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  1. Tl99cobra

    2021 Aviator GT

    Hi, Hopefully its close. 5LMYJ8XY1MNL00044 thank you.
  2. Tl99cobra

    My 21 GT is delayed

    Answered my own question by searching the forum. I quote member Coolscoop from another post: "GTs take longer to produce because painted bodies are transported from CAP to a special hybrid assembly line several blocks away for final assembly, then they go back to CAP for QC."
  3. Tl99cobra

    Trade in Raptor for Aviator Black Label GT?

    From what I have read, if you drive in "preserve ev" mode, the engine will keep your battery at the level that it is at and maybe add a smidge more. It is difficult for the engine alone to charge these lithium batteries. Your engine will certainly never be able to match a 220v outlet, maybe get halfway to 3/4 toward a 110v outlet. If you think about it that it takes 11 hours to charge the battery to full from empty on 110v outlet, it would take longer than that for the engine to do it on its own. People have driven over an hour on the highway and only added on like 1 mile of range. Now, regenerative braking probably adds more, but highway driving won't help you much. You really need to capitalize on the plug in, to get the most out of the GT.
  4. Tl99cobra

    My 21 GT is delayed

    Was supposed to arrive with an eta this week, now the eta is 11/17. It was built 9/28. Sitting in Chicago awaiting a ride to Pennsylvania. I checked with my dealer and there was some interesting tracking info, I wonder if anyone here can shed some light on something... So it was produced 9/28 and then "released to Body Company" 10/28 and "returned from Body Company" also on 10/28. Currently it's sitting on a ramp. Does anybody know what this Body Company is? I searched online and I guess some pickups have gone to body Company for spray in liner or cars for some sort of stripes like on a gt350. But it's usually right after production. I wonder if my gt got scratched up or damaged or something. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Tl99cobra

    Has anyone ordered a 2021 yet?

    I have a 2021 aviator gt on order. Built 9/28. Eta 10/25.
  6. Tl99cobra

    2021 Aviator GT

    Hi, Appreciate any updates, thank you.  2021 Aviator vin: 5LMYJ8XY1MNL00044
  7. Tl99cobra

    2021 Aviator GT

    Hi, Appreciate any updates, thank you.  2021 Aviator vin: 5LMYJ8XY1MNL00044
  8. Tl99cobra

    Engine Issues ...again

    Could be a timing chain, bad chain tensioner, or low oil pressure on start up with slack in tensioner until oil builds up pressure. I have a 2001 jaguar that will do this rattle from the chain when I would use a lesser oil filter or oil filter with a bad back flow valve. The oil filter would empty when cold and the oil pump would need to fill the filter before pressure would rise in the vehicle. So the chain tensioners which have some hydraulic lift would be slack, and chain would be slack and rattle for a second or 2 til pressure built up. I use filters with only the orange silicone backflow valves and it solves it. I believe the 3.0 ecoboost doesn't have cartridge filters but only paper filters, so it's not the filter, but temporary low pressure may be the issue.
  9. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    No, the 3.0 doesn't have the port injection sadly.
  10. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    What a great forum. Thank you guys. I was thinking of going with jlt catch can and putting it where I have the arrow in the photo and making a clamp to attach it to the bolt i circled. Not sure what the bolt is for. https://www.jlttruecoldair.com/jlt-oil-separator-3-0-passenger-side-2020-ford-explorer-3l-2020-lincoln-aviator-3l-ecoboost/
  11. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    Thank u sir!
  12. Tl99cobra

    aviator gt engine bay

    Hello all, Sort of a strange question. Anyone have a photo of an aviator gt engine bay with the plastic engine covers taken off. Looking to see if a catch can for an explorer st would fit in the front drivers side of engine bay as in this video... The explorer st does not have the front and side plastic engine covers. Plus the gt has some orange electrical "stuff" in the engine bay. I know I should just wait until my 2021 arrives and see for myself, but just thought I would ask. Thanks!
  13. Tl99cobra

    2021 Aviator GT

    Hi, Appreciate any updates, thank you. 2021 Aviator vin: 5LMYJ8XY1MNL00044
  14. Tl99cobra

    mud flaps/guards

    Thank you. Very nice.
  15. Hello, Thank you very much for your assistance. Dealer : Maguire's Lincoln, PA Sales code: L15140 Order: 0301