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  1. Black Label

    1990 Escort GT diesel?!

    Ah, okay. Been a long time since I had seen any. Googled, and of course that's the one I found lol.
  2. Black Label

    2018 Navigator Oil Change

    I ordered this today. I'll post an update when I do my second oil change down the road.
  3. Black Label

    1990 Escort GT diesel?!

    This is how I remember the front GT seats. Looks a little different than your original post. But hey, they could have had multiple sales based on color etc.
  4. Black Label

    2018 Navigator Oil Change

    Alright, saw Scotty Kilmer touting this. Looks even better than using the Mighty Vac. Drain the oil once the old fashioned way then this looks pretty clean and easy to do for subsequent changes. https://www.valvomax.com/products/valvomax-quick-twist-valve?variant=31835835629677
  5. Black Label

    Max A/C

    Okay, gotcha on the wife thing, that makes sense now. Glad the dealer is going to get it figgered out for ya. 😎 I'll be curious to know what you find out.
  6. Black Label

    Max A/C

    Getting up in the upper 70s here later, I'll try to check. I don't have a tool like that to do an accurate check, but I can say yesterday driving around before you posted this, my a/c seemed to be cold. In fact, I bumped it up a couple degrees in "AUTO" mode. Are you thinking they screwed something up during the cam phaser replacement? Also, did you mean to say you had it on max but your wife was uncomfortable?
  7. Black Label

    1990 Escort GT diesel?!

    Isn't that a '91 when they did a redesign?
  8. Black Label

    1990 Escort GT diesel?!

    I had a red '90 Escort LX. Great car, had it for 10 years. If this one is not a real GT, someone spent a lot of money and tine getting GT wheels, spoiler, grill, ground effects, and air dam. But, saying all that, the seats don't look like GT seats from the limited views.
  9. Black Label

    First Quarter Update Aviator GT

    Great writeup! I have the same issue of speeds in this vehicle compared to my '08 Expedition. They are night and day. I feel like I'm doing 35 in my Navigator and I'm close to 50.
  10. Black Label

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    Well, Scotty, for one, doesn't think letting your car idle is a good thing. Admittedly, he is talking longer periods of time in this video, but I would imagine the cumulative effects of idling can cause some of the issues he discusses here.
  11. Cool. Glad to hear you got the answer. Hope the dealer gets it straightened for you and the OP.
  12. Here is another video. It's in the first 30 seconds. He is talking only PAAK. Within 10 feet, he says, all these things should occur. Does not say you need to unlock the doors first. Sounds like there is something amiss with your Aviators as they should, it seems, be lowering when you are within 10 feet. Of course, there are times when the system will deactivate. That is the second video below. Perhaps some fo these things are occurring to deactivate?
  13. Good question, but he says in the video, "...when you are approaching the car when it is locked...". I wonder what the Lincoln Concierge or the dealer would come up with. It seems that unlocking the door as you approach would defeat the purpose of the IAK or PAAK.
  14. But, from the link in the OP and this video review, the car should lower 15mm. It's a Canadian review. It appears the engine doesn't fire up until he gets in. Should be queued up around 4:00. If not, go to that point.