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  1. Black Label

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    So, as I perused their website, I noticed one of the gentlemen in a photo had done several YouTube videos. He had one describing all the Black Label benefits, which maybe his dealership, Planet Lincoln, is, ironically, the only one on the planet to actually provide a good Lincoln ownership experience. Whew, that was a mouthful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm_QHLKUjY0
  2. Black Label

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    Wow! I worked for DalFort Aviation from late 1997-200 as a fueler. We had the contract to fuel the Legend DC-9 aircraft and we frequently went to the old Braniff hangar to defuel aircraft in heavy maintenance checks.
  3. Black Label

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    Wait, wait, wait a minute here. Is that dealership in the old Legend Airlines terminal at Love Field?
  4. Black Label

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    That dealership does look nice.
  5. Black Label

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    I may just do my own oil change today before I drive down there tomorrow, or if I think about it more, I may just set up a time at Hooks on Tuesday to check out the place, anyway. Who knows, maybe we will move back down there someday.
  6. Black Label

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    @Rperez, I just called Hooks. Asked about an oil change Monday while I have a few hours. First available was Tuesday afternoon. Asked about a car wash. He said maybe Monday afternoon he could fit me in. Lincoln dealers just suck. Oh well. Edit: As much as FW has grown, I'm shocked there is only one Lincoln dealer there.
  7. Black Label

    Blind Spot Monitoring / Am I missing something?

    Actually, I checked this yesterday, as I'm sure you can do, but it is solid yellow in the HUD while the mirror indication flashes. My truck also yells in a Brooklyn accent, "Aaaayyyy, 'smatta witchu?"
  8. Way too often for a brand new $98k vehicle.
  9. Black Label

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    It sounds like being a car dealership is like being a government worker or tenured professor. Can't get rid of them.
  10. Black Label

    Blind Spot Monitoring / Am I missing something?

    It also flashes yellow in the HUD.
  11. Great video, thanks. And, at the end of the day, sounds like we agree that you won't "feel" the adaptations.
  12. The Owners Manual is lacking. It mentions this feature, but doesn't describe it. There are many good videos on the Lincoln YouTube page, however.
  13. You aren't supposed to feel adjustments. That is not what the feature does. It uses the forward cameras to detect changes in the upcoming road and adapts the suspension to make the ride as smooth as possible over those changes in the road.
  14. I have had the impression that "Reviews" from the "experts" over the years have been critical of Ford for copying GM, but the few 2021 GM SUVs I have seen, at initial glance I thought were either an Expedition or Navigator. I agree with you, freshen up a few things, but the current gen was a knockout design.
  15. Just trying not to derail this any further, but I'll be happy to detail my issues if you like.