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  1. I just wanted to follow-up on this thread and again thank all of you for the help. I finally got my Sandisk 500GB drive. I formatted it in FAT32 I used a Mac software called EXPORT ITUNES. Worked really well. I think I had about 8,000 songs on the drive. It indicated about 100 were DRM protected. I have to work on getting new versions of those songs. Anyhow, when all was said and done, the software did a great job copying everything over to the drive and preserving the playlists. I plugged the drive into the USB port of my Lincoln. It started indexing right away. Looks like, in an early look, the playlists are preserved and can be accessed on the screen. It's going to take some time for Lincoln to index all these songs. At that point, I will come back and let you know if the artwork is showing up in the display.
  2. bbf2530, you have been of tremendous help. Thank You. Went with the SanDisk Portable drive that I referenced above. I take it that I have to format it in Fat32? I will use the Mac software I have to copy it all over. I will get back to you next week and let you know if it works and if I have any questions. Thak you again
  3. No, perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I want to get the music OFF my iPhone. I have been buying a very expensive 512GB iPhone just for my music. I figured I could do much better offloading it on a 500GB SSD that costs under $100 So, I still need advice here.
  4. Guys, Thanks for all the replies. Have a few thoughts and continuing to seek advice This is AMAZING! Had no idea I could upgrade my Sync 3 to the new UI that is being introduced to 2020 vehicles. Certainly, I will look at doing that today and I thank you so very much for this link. Here's the situation and I will be seeking further advice from tech-heads... I have about 300GB of music on iPhone. So, a USB stick is not an option. I am going to buy a 500GB SSD so I have room for expansion. Here's my tech problem... I have a Mac, but if I need to, I can run Windows on it to accomplish what needs to be done. I would think that the SSD has to be formatted in a Windows file format for the Lincoln to read it. I think FAT32 is the file system Ford systems support. Macs should be able to write to it but not certain. I am not sure that I can transfer music from iTunes on my Mac to the SSD drive due to the incompatible formats. I may be forced to Windows. That is where I can really use the advice. If I have to Windows to do this, I need a reliable program that will transfer the music keeping the iTunes architecture.
  5. I have a 2019 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. I believe it has Sync 3, but it doesn't seem to be the newest version that 2020 cars are showing and I don't know if it's upgradeable or not. You guys can answer that question. Anyhow, I want to transfer all my music from iTunes (which now sits on my iPhone) to a hard drive to keep in my vehicle. I am going to use a software called EXPORT FOR ITUNES which should keep the iTunes architecture intact on the hard drive. My question is, how does Sync 3 handle music off a hard drive? Plugged into the USB will the Sync 3 recognize the drive and properly play the music from it? In what format does the SSD need to be formatted? I will be using a 500GB SSD. Macs usually use APFS and I know that the drive will have to be formatted in a Windows-compatible format but it has to be recognized by a Mac for the transfer. At worst, I can do it through Windows installed on a Mac. Thanks in advance
  6. So, Lincoln sent out a survey about my current vehicle, the 2019 MKZ Hybrid. I essentially told them that if they were canceling their sedans I would not be buying another vehicle from them. I still have two years left on this lease so anything can happen and perhaps Lincoln will see the error in their ways. However, I have been on the BMW site many times building my dream 330e and I'm ready to make that switch if I need to.
  7. Apologies. Looks like I too quickly glanced at the information when I had first seen it.
  8. BMW announced last week that their Series 3 for 2021 will be a hybrid and/or all-electric The starting price, I believe was $34k, which is a little less than the current MKZ. If all this holds true, that might be where I will migrate to.
  9. Thank You for that information.
  10. Hi Gurgeh! I could do that. It's something I will think about. The two reasons I lease is because one, I can get into a luxury vehicle for less. Second, I can get a brand-new vehicle with new technology every 3 years. I still have two years left on my current lease so there's a lot that can happen at that time. Also looking at a Tesla. They have become much more affordable.
  11. Just priced out this year's Nautilus, almost fully loaded and it's $10k more than the sedan. A little too rich for my blood at even a lease.
  12. Didn't know that. Not a big difference at all! Is there a Nautilus Hybrid now? I was just on Lincoln's site, building one for fun, and I did not see a hybrid option.
  13. Akirby, I have not checked Lincoln yet to price it out... However, isn't the Nautilus more of an SUV/Crossover? Even as a hybrid, those vehicles don't get the gas mileage a sedan does. Something also tells me I am going to end up paying $10k more for the same trim in a Nautilus than I would in an MKZ. Of course, I have to compare --- and I still have two years to do so -- but at this moment it seems like a more expensive/less MPG option. Appreciate your suggestion, tho
  14. I am really upset about Lincoln's decision to abandon their sedans. I have leased luxury brands for many decades. Cadillac, Acura, and Lincoln. The Lincoln brand was my final stop. They weren't the most luxurious vehicles (I think they skimp a bit on materials), but I did feel that when buying/leasing a Lincoln you were getting the best bang for the buck. The Lincoln ride is also very, very smooth. I was particularly attracted to Hybrids. They were a big change for me. I used to like powerful vehicles. My first Lincoln was an MKX. Loved the horsepower. However, when my brother got his first Honda hybrid and started boasting about the gas mileage he was getting, I became curious. When I leased my 2019 MKZ Hybrid, I fell in love. Just not having to pay for all that gas was a Godsend. Now being retired, I didn't miss the powerful engine. I was surprised at how much "pep" the car had. So, now I am contemplating what I will be leasing in two years. I don't want to get into an expensive SUV hybrid with lower gas mileage. I also don't want to leave the Lincoln brand. However, I feel as if my hand is kind of forced here. I have another two years. We will see what Lincoln announces by then.