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  1. Black Label

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Good catch. I see that as well.
  2. Black Label

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Interesting. Maybe some experienced people can speak to that. Does that indicate there will be more content forthcoming? As an aside, the Lincoln owner site was revamped recently. Looks nice.
  3. Black Label

    X Plan Pin

    I don't need a vehicle bad enough to buy at or above MSRP. That is absurd.
  4. Black Label

    X Plan Pin

    https://mustang.org/about/benefits/ Digital and Standard Members receive members-only discounts, including Ford X-Plan pricing on new Ford vehicles. X-Plan pricing is not available on all models. Check with your preferred dealer for X-Plan discounts. You must be a member of MCA for a minimum of 90 days before you can use X-Plan.
  5. Black Label

    Priority 02; what does it mean?

    Okay, thanks.
  6. Black Label

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    My understanding is the pricing is available on Edmunds.
  7. Black Label

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Ah, okay thanks. I ordered mine on Wednesday, no email. But, I am on a buyback, so I think the order goes through that office. I'll have to find out.
  8. Black Label

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Cool. Is that an email or through the Lincoln Way app?
  9. Black Label

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

  10. Black Label

    Navigator Mouse Nightmare

    With all due respect. A message board way of saying you think someone's comments are stupid but in a nice way.
  11. Black Label

    Priority 02; what does it mean?

    I apologize as I have not searched all threads yet, but on a FB group, someone told me that the KY truck plant is experiencing layoffs. That sounds odd as there is such a high demand for these vehicles right now, or so I thought. Is this true? He said more layoffs were coming. He made the comment as I had mentioned I ordered a 2022 Navigator yesterday.
  12. Black Label

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Did my buyback order earlier today. Same Black Label except opted to go with the L model. Surprisingly my wife wanted that. Also, second row console with massage seats and roof cross rail. MSRP $108k.
  13. Black Label

    Who waxes their cars?

    Will this be enough for a Navigator?
  14. Black Label

    Worn Chalet seat

    Looks excessively worn to me. Venetian Leather, whatever that is, I would think should hold up better. My '08 Expy's ,with 100,000 miles, seats were not the worn.
  15. Good luck. The next update will fix that but cause another or multiple other issues.