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  1. I have a 22 Navigator Black Label L (it's not Blue, lol, need to change my user name!) with about 5k miles, and 2x in the past couple of weeks when I opened the doors, the running boards didn't deploy - the first time I thought my 8 year old nephew visiting from out of state was playing with settings, but the second time, he was back home, so I knew it wasn't him! Anyone else have this issue? It's kind of random!
  2. Maybe the listing will be tweaked? It does seem that most buy backs are purchased by specific dealers. I was most surprised that there was no mention of the issues at the dealership, as I took it in for repair probably 6 times before they bought it back.
  3. In Charlotte - and you can't tell it's a buyback unless you look at the carfax. Also the carfax is vague about the repair attempts for the seat issue - I think that is the servicing dealer's fault. https://capitalfordcharlotte.com/vehicles/2019-lincoln-navigator-l-black-label-l21431-5lmjj3tt9kel21431
  4. Is it supposed to be lit up all the time ? Only at night? Is there a setting i’m not finding?
  5. Manufacturer buyback authorized May 2021, ordered this in October, 2021. It's at the dealer now, waiting for additional paperwork, we should pick up at the end of the week 2022 L Black Label, Pristine White with Yacht Club interior. Heavy Duty tow, center console delete, 2nd row massage.
  6. My Order tracking changed from "shipped" to "Final Prep". Soon!!!
  7. Any movement of your Navi? My build (0rdered when books opened, priority 10) was completed 6/8, with estimated delivery to dealer 6/20-26. Tracker still just shows "built" I did see a 2022 Black Label, L "in the wild" yesterday! It was Chroma Crystal, Special Edition Package. I am still cautiously optimistic that the dealer will honor my order - Lincoln is buying back my car and this is the replacement. They are not obligated to. I'm a little afraid that the "market adjustment" over MSRP will be more attractive than a buyback deal.
  8. Sorry if my post wasn’t clear, my point was that there are factors other than priority code - and apparently they carry a lot of weight as far as build date.
  9. Meh, I think it’s more dealer/manufacturer priority items we aren’t privvy to. I’ve seen several ordered after mine with same specs already delivered. And those are just people who are posting on this message board, I’m sure there are many who are getting them who aren’t here, lol. Mine was ordered in October and I didn’t get an email from Ford until March.
  10. Someone with more knowledge can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think 10 is the highest priority code.
  11. Or 10 and last in line for model year production, as it seems I am ! ????
  12. Mine is a L Black label, Yacht Club interior, rear center console delete, 2nd row massage, heavy duty tow. MSRP when I ordered was $109485, looks like it has increased about $2k (not including dest/acquisition fees). Hm. I never heard 2nd row massage was a constraint item.
  13. My order was priority 10, but apparently production sequence has more factor than just that... others who had the same priority (I believe 10 was highest) have had their cars for months already! L07619 I've also heard they are only producing for sold orders, and that they are no longer building the Black Label L in Pristine White. Order books open for 23's in a week or so. I will probably add self healing vinyl to front quarter and ceramic coating after it comes in. Not a fan of extended warranties but I bought a Lexus recently and was offered tire and rim coverage for a decent price. If Lincoln offers I will get that. Hate Curb rash!
  14. My Navigator is finally in production!! Ordered as soon as the books opened in October, L black label. Pristine white with yacht club interior. Until this week, I was pretty close to thinking I would be getting a 23 instead of a 22 !
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