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  1. I ordered an F-350 XLT Premium with the 7.3L gas engine at the end of November. I was told that my order was "pulled", but I haven't gotten a VIN or any further information yet. I didn't really expect to see the truck before mid-March anyway, but now I'm wondering if it will be even longer. When I look at the dealer inventory (including in-transit), I haven't seen any 2021 7.3L gassers available, so my assumption is that none have been produced as of yet. I am curious, however, if anyone has gotten a VIN/product date for a similar vehicle yet.
  2. JayG

    F-350 7.3L Gas order

    I got my VIN today. I'm not sure why they couldn't seem to track it down before, but I guess I just wasn't talking to the right person. It says it's awaiting shipment, so hopefully it'll just be a few weeks now. Thanks for the information.
  3. JayG

    F-350 7.3L Gas order

    Thank you. I appreciate your reply. I called the dealership last week, and they said the VIN hadn't been assigned yet. I didn't know too much about the process when I placed the order, so now I'm wondering what it really meant when they told me the order had been pulled in the beginning of December. I guess I'll have to press for a bit more detail.