then you fold the mirrors in to the door window glass, the welcome mats do not turn on. The above is from the manual and it is confusing. Maybe you folded your mirrors.
  13. The latest JD Power three year dependability survey put Lincoln at NO 7, way above industrial average and above BMW and many other primary brands. Way to go. 2020012 U.S. VDS.pdf
  14. Really hope they can correct all this in the 2021 model.. I start to think it is the incompetence of the workers as well as the managers that dragged the quality issue for so long. They have designed a great SUV, don't let the quality pull it down.
  15. Wheeling

    Windshield issues

    You need to get the glass replaced. Lincoln likely got a batch of defective windshields, need to go the the supply and ask for replacement and better quality products.