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  1. Tl99cobra

    Engine Issues ...again

    Could be a timing chain, bad chain tensioner, or low oil pressure on start up with slack in tensioner until oil builds up pressure. I have a 2001 jaguar that will do this rattle from the chain when I would use a lesser oil filter or oil filter with a bad back flow valve. The oil filter would empty when cold and the oil pump would need to fill the filter before pressure would rise in the vehicle. So the chain tensioners which have some hydraulic lift would be slack, and chain would be slack and rattle for a second or 2 til pressure built up. I use filters with only the orange silicone backflow valves and it solves it. I believe the 3.0 ecoboost doesn't have cartridge filters but only paper filters, so it's not the filter, but temporary low pressure may be the issue.
  2. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    No, the 3.0 doesn't have the port injection sadly.
  3. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    What a great forum. Thank you guys. I was thinking of going with jlt catch can and putting it where I have the arrow in the photo and making a clamp to attach it to the bolt i circled. Not sure what the bolt is for. https://www.jlttruecoldair.com/jlt-oil-separator-3-0-passenger-side-2020-ford-explorer-3l-2020-lincoln-aviator-3l-ecoboost/
  4. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    Thank u sir!
  5. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    Hello all, Sort of a strange question. Anyone have a photo of an aviator gt engine bay with the plastic engine covers taken off. Looking to see if a catch can for an explorer st would fit in the front drivers side of engine bay as in this video... The explorer st does not have the front and side plastic engine covers. Plus the gt has some orange electrical "stuff" in the engine bay. I know I should just wait until my 2021 arrives and see for myself, but just thought I would ask. Thanks!
  6. Tl99cobra

    2021 Aviator GT

    Hi, Appreciate any updates, thank you. 2021 Aviator vin: 5LMYJ8XY1MNL00044
  7. Tl99cobra

    mud flaps/guards

    Thank you. Very nice.
  8. Hello, Thank you very much for your assistance. Dealer : Maguire's Lincoln, PA Sales code: L15140 Order: 0301
  9. Just thinking about this. Does anyone know how much power the ten speed transmission in the aviator can handle. I mean the gt has 630 lb ft. That is impressive. I am also wondering why a tuner hasn't posted numbers on an aviator gt. In the explorer st, tuners are adding over 50 hp and 50 torque. If someone tuned a gt, could the transmission handle almost 700 torque. I mean that is really impressive. But the 10 speed must be beefy to handle the 630, long term, right?
  10. Still, reliable for me. Many of the parts on that engine are labeled fomoco though.
  11. I think ford helped jaguar at the time. I have a 2001 xkr and except for fuel pumps, really reliable. It has the lincoln ls 4.0 in it but supercharged. I replaced the chain tensioner for problem prevention and that is it. I think ford made jaguar more reliable from then on.
  12. 2016 fiesta st. I could be listening to my usb music or Bluetooth or anything and 9 times out of 10, the next restart my sync3 goes to fm radio on its own on restart and its always a Christian rock station. I dont even have the station programmed as a saved station. Maybe car is trying to tell me something. Anyone else have this issue with their fiesta with sync 3.
  13. Hey all, just thought this might be helpful. I have a 2021 aviator gt on order. I don't expect it until November or December. Anyhow, I was trying to figure out how to unload my 2014 explorer sport 34k miles in the best way possible considering corona virus. I made the deal on the aviator without discussing a trade. I then, a couple of weeks later, had the dealer value my ex sport as a trade when aviator comes in. Came in low, which I expected, at 18 k. Now, there is a tax savings with that at dealer at time of trade, so let's say value is 19,100 at the dealer. Car is in excellent condition. I then hit up vroom.com which came in at 20,300 and 2 days later they upped the offer to 20,800. We buyanycar .com came in at 21, 400. Carsense came in at 21,900. Carvana came in at 23,136. Quite a huge variance. I sold the car to Carvana. 15 minute transaction and they picked it up. Didn't have to worry about corona virus and people coming to test drive and see the car. I am fortunate that I have other vehicles I can drive while waiting on the aviator. hope this helps someone. cheers.
  14. Tl99cobra

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I ordered a 2021 aviator on july24. Help me interprete the above. So as of this week, they are scheduling builds for oct 5 and 12? And they only started scheduling 2021 builds on August 7th? thanks.
  15. Wow, bad news. Keep us posted. Linking a previous leaking roof post....