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  1. What website is that, if I may ask?
  2. Wow, that's awesome! So, I guess the plant isn't shut down.
  3. Black Label

    Instrument display customization

    As I said somewhere else, Lincoln and Ford seem to have no idea what is supposed to display where and when. Good luck to anyone trying to get a solid answer.
  4. Black Label

    Ambient lighting color

    On a Lincoln forum I am on, it appears there were several people with Navigators built around the same time frame as yours. A Sync update fixed this issue for them. What version of Sync are you running? Attached is a pic from that thread.
  5. Black Label

    Ambient lighting color

    Page 518 in the manual says "Ambient Lighting (If Equipped). Every single Black Label Navigator is equipped with that. It isn't an option on the 2020 BL Nav. Sounds like a trip to the dealer to have whatever module reprogrammed is in order.
  6. Black Label

    Ambient lighting color

    Unfortunately, I am not surprised. As much as I love driving this vehicle, it has software glitches like this.
  7. Black Label

    Ambient lighting color

    That is odd. I have a 2020 BL Navigator as well. I have a tile labeled Ambient Lighting. Page 115 in the owners manual references it. I am out of town and can't get a picture of mine right now.
  8. Black Label

    Ambient lighting color

    Scroll over one more time in the Settings. There is actually an Ambient Light setting that is different from what is in your pic.
  9. Black Label

    Buyback Offer

    Yes. I just keep paying off my current vehicle until I can get a 2022.
  10. Black Label

    Buyback Offer

    I have seen good reviews on SYNC 4, so I will hope for the best.
  11. Black Label

    Ambient lighting color

    Can you post a pic? Are you in the Ambient Lighting screen within Settings?
  12. Black Label

    Buyback Offer

    I stayed after them and made sure my Case wasn't swept under the rug.
  13. Black Label

    Buyback Offer

    Jeez, they are scattered around, I think. I was looking and had a hard time finding them. Mostly what I believe are SYNC 3 issues. Also phone as a key and a couple other things.
  14. Fortunately for me, I suppose, I can deal with these issues while I wait for the 2022s to appear. They are nuisances when they come out but don't affect the drivability or anything.