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  1. Black Label

    AC vent trim fell off

    Image appears to show 13,492 miles, but maybe your odometer is in a different location than mine. Anyway, I would agree with having the dealer replace it unless it was damaged somehow.
  2. This post is useless without pics...😎
  3. Black Label

    Bluetooth call

    That was what I was alluding to as well.
  4. Black Label

    Bluetooth call

    All in fun. Here and another forum he has talked about cam phaser issues as well as several other things. It's a 2020 from what I recall. I'll bow out. I've tried to help with some of the issues he's had to no avail.
  5. Black Label

    Bluetooth call

    Have you missed the litany of posts he has regarding this vehicle? @Emilner is right, he probably has a lemon. Seems to have been one issue after another for him.
  6. Black Label

    Map Version

    I had my Sync updated a few weeks ago at the dealer. They said it's best to have them do it. Not sure if that's true.
  7. Black Label

    Map Version

    Yes, mine took the 1:40 time to download. Agreed, as you wrote it, it sounds like you inserted the USB and THEN started the engine. I started mine and waited about a minute to let everything load up and the inserted the USB. I second @bbf2530's suggestion on the USB. I bought a 32 GB USB 2.0. Worked flawlessly after I corrected my user errors lol. Hopefully that helps.
  8. Black Label

    Map Version

    Are you getting one of the error codes after you plug in the USB in your Navigator?
  9. Black Label

    Map Version

    I had an issue as well because I didn't follow Step 9 (Mac version of instructions) carefully. I dragged the files just to the USB and not into the Sync32 folder in the USB. After I did this correctly, I was able to update to the new version. What issue are you having?
  10. Black Label

    Where the heck are all the new Lincolns?

    Just ran out to Staples a mile and a half from the house to get a USB for my Sync Map update. In that short drive I saw 2 Navigators and several other MKX types.
  11. Black Label

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    Just noticed the part of iPad or phone. My issues have always been from my MacBook Pro trying multiple browsers.
  12. Black Label

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    Well, seems to be working now.
  13. Black Label

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    Nice pool BTW.
  14. Black Label

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    Okay, thanks. Any idea why the limit is so small? I haven't tried in a while. Maybe it's better now.