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  1. blockisle9

    Engine washing

    What’s everyone’s opinion on cleaning the 3.5 in my 17 Edge. Good idea or bad? If good, best and safest way? Thanks
  2. The 6F50 in my 2017 Edge has a drain plug and dipstick
  3. I just received my coolant results from Blackstone Labs. Does anyone how this compares to brand new orange coolant? I wish I had a base line to give me an idea of when to change it. 2017 3.5 30K miles. Just trying to protect the water pump. (This coolant is in serviceable condition. the specific gravity of 1.08, pH of 7.8, and freezepoint of -30oF are all normal. Nitrites measued 0 ppm, and no hydrocarbon contamination (oil or fuel) was detected.
  4. blockisle9

    2017 Edge 30k mile Transmission service

    I went with the drain and fill and also had them do the PTU fluid change.
  5. blockisle9

    2017 Edge 30k mile Transmission service

    In your opinion, would you think the dealer would be a safe choice? Or should I just do three drain and fills at 1000 mile intervals then same thing at 60k
  6. I have spent well hours and days searching for information and have gotten tons of conflicting answers. I just hit 30k miles and had the PTU fluid changed. Dealer wants to do a trans flush, I am being told to avoid this like the plague. The machine either produces to much pressure or may have left over non compatible fluid that will contaminate my transmission. More positive comments is to just do a drain and fill since it has a non replaceable filter and is a pretty solid transmission. My only issue with that is it’s only replacing maybe 1/2 the fluid. Other people say do that three times, since I can’t do it myself that can get pricey. Opinions please? I think the tranny is f650/55 not sure..Thank you
  7. Hi, Would anyone have the official procedure from Ford on changing the PTU fluid in the 2017 Titanium? My ford dealer said they know nothing about it. I’d like to get a copy and bring it to them. I don’t have any local shops I trust. Thanks, Lenny
  8. blockisle9

    Rear Power

    Any ideas of what I can tap into for power in the rear of a (2015-2018)? Switched or timed. I want to install a rear facing dash cam with out having to run a wire to the front. Thanks
  9. Is there a way to change the cigarette power point from on all the time to only on when ignition is on? If not is there anything under or behind the glove box thats switched? lastly, if none of the above how about what fuse under the dash? Thanks for your help
  10. blockisle9


  11. blockisle9

    2017 Heated / Cool Seats. TSB?

    So the heating portion of the seats seam to work fine. The cooling portion, not so much. Is the heat delivered by air or heating elements? I hear a blower come on when I use cooling but not with heat even though they get warm. It's been mentioned that the cooling sucks on the 2017 and there might be a TSB, does anyone know the number? Now that it's cold out I won't need cooling till the spring. I just want to be prepared for the warm weather. (It can't come soon enough!) Thanks Lenny
  12. blockisle9

    2017 Titaniam Dash Cam Install

    Wiring advice for a dash camera? I am installing one up by the rear view mirror on my 2017 Titaniam with the moon roof. (I'm assuming the 2015 & 2016 are the same) would there be a constant and switched power under the overhead consol? If so would anyone have a wiring diagram and know how to remove it? Or should I try to get the cables down the A Pillad and a cross the dash to get them to the fuse panel. I do not want to see any wires at all. thanks in advance
  13. My 2017 Edge Titaniam halogen lamps are terrible. I was considering these https://www.carid.com/2017-ford-edge-led-lights/ But every thing I've read says it's not a good idea, the housings and or reflectors are not design for it.
  14. Lol, yep, that's what I do! I still think I can do it from the left screen setting, I thought I came across it when I first got the vehicle playing around. I'll check again tomorrow.
  15. My 2017 Titaniam Edge is running 2.0 (that's what was installed at the factory back in December) and traffic works fine. I also have apple car play, I don't really care for it but it's installed and works. It still says my vehicle is up to date. I have the double beep when the doors are opened and closed when the key fob is out side the vehicle while it's running. I think there's a way to turn it off in the settings using the left screen.