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  1. I like it.! Wish aviator can have this level of technology tho.
  2. And I'm pretty sure this is a new shade of blue, close but not exactly the same as diamond blue.
  3. The rear remains identical, which is not surprising. The slightly modified front facia looks much better than I expected
  4. Looks pretty good. But why don't change the steering wheel to aviator/corsair style tho?
  5. So I went to check the newly arrived Chinese build aviator this weekend. The one in the show room has the paint color called "深邃蓝” which has the same prefix as "深邃黑(infinite black)". Based on that, I'm guessing this might be the new infinite blue which is supposed to be replacing blue diamond and Ford blue. It's a bit darker than blue diamond and I personally think it can match the amazing flight blue. 🤨🤨 Pics in file
  6. SmartKid001

    Aviator second row seat swap

    Seems like second row seat can't be moved further to the back since it's blocked by third row cup holders. The third row should he removed anyway as no sane person would want to sit in there lol.
  7. Saw this in a Chinese aviator forum. The private jet seat looks like it's probably made for a business van and is not the best option for an SUV but the result is still pretty promising. If there's enough demand for an ultra luxury four seater aviator, someone may come up with a more appropriate, specifically build seat and make aviator a Maybach competitor. 汽车之家 汽车之家 汽车之家