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  1. big_dude_nepa

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    I have the 22” wheels on my Rll, the ride is great, handling is awesome and I do not get any road noise or vibration. A month after taking delivery of it I experienced a catastrophic sidewall blowout to the inside sidewall of the front passenger side tire. The purchase price for a new Goodyear Eagle Touring was $374, thankfully I took the wheel/tire insurance offered by my dealership at delivery hence it was replaced at no charge. I live in northeast Pennsylvania and the road conditions are not the best. Bent and cracked rims are common. Prices for a 20 or 21” tires aren’t that much cheaper. Good luck with your ride 👍🏻
  2. big_dude_nepa

    mud flaps/guards

    Yes I put them on my Red Carpet Aviator...I love them!
  3. big_dude_nepa

    2020- Gurgling sound only when raining

    There was another person that wrote in last year with a saturated headliner and electrical issues and it was cause by a clogged drain on the roof.
  4. big_dude_nepa

    Paint Issue -Need Advice- What would you do??

    I would, that would drive me nuts!
  5. big_dude_nepa

    Sync3 Update

    I got the e-mail read a few words but put it away (closed out) till I was in a better timing opportunity. When I went to reopen it through the Lincoln Way app it was gone, disappeared...oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. big_dude_nepa

    Aviator Running Boards

    I absolutely love the running boards they help both my wife and I get in and out very much. I also think they enhance the look. I’m not sure what you mean about the “dirty pants” thing. My vehicle never gets dirty ;)) Good luck.
  7. big_dude_nepa

    Aviator Running Boards

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the info on the installation - it cost me three hours labor according to the “book”.
  8. big_dude_nepa

    Ford TireCare

    Long thread, lots of info to read through but due to time constraints on my end I offer this bit of personal experience to this topic. I took delivery on my Aviator Reserve II on 10/30/19 and on 11/20/19 with 348 miles on the 22” Goodyear Eagle Touring my wife had a catastrophic inside sidewall blowout. Kind of weird because she didn’t hit anything parked it to go in a store came out a few minutes later and she saw the front passenger tire flat. She is a careful driver and seeing that the tire wasn’t driven on while flat leads me to believe it was due to some sort of manufacturing factory issue. Knowing that I had the tire/rim warranty offered by my dealer (USD Ultimate Titanium Plus policy) for $800 I called to have the spare put on and then I drove it to the dealer for a new tire. No questions within 45 minutes I was rolling again. The replacement tire was $378 thankfully I had that tire road hazard warranty I just signed on the dotted line. I had tire issues with my 2016 sedan and rim issues with my other 2018 suv and didn’t have the insurance so at the time of purchase with my 2020 Aviator it was a no-brainer to get that policy. The roads in northeast Pennsylvania suck so I think it will be a good investment by the time I move on to my next vehicle.
  9. big_dude_nepa

    Aviator Running Boards

    running board (part number LC5Z16450AB)
  10. big_dude_nepa

    Aviator Accessories - Floor liners

    I have my third row folded down since day one hence use the larger cargo configuration all the time.
  11. big_dude_nepa

    Aviator Accessories - Floor liners

    I have had both WeatherTech ones in other new vehicles and ordered the Aviator ones with my new Reserve II. I like the Aviator ones because they are “for the Aviator”, it has a nice pattern to them with the “Aviator” name on them. They do completely cover the front floor to include the side of the seat/door sill area. They are a flexible rubbery material versus hard plastic WT type. I like the Aviator ones best. I am considering getting the Aviator cargo mat from Lincoln too. Atm I am using my WT one from the 2018 Explorer I had.
  12. big_dude_nepa

    Splash Guard pix

    Pricey at $189 list per set of two but very nice. Comes as a pair of front and rear pair separately.
  13. big_dude_nepa

    Aviator Running Boards

    Yes they are bolt on...from what the service desk mentioned to me I took it that the holes were already on the Aviator for the hardware.
  14. big_dude_nepa

    Aviator Running Boards

    Well when I ordered my 2020 Aviator running boards wasn’t available. It has been a struggle for both of us (wife & I) to enter and exit our Reserve II trimmed ride. I did order it with the Air Glide Suspension with Dynamic Lower Entry option but that feature is limited to functioning from start up only. For instance if you were running a errand and you needed to get out for a quick moment then jump back in without shutting the vehicle off the height of the SUV wold stay up. At this point I would struggle t re-enter the vehicle as the driver or if my passenger entered after I started the vehicle which often is the case when my wife rides with me the vehicle would be in the high position - it made quick stops difficult on the egress/engress for short legged folks like we are. Finally as of early March the OEM running boards became available so I ordered them. What a difference in getting and getting out of the vehicle - I’m so glad I made the investment to add these. They been on my Aviator for three days at this write and it is so much easier to get in (and out)of the vehicle! Plus they enhance the look of the Aviator as well.
  15. big_dude_nepa

    Defective Heads Up Display

    Wow you folks sure have had bad luck. It is great that the GM permitted the reimbursement it shows that they operate in a good faith manner. All that stress from both them vehicles must have been enormous. Good luck on the next choice. I sure hope I don’t experience any of the things you did but I’m thankful that you posted about them so we can be in the know.