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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. Black Label

    Ventilated Front seats - Ranger

    This is just a very wild guess here. Other more experienced people can chime in. I think* manufacturers do this to make certain vehicles more affordable but also to entice people in to buying more expensive vehicles with certain features. *Like I said, just a guess.
  2. Black Label

    New 2022 Navigator Order Timeframe Thread

    The wait stinks, but it is worth it when you get the vehicle.
  3. Black Label

    Paint quality

    Okay, thanks! And, that is two, and you and I have chatted here in the past, positive reviews. I git my Navigator on April 22. I have yet to clay bar it or anything. I'll have to check out this product and get to clay barring.
  4. Black Label

    Paint quality

    Is that a Turtle Wax product?
  5. Black Label

    22 Navigator - Grill Star

    At night and when approaching the vehicle. Welcome lighting.
  6. Black Label

    HVAC issue

    Yes, and I find that running the system in AUTO works best. It takes all the various inputs and adjusts everything accordingly, including keeping the windows from fogging up. In my 2020 and now 2022, I never once have had foggy windows as the system magically does everything.
  7. Black Label

    HVAC issue

    You did not mention if you run it in AUTO, but if so, this is what bbf was referring to. You can press the button to go from one to three lines, indicating max fan speed in AUTO.
  8. Black Label

    Black Label Service

    There was a finite number of oil changes in 2019, I just can't find it. Ask the dealer to show you the details of the 2019 Premium Maintenance Plan that was applicable.
  9. Black Label

    TPMS harness is short

    Not sure if you mean the file is too large, but if so, whatever computer you are on, you should be able to adjust the size of the photo to reduce it to the max MBs.
  10. As to the abrupt braking if someone goes in front of you and the slight speeding up if you change lanes, I was in a Subaru rental last week, and it did the same exact things. Maybe ice-capades or a kirby know, are these proprietary to Ford or made by a company and sold to all the manufacturers? Guessing the latter. The symbology on the steering wheel controls is typically the same in various vehicles I have seen.
  11. Black Label

    New 2022 Navigator Order Timeframe Thread

    I'm sorry, she didn't know.
  12. Black Label

    2022 navigator engine cover

    I read it either somewhere on this forum or another. Let me put it this way. I don't see it as a big deal. I have had my 2022 since April 22. I have opened the hood maybe 3 times. I didn't cry when it wasn't there. Lol
  13. Black Label

    2022 navigator engine cover

    Some people say it is for cost cutting. I don't know where they get that first-hand information since Ford/Lincoln says they removed the covers due to problems caused by excess heat inside the engine because of the covers. Is Ford just flat out lying? Aren't there groups out there that would just pounce on that sort of thing? So, do we believe the people we trust to build the vehicles we love and purchase or anonymous interwebs folks? The choice is yours. Either way, no more appearance covers. Also, it is hard to imagine that Ford/Lincoln would skimp on something that I think is very low cost on vehicles at these price points. If they are being cheap, is there not another way to go about being cheap?
  14. Black Label

    New 2022 Navigator Order Timeframe Thread

    Okay, I just asked my salesperson who I got my 2022 from. She has been around. She confirms that for now it is true that the hands-free feature on the lift gate is not being installed. So, apologies for my previous comment about bad dealer info.
  15. Black Label

    New 2022 Navigator Order Timeframe Thread

    Agree, another case of bad dealer info. I like the hands-free lift gate. It was very intermittent and difficult to get to work on my 2020, but it works nearly flawlessly on my 2022, and I find myself using it a good amount of the time. No big deal if I didn't have it, but I bet your dealer is wrong. Shocking, I know.