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  1. Bellanca

    35 MPH buzzing...Who's got the fix?

    Well Lincoln has decided to replace mine. Hopefully this Aviator is problem free.
  2. Bellanca

    35 MPH buzzing...Who's got the fix?

    Other issues; intermittently on startup the car moves by itself when shifting from park to drive/reverse with my foot on the brake. Also just the amount of time it's been out of my hands. Between the last two visits alone I'm sitting at 28 days, maybe I'll get it back today.
  3. Bellanca

    35 MPH buzzing...Who's got the fix?

    Yeah I loved my Aviator but it's been way too problematic. Currently in the buyback process, rep was supposed to call me back on Friday, didn't happen. This is the 11th day that I'm stuck in a 2.0 Nautilus, I only had it back for 6 days--had just gotten it back after 16 days in the shop during which I had a MKC. They're not doing a good job of trying to keep me as a customer.
  4. Got it fixed, supposedly. Won't know unless it does it again, also had the driveshaft replaced and the rear camera.
  5. Bellanca

    35 MPH buzzing...Who's got the fix?

    I'll post my service sheet once I get it back.
  6. Bellanca

    35 MPH buzzing...Who's got the fix?

    Called the dealership; they've ordered a new driveshaft. Should be in Friday which means I should have it next Monday, hopefully.
  7. Bellanca

    35 MPH buzzing...Who's got the fix?

    Mine is at the dealership for this right now--for the third time. First dealership said they couldn't figure it out, second dealership first blamed it on big wheels and tires to which I said that's not a thing. Now they finally admit that they too experienced the vibration, last I heard they were pulling the transmission; I've read that some have had their driveshafts replaced and that seems to alleviate the issue.
  8. Thank you very much for that link. As for the wheels they swapped them Lou with another set and the vibration remained. Odds that both sets were unbalanced??
  9. Dealership could find no anomalies with the braking system or transmission. I also received an error message for the air suspension but when they ran diagnostics no codes were generated. They also attribute my driveline vibration to “big wheels,” I want to love this car but 7 months in and all of these issues are driving me crazy.
  10. Hello all, I have a 2020 Aviator but chose to post here hoping I would get more replies/information. I just opened a case with Lincoln as my Aviator is having quite a few issues. Anyway I’ll get to the point, have any of you with a 2020 Explorer had the car move by itself with your foot on the brake when transferring from Park to Drive/Reverse? On several occasions my Aviator has done this and it moves about 3’ before coming to a stop. Of course the dealership couldn’t duplicate this—it’s an infrequent occurrence, but a serious safety issue. I don’t want the next time to be when a person or car, building etc is in front of or behind me when this happens and then it’s just my word that “it wasn’t me, it was my car.”
  11. Haha, I’m among those helping produce it; I’m a reactor operator.
  12. Working. People like having electricity; bastards.