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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. 5 hours ago, AggieF350 said:

    If that’s the case imma be p$$ed…I’ll give it till October 27th 2023 and if I don’t have it in the driveway I’ll just cancel the order and may find one on a lot somewhere 

    That's why I ordered a 23. There were too many 21's with like 65-100k miles on them and they were still asking a 35-44k price premium. I saw a 21 Lariat Ult, with 65k miles and they posted the original window sticker (I think to rub it in) in the pics...it was 25k more than when it was brand new, without 65k miles!!! And because there's has been a decreasing stock if new inventory it will still be that way because they know there isn't any other option. That is why I'm sticking with my order.

  2. 5 hours ago, Yankst28 said:

    Has anyone seen or heard of any Job 2 trucks getting Vins or scheduled?


    According to the Ford Guy on YouTube, it's possible that scheduling picks for this week might include job 2 builds, which will start in April. I'm assuming he'll post a video about that when it happens. But it's really likely to happen next Thursday scheduling round.

  3. On 3/18/2023 at 11:11 AM, ampmal said:

    whoever is running ford needs to step down!   while ford struggles getting out 2023s to dealers chevy has there 2024s already arriving. its a shame poor leadership.  

    It's because Ford is in much higher demand than the other guys; let them have their Chevy's. They have them on lots because they're not moving them.

    And to be frank, everyone has different supply issues. I've seen things come out of the blue that no one would love expected to affect another business. The ripple effect to the extreme.

  4. Ok, so my dealer got back to me and said that KR has on-board scales as standard equipment and that the J2 bank opened for it, so mine is in at priority 10. (And I removed the spray in bed liner option.) Now I just have to wait for all the planets to align so that my build can actually get picked up. 🤞🙄

  5. 4 hours ago, Forgirl2003 said:

    As of yesterday, Ford Video Guy said he didn’t haven’t the order guide yet, just codes and prices. Build and Price still hasn't updated with job 2 items yet (as of me writing this). We haven’t heard from our dealer yet either. I’m wondering if it’ll be Monday after Ford does the big webcast with theirs dealers.



    I got an email from my dealer saying that they haven't released the ability to add in the on-board scales which is what I was waiting for and whether I should push the order without it or wait to see when it goes live. I'm on the fence because from what I can tell it would be a very useful  tool without me having to go to the scales each time. What do you guys think?

  6. 12 hours ago, Wizardfitz said:

    Saw this from town and country for

    Starting off with the restrictions on the 2023 Super duty. First is the Tremor Package. Currently Ford is only able to produce 10% of all Tremor Package Super Duty’s. The next restriction is engines. The 6.8L Engine has an 8% restriction. With the 6.7 Diesel Engine, theyre only able to produce 29% of those. Lastly they are only able to make 10% of the 6.7L High output Engine. The next restriction is the 12 inch productivity screen. Ford is only able to produce 36% of these screens. When it comes to Moonroofs, Ford is only able to produce 20% of Super Dutys with that option. The #1 restriction that is wrecking orders is the factory installed bed cover. Less than 1% of orders nationwide will be able to be built with that option. Next is the platform running boards that Ford is only able to make 11% of those orders. When it comes to tires, there is one tire option that Ford is only able to make 2% of. That is the 19 inch BSW Traction tire. If you want a bed liner, only 20% of Spray in bed are being made right now. Lastly is the 5th wheel/Gooseneck Hitch Prep Package. Ford is only able to produce 26% of those at this time.

    Awesome, so pretty much everything in my order is constrained. So, might never see my truck that I so desperately need to replace my current one.

  7. On 3/1/2023 at 10:08 PM, wabbastang said:

    This video is probably the latest and best actual info there is as of last Thursday.

    An interesting point to remember is that the order guides were not complete with all the job 2 options when the guide was initially put out back in October, so as soon as the updated guide is out you will want to update your order with the dealer before scheduling happens.



    Thx, those things are good to know. I knew when I placed my order that the guide was incomplete, I've just been waiting for that to come out so I could update my order. Looks like I only have to wait for the on-board scales. Though, I'm thinking about deleting my spray bed liner to speed my order up and then get it done somewhere else.


    On another note, I'm getting a little nervous as I'm seeing a number of people's orders get pushed further out. I'm keeping my current truck on life support waiting for this one to arrive. I don't really wanted to but a high priced used model, so I'm hoping that mine will make into production before a push for MY24's.

  8. Speaking of which; has anyone who has a higher trim level or a job 2 item been told when that will be available? My dealer hasn't gotten back to me and I've not seen any news regarding any of these things so I've not pressed the issue. F450 KR HO6.7, waiting on onboard scales and trailer 360 system info.

  9. 5 hours ago, Forgirl2003 said:

    Has anyone heard when Job 2 items will be available yet? February is last i head but not sure when or if it's been pushed. Waiting on that black appearance package an gears to finish out out order and take it out of priority code 99. Not sure why I'm so antsy, I'm dealing with a Bronco order too and that's a whole other mess! Ha!

     I called my dealer the day before and they said Ford is doing a webcast with them soon and reveal the plan. But they've heard (rumor mill) that J2 items will be soonish (whatever that means) and scheduling will begin late Feb early Mar. He said he would let me know when they have the greenlight.

  10. On 11/21/2022 at 7:26 AM, akirby said:

    DORA is dealer order receipt acknowledgment- should be the same as the preview order after it’s accepted in the system.


    You agreed to MSRP at delivery time.   Now it’s possible the salesperson doesn’t know about price protection or they’re just being lazy about using it as opposed to a purposeful ripoff, but I would simply go back and ask if your price is what’s on the signed order or what shows up at delivery time and if they say the latter as stated in the contract ask them why if Ford gives them price protection.  If they say it’s the original price have them change the wording.


    That's what I thought. Thanks. I'll touch base with him soon.

  11. So, I'm new to some of this terminology for ordering. I'm not a friend or family member of a Ford employee, just average Joe ordering. I want to make sure I've got all my ducks in a row too. First, what is DORA?


    Second, I have my order in as of the first day. Recieved a document called a preview order at the top with the order number and it lists all my configuration, with a price at the bottom and it was DocuSign'd by me and the dealer. Now, I am waiting for the onboard scales to be come out so it can be ordered on my vehicle so, there will be another update to this order and the dealer knows that. After that happens should I expect or need to get something that specifically calls it a buyers order?


    Third, price protection. I'm a little worried about the wording in the bottom: the total MSRP price is listed and it says "Price will be the MSRP listed on the vehicle window sticker when it arrives, minus any rebates, plus tax, DMV fees and 899 dealer fee." That but about the price being what it will be when it arrives looks like a way for them to charge me the new price if/when the price will go up instead of what it is now. Are my suspicions correct and how do I deal with this. I saw the video posted earlier about price protect and I know what to tell them as my argument as to why they should garuntee my price but I'm looking for tactics I suppose.

  12. 1 hour ago, Forgirl2003 said:

    That's what we tried to get him to do and he said he couldn't do it. He said he could 99 it but Ford could still pick it up for build because it wouldn't have those 2 items on the build sheet. This made no sense to me - even the dealer build sheet says to do it this way. I think we may just go talk to another dealer and see what happens. Kinda bummed it went this way with him but what do you do?

    Maybe I missed your post but what did you order? If it's KR and above trim , regardless it won't get scheduled until next year sometime. February is when the job 2 bank opens the job 2 options also become available. So, technically speaking, even if it's priority code 10 for anything KR and above it wouldn't get scheduled anyways. And your salesman an idiot. He can change it 99 and it won't get scheduled.

  13. 5 hours ago, mike008 said:

    Are you guys receiving confirmation emails even with Job 2 items? Does it list the job 2 items in the confirmation. My dealer said they couldn't submit the order, only save it. I am wondering if they need to submit it without job 2 items and with priority code 99 or if they are just mistaken.

     I order a KR 450 and said that I wanted to wait for the onboard scales to be added on when they're available for Job 2. So they entered it as priority 10 first to get the order in and submitted. But once it was submitted they changed it to 99. I got my confirmation email from Ford yesterday. No job 2 items will be listed in the email since they aren't even available to select on the order sheet yet.

  14. 10 hours ago, sd350 said:

    The last am I reading it wrong is the BLIS no longer standered but as a opt on the trailer pkg 

    Standard BLIS is on the vehicle. The 5th wheel/gooseneck trailer BLIS system is what it's called. This is part of the new camera and BLIS package to cover the entire trailer with coverage. They are extra sensors available to install around your trailer. From what I saw in the reveal event it might be a package you could buy from Ford afterwards and not order with the truck.

  15. 2 hours ago, 4x4ord said:

    Are massage seats a thing of the past? I think I was fairly fortunate to get them on my 2022. I was hoping they would be more readily available for 2023 but it looks as though they are no longer even listed as an option.


    They are there however you just need to look really close. I first thought that they took them out of the KR and kept them at Platinum and Limited. But it is there as before. Now supply wise, I'm not holding my breath. 


    However, I'd like to take a step back and look at this round of ordering from a production planning perspective. They know that the higher trim levels feature the most extras which often require more chips and other limited supplies. By starting the lower trims first, they start up production with lesser headaches and bootstrap the higher trims. They also have more time to ensure supply lines, and timing. However, that being said, I don't believe they're in any better position than they were in August where they were forcing people to delete the multicontour chair so they could deliver the vehicle. Though I read that '22MYs builds starting in Sept would have the feature.

  16. 47 minutes ago, George C said:



    For any of us lucky to get X plan pricing, this is what it looks like on my order.🔺🔺

    The next question, which shade of AZ Gray will it end up being? 

    I bounced back and forth on the AZ gray and I kept looking at pics from the show vs others. I ended up not doing it. Even the pics on the build and price aren't working yet with that paint option.


    Forgive my asking but is X plan employee pricing?

  17. 25 minutes ago, akirby said:

    Only $2500 more than the standard diesel.


    When I was on the build site last night it said 12k odd amount and it did in fact add that amount to the price. Unless it was an error on the site which I suppose it could be. I'll look again. I was thinking it should be that. If it is then I'll adjust that to my order.