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  1. On 9/8/2023 at 7:21 PM, Rovers759 said:

    I ordered my 2024 F250 on August 22nd.  I got the email confirmation yesterday showing a build date of October 2nd.  I was really not expecting to get it until after the first of the year.  The VIN shows its being made at the Kentucky plant.  Since there are a gazillion 2023 SD orders still pending out there, it makes me wonder if the Ohio plant might still be cracking out the 2023 models for awhile. 


    Once they finished their scheduled 23's by Oct30 then any left over '23 will not be built. Mine is in that pool.

  2. 12 hours ago, Big_Daddy said:

    I just received mine as well.  

    Since it didn’t specify my wife asked me is it for the 2022 we didn’t receive, the 2023 we didn’t receive or the 2024 that’s on order.


    My reply to her was simply, yes.


    eta: I found Farley’s cell through a mutual business acquaintance.  I’m thinking about shooting him a text message asking for clarification on their emails?

    Interesting, because I haven't received an email at all, well except the previous ones for a while. I did not receive a '23 and have a '24 on order. 

  3. On 8/17/2023 at 7:43 AM, Big_Daddy said:

    That’s awesome!  I read Ford won’t price protect the 23 hold overs so I was fortunate that a retired couple decided to stay with their 2022…. Ergo I get to buy their 2023 KR 450. I paid more than X plan for this but less than sticker as they gave me a ridiculous trade amount for the 2023 XLT 450.

    they are hauling it to Cheyenne to get the bed sprayed and I will be picking it up next Friday.  

    2300 mile rd trip but oh well.  The dealership has been fantastic to work with and it will be good to meet them and thank them for the painless and easy transaction.  





    I'm curious if the multicontour seats were deleted.?

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  4. 5 hours ago, jarrsong said:

    I have a feeling lots are filling up with F150's because of strike fears. I may be wrong but....   When I bought my Chevy 3500 in 2022 it was missing heated seats and rear parking sensors. Even today, the guy that bought the truck from me if fighting with Chevy to get it done over a year later. Make me wonder if Ford decided "removal" was easier than refurbing later. 

    That's exactly what Ford decided. It also saves lots of money. Like I've said before. It's a business decision that they made but I don't have to accept it. That's why I wasn't got to take delivery of my 23 if it was missing a trim level feature. Fortunately, mine never got built, thus avoiding that, and now I have a 24 order in.

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  5. 1 hour ago, akirby said:

    Nope still 10-19.


    You need to know where you are in your dealer’s queue and when it’s your turn make sure you are at priority 10 and preferably the rest are higher.  Some dealers are lazy and just make everything the same and let Ford sort it out but that doesn’t always work based on first in first out,

    Actually Ford just approved use for priorities 3-9 as well. That happened I think about 3 weeks ago. The Ford Video guy from Long McArthur just confirmed that last week in his video.

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  6. 6 hours ago, jarrsong said:


    Are you getting any emails from Ford? I'd go make sure that they have everything in the system correctly, signed DORA? Priority code? I feel many times these orders aren't getting completed because of the dealer not knowing what the hell they are doing and two, customers not understanding every detail of the order. 

    I'll give you a quick example. Last Saturday I went to my LOCAL ford dealer to order a 2024 F450 Lariat Ult. From their lips to my ears, the super duty ordering specialist and the GM said we can't giver you the price of the truck until it comes in. I sad huh? It will have my X-Plan listed on the DORA. Sir, just MSRP shows up on the DORA, Ford prices these when they come in. At this point, I realize I'm dealing with a shister and pull up my last DORA on the 2022. This is what I want to see. Never seen that before. Good god, smell you later. Incompetence from my local Ford dealer, Bill Pierre Ford. Texted my Salesman from the AZ dealer "San Tan Ford" (1800 miles away) that I ordered my 2022 from and he had things to me in less than 5 minutes, signed sealed and done. Massive dealer with lots of allocation space. So don't put up with bullshit from crappy dealers and also follow this YouTube channel religiously (https://www.youtube.com/@longmcarthur). You will be able to educate your local dealer quickly. You're making a massive financial decision so take ownership of the process 100%. If the dealer won't let you or gives resistance, MOVE ON. I know someone else a few years ago that ordered a truck and it was never getting any build dates, turn out I think he said the priority code was 99. That truck was NEVER going to be built. Tim from Long Mcarthur said last night there are currently 1700 SuperDuty's with a 99 priority code. So there are 1700 people around the country right now that will NEVER get their truck. GREAT JOB DEALERS... LOLOL Don't be one of them. 


    Well spoken. Someone else pointed out their channel to me and they've been super helpful.

    7 hours ago, Yankst28 said:

    My dealer told me I could. But probably easier decision for them since my Platinum still isn’t scheduled. However your not obligated to take the 23 by any means 

    Yeah I know I don't have to take the '23 and not will I. I'm not that concerned, I feel pretty comfortable saying that it's not going to be built. I'm still considering changing to a Platinum though. That 1% difference in expected capacity makes a big difference at scale.

  7. 2 hours ago, Yankst28 said:

    My Platinum hasn’t been picked up for build. I’ve since placed a 24 Platinum order as well as a 24 Lariat Ultimate Tremor. Hopefully one of those will get built. It’s frustrating as heck but unfortunately we have zero input and zero choice in the matter. Also feels like the dealers are stuck in the dark as well. 

    Did you do two different dealers?


    So far I've kept it a KR. But my dealer seems to think a Lariat will have a better chance but I haven't asked if the ones he said got built were the Ultimate package. 

  8. What I found interesting at my dealership is that there were 16 F450 KR on order and none of them got scheduled, however a number of Platinum and Lariats got built and all were the same priority as mine (that's another topic). 


    It's funny but between the KR and Platinum, there is very little difference. It's mostly down to interior style options. Both are outfitted with the exact same equipment. So, I wonder what part/parts of the KR trim are so constrained.


    For my new order I'm deciding between bumping to the Platinum or Lariat Ultimate. With the exception of the MC seats, I'd be optioning it with the same equipment as the KR or platinum, which makes me wonder if that wouldn't really be avoiding the problem.

  9. I heard that these were given out to dealers shortly after the last video cast about the Maverick and Super Duty 24MY. I believe that's how FordVideoGuy from Long McArthur described it as well. The pic is identical to the one I received from my dealer today in fact, except the numbers are different for expected allocations.

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  10. What's really bizarre is the constraints on 19.5" tires, which are on the f450. I'm in the same boat. F450 KR. There's supposed to be scheduling up until Aug 3 then I'm guessing a pause or clean up scheduling until 24MY starts. The good thing is at least 24MY will be scheduling all trim levels throughoutbthe production cycle.

  11. 12 hours ago, George C said:


    Meanwhile, I am happily waiting for my new Limited to arrive some day, no matter what gets tossed. ✌️




    All of these "this is the way it is" insights are easily chipper coming from someone who ordered a trim level that Ford garunteed will have all features they promised, seems to be very disingenuiness.

    Let me go through the platinum list and choose some things to toss out for you, as you're so willing to have done. If you get upset, then you are the kind of person that buys the platinum for the features. If not, then you have no business buying it and you really needed an XLT or so.

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  12. All points have been valid. And to be upfront it could be any trim level feature. It just happens to be the seats. I'm aware that there's a list so long that there will be 0 trouble selling it off and someone will pay dearly for it while the dealer gets to screw someone openly and honestly, I don't care. I know the supply chain problems for every dealer, I don't care. I know 24 is not likely to be any better and with my luck it will be worse. I'm not blaming Ford, I know they can't control it. Every business has to have a strategy for how they face these problems. I don't need to agree with their solution. And to be frank, taking it in the butt is what they're hoping you do and you thank them for it too and you might even/will toss in a few meaningless thousands of dollars for the pleasure. If enough people agreed and did that and for some miracle they didn't sell it on a lot, I garuntee they would change their strategy.


    However, I know it won't send a msg given they have no need to give incentives, advertise for their SD, etc...I don't care. I agree the price will go up, as it usually does, I do care but I'm still going to take a truck that is complete from a trim level perspective. If I need to take off a moonroof, oh well it's optional equipment. But trim level options should be there, even if they had to say, we'll install it later in the next year.


    I'm aware that none of us have any clue about who we each are, our backgrounds, culture, demographics, experience...if someone wants it one way and someone else wants it that way, fine. It's how the world works and a vehicle won't go to waste. 

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  13. On 7/6/2023 at 1:57 PM, Big_Daddy said:

    I’m keeping my paid for KR as well.  I’m just not giving that profit to Ford who can’t build a truck to the specs I ordered.  I’ll then use that money to offset the price increase ford will pass on to me since I had to wait another year for a truck that is currently vaporware.  


    ETA: and yes I know I’m taking the dealers profit as ford is getting their money regardless.  

    this is all the 2023 450s listed as available today on cars.com.  

    Ford Super Duty production is a Greek tragedy or a Confederacy of Dunces.


    I haven’t quite nailed down which.


    I hear you on the profit...but

    1. I'm not really interested in playing that game.

    2. Ild feel shitty selling a truck that wasn't built properly and then charging an insane amount for it.

    And 3. It might be small but maybe it will let Ford know that I'm not happy that they're doing things this way. 


    Like everyone else has said, if it were something Ford would make good later and install, then ok. But a trim level feature that is missing, absolutely not. Now there lll be a whole lot of the 'same' trucks being sold second hand at some point and the only way to know if it has this feature is to go see it personally. Because no dealer is going to care and post that it's not there. And to be fair, if they were asked about it, they might not even know how to find out if it's there. 

    I'm sorry gentlemen but I'm a firm believer in voting with my wallet because money talks. I doubt it it will say anything in the current limited inventory climate but I'm still going to do it.


    BTW: I don't believe there's a chance in hell of actually getting scheduled. Based off of sales orders left to complete, and that 48% of orders were H/O and how many production can actually accommodate for a F450 KR...there's no way it's going to happen. I'm already prepping myself for a MY24. 

  14. So I'm kind of not wanting my order to get scheduled (not that I think it really stands a chance when they do this last scheduling), but, if the multicontour seats are exhausted for the rest of the model year, then I'm not interested. Yeah, I might be a bit weird but I was really looking forward to that and I don't want to be one of the oddball secondhand sale trucks that doesn't have all the options or equipment that's a part of that trim level. It's different if it's like a selectable option like a moonroof or upfitter switches, etc. Granted this feature isn't one most people would notice unless they are a Ford fan and know what they're looking for. But I can say that I would not keep this truck very long so that I could get the truck that I wanted originally.


    Anyone else thinking the same thing.

  15. On the note of production scheduling there is some good news. Since the opening of job 2 it's been limited production of KR, Platinum and Limited but startinf with July's allocations they will be at maximum production for KR, Platinum and Limited and will schedule for 13 weeks. From this I can assume that means if you don't get scheduled in about 2 weeks it means it won't get picked up for my23. The video link is attached below for reference and more details about what constraints will be lifted and what needs to be removed if you want to get scheduled. Jump to 30 min mark for SD.


  16. 3 hours ago, schneesb said:

    Whats the deal with the heavy shortage of HO engines...its been reported that Ford only has capacity to build 20 percent of remaining 6.7L High Output orders in the USOB. Can this ratio be improved for the balance of the model year or should be be assumed that 8 out of 10 6.7L HO unscheduled SD orders are not going to get built?  Personal interest (have a HO SD Tremor Ultimate that has been in the orderbank since early October last year).

    As of this week's report capacity is actually only 10% but 48% of orders are HO Diesel!  


    As for being built, if doesn't improve and your order still has the HO it will more difficult to get scheduled unless your dealer has lots of allocations and your close to next in line at your dealer and you have no additional constraints. As yours is a Lariat Ultimate one of those constraints is the Pro Trailer back-up assist which I think is a part of the Ultimate package, I can't remember. So, that too could prevent scheduling.

  17. 21 hours ago, waloud said:

    I can't find any numbers on HD/SD sales.  I would think that Ford outsells them.  When you throw in the 1500 and combine the GM/Chevy they do outsell Ford.


    At KTP alone we are building approximately 7,600 Super Duties a week. I'm not sure what Ohio builds a week.

    Do both OTP and KTP build the 450's?.I know there's been some debate on that in the past?

  18. There was a time long ago when I was impressed with the strides the Duramax and Allison transmission were making, not that it was really competing with Super Duties greatly. Right, now I really only think Ram is a strong competitor, but their cab design and dash layout drive me nuts. My father-in-law has one and wishes he could afford a Ford. If I ever get mine he says he'll be pretty jealous.


    Something that was pointed out to me is that there are incentives and inventory for Dodge, GMC and Chevy...which means they need to INCENTIVISE customers to buy their vehicles. Ford has not offered that, for better or worse, in many years because they have no problem selling their trucks; just supplying them right now.


    I'm not ready to buy a lesser vehicle if this THE truck I want for years. Someone in here mentioned their 2018 Chevy was on their last legs and needed a truck now. While it's possible that this person has beat the snot out of it, I've done A LOT of miles towing, 4wheeling and everything else in-between...but it's lasted me 23 years. I need a newer tow vehicle for efficiency and I'm impressed with the new upgrades that have been added, so it's time to get a new one. Except for the aforementioned Ram, I've not seen a newer GMC/Chevy last that long.

  19. On 6/22/2023 at 3:09 PM, CharlieKelley said:


    OK, here's my timeline:

    2022 10 28: Order placed

    2022 10 31: Order confirmed

    2022 12 15: Email with status (no update)

    2023 01 29: Email with status (no update)

    2023 05 11: Email with status (no update)

    2023 06 15: Scheduled for production week of July 17


    I forgot to ask, but what is your build?

  20. 8 hours ago, CharlieKelley said:


    OK, here's my timeline:

    2022 10 28: Order placed

    2022 10 31: Order confirmed

    2022 12 15: Email with status (no update)

    2023 01 29: Email with status (no update)

    2023 05 11: Email with status (no update)

    2023 06 15: Scheduled for production week of July 17


    Well, that's progress.


    I believe I'm going to be a unicorn build the way the constraints are going.

  21. It has been limited scheduling of KR and Platinums since the start of Job 2. The trailer backup assist has been very limited scheduling, which of course is a part of these trim levels. Then add on the 7.3 limited scheduling, or even the diesel HO version, not to mention moonroofs or the myriad of other appearances...I think it's safe to say that fewer KR, Platinums and Limiteds will be built this MY than in 22. That's sad and very frustrating. I really had hoped that they had learned from MY22 and the new supply deals and the price increase would help garuntee a better supply flow. But that has long since proved to not be the case. I had a hope of getting a truck by the end of the year but since they're ending the run in October, I'm pretty sure I'll have to wait until MY24. 

  22. 2 hours ago, Monoman said:


    Just got an email about an hour ago. 

    "We have made an adjustment to the production date for your 2023 Super Duty F-250 Platinum.

    Your vehicle is now scheduled to be built the week of June 19, 2023. We will continue to keep you informed regarding your vehicle's production status."


    This is the first time the Track My Order Page matches what the email says.  All other times it did not indicate the scheduled production date.   What a roller coaster.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Wow. Good luck. Hopefully that remains true.

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