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  1. As long as it isn't fugly like the Escalade, that will be a good start.
  2. So, what I am getting at is saying one would never buy a Ford because of this would probably end up meaning not buying a vehicle from anyone since they will all likely end up using the technology as well.
  3. Do we know if other manufacturers were trying to develop something like this and Ford beat them to it, so now they will all use it if able? Guessing this will become standard so all manufacturers can help protect their financing arm.
  4. Known issue. Occasionally, Sync 4 resets itself and that is causing the running boards to revert to OFF. Supposedly, Lincoln is working on a fix.
  5. Well, the cameras definitely grew in size from 2019 to 2022. I had a 2020 Black Label with the towing package. Cameras were smaller than the ones on my 2022 BL. I think the copilot 360 has a bearing on it as well.
  6. Cameras, not bulbs. I thought every 2022 and 2023 had those.
  7. Agreed, unless the fact that your status of "Online" is actually red right now.
  8. I find that running my HVAC system in Auto works perfectly. Set it and forget it. Rarely do the windows ever get fogged, and if so, the system takes care of it quickly. I never know when recirculate comes on or not.
  9. There is a Navigator thread on some forum, maybe this one, with someone having the same thing.
  10. Okay, sorry. Easy to misinterpret the written word sometimes. I don't know if I heard that exact phrase, it was just the sense I got from the Serena and other commercials I have seen for Lincoln.
  11. I don't know, the commercials? The noise cancellation? I don't see luxury SUVs as movie theaters. Trying to be helpful and offer a theory on why they didn't allow the sound through speakers, and you reply in a sort of rude way. So, good luck to you.
  12. What I have seen is Lincoln advertising these vehicles as quiet sanctuaries. So, in that regard, the screens needing headphones, or the like, would make sense. I can see what you are saying, but that may be a big reason why they are like that.
  13. I honestly don't know, do other manufacturers have screens that everyone in the car has to be made to listen to? This seems like something that is normal to me, what do I know? Sounds important to you, so why didn't you check before you purchased?
  14. Has to be. Hard to imagine that got messed up somehow. Maybe it's the great roof ridge shortage.
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