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  1. On 12/1/2022 at 6:43 PM, akirby said:

    Atlanta.  I somehow ended up on the client list for a local company that does all sorts of tests and focus groups on everything from cosmetics to food to vehicles.  I don’t always get in.  On this last one there was a question that asked would you consider an EV pickup and I said yes which was not only honest but the answer I thought they wanted.  Guy called back and asked me to clarify and then said oh no that will disqualify you so I said oh wait of course I meant no (wink wink) and he let me in.  Which I still don’t quite understand because the stuff I saw would work for Lightnings just fine.  It was a 2.5 hour session with just me and another guy.  Very cool and I made $175.


    Two previous ones were group sessions for the “new” 2015 ish Camry exterior styling.(nobody liked it) and a couple of years ago for the Rivian truck and SUV ( no vehicles just pictures videos and interior samples and a bunch of questions on price, range and power combinations).


    Back in 2002 I was invited to a preview of the brand new unseen 2003 Aviator at a local resort/winery.  We test drove it and a BMW x5 and Honda Pilot I think and then answered questions.  I assume that invite came from Ford but no idea how or why except we had owned several explorers and an expedition..  Ended up buying one a year later.


    We must run in the same circle because always getting hit up for various focus groups around town and getting a free sandwich and $50 visa card is pretty sweet!  


  2. 21 hours ago, jasonj80 said:

    Why are they using photos with the check engine and battery lights on, and a battery that is showing 98% charged and 1 Mile range. They really don't care about details and subliminal messaging. 

    And a AM radio pic that is going away!!!  


  3. 6 hours ago, jpd80 said:

    The Ford Team visit Sandy Munro and Farley opens up about Ford’s electrification plans




    This is the first time I’ve heard a Ford CEO speak so plainly about the uphill battle with electrification,

    how much they are learning by doing first time BEVs like Lightning, Mach E and E Transit


    Ya this was a great sit down meeting and very transparent conversations. Good for Sandy to be recognized by Farley, since he was a longtime Ford employee. 





    I am in Memphis this week and ran into a guy shaping dirt at Blue Oval City so I took a ride up there today. The place is friggin massive and goes on forever. He said there were a few dozen pieces of equipment and I saw a few cranes in the distance. Could not get any photos due to the distance but will be fun if I can watch it come together. 


    Not impressed with the balance of the area and not sure where they are going to get the labor they will need to make this all come together, let alone the infrastructure that will play a part in this project. 

  5. Is it surprising anyone that Ford is wanting to split the dealer body and rewrite their franchise agreements?  Feel bad for a lot of the dealer's out there, but the model needs to change. Maybe us 50-80 year old's still want to deal with all the clunkiness of a typical dealer, but talking with anyone under the age of 40 and their world perspective is completely different.  

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  6. 7 hours ago, akirby said:

    Ford obviously knows how to use sharkfins and they put them on the cheapest vehicles, so they are not on F series for some other reason like enhanced range.


    I have no idea why but thinking it is along the lines they have always had this and it gets better AM reception or something. My pet peeve and I own it, but their EV 150 is their most advanced truck and just screams 1970's to me at least. 

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  7. 52 minutes ago, akirby said:

    I don’t see anybody saying it won’t sell.  But I think the Lightning’s traditional bed and familiar interior will prove more popular with traditional truck buyers.  And I’d bet that Ford has a 400 mile range before Silverado debuts.

    The previous comment HRG quoted indicated it would not sell-doing this between meetings on the road:). I agree with you about who will be more comfortable with buying the Ford versus Silverado.  

    I’m not sure about who rolls out the 400 mile range first though but it is changing almost daily.  

    I just wish Ford got rid of the goddamn antenna!  

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  8. 4 hours ago, akirby said:

    That’s what Avalanche had but it didn’t seem to catch on.  Just put the tailgate down and get a bed extender.

    Not that it meant much but I had two and loved the midgate. Side pockets hardly ever used but midgate went down way more than I anticipated. 

    I'm impressed with the new Silverado.  Have a buddy working as a supplier to this thing and they’ve been pushing this product hard for 2 years now trying to catch Ford.  Now let’s see how much the Chevy dealers put on their addendums:)

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  9. I’d definitely find a used transmission and local shop to have it installed. 
    Here is a site I used a lot when I had my independent shop years ago. not sure what combo you need but fix the car first before you trade flip it or you will never get top dollar. I’d leave out the fact I changed transmissions since this alone would concern me as a buyer. 

    good luck 


  10. 3 hours ago, akirby said:


      Canada is also considering making automatic headlamps standard and requiring the instrument cluster not light up if the headlamps are off.


    Why can we be told our washer tank is low and we cannot have a warning pop up on the dash saying "your lights are off and it is dark you dumbass."  Rental car companies almost across the board turn off the headlights and customer's don't even realize they are running around town without their lights on.....very dangerous. 

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  11. 23 hours ago, Chrisgb said:

    How might the legacy OEMs react to a  publicly held's engaging with Tesla? Might they not sees me "tweaks" to their allocation?


    The legacy OEM's needs the big dealer groups as much as they need the OEM.


    In years past, several OEM's did not want to have so many of their brands controlled by a handful of dealer groups, but that has declined, IMO, since many of these dealer groups do a great job of elevating the standards they set. Hendrick Automotive is a great example of this. 

  12. 9 hours ago, akirby said:

    How does Tesla lose a lawsuit when the law clearly says that auto mfrs are prohibited from selling directly to the public?


    I think Tesla will be forced to franchise independent dealerships if they intend to continue ramping up sales and market share, at least in most states.


    Now I don’t think that will happen - I think Tesla will either merge or more likely just become a supplier to other mfrs and continue their other non automotive businesses.  


    Interesting optics and if it was as easy as filing a lawsuit not sure why this has not already occurred and proceeded to be such a slam dunk win. 


    I've never thought of them being a supplier to other OEM's, and would think they would find an independent dealer network first (AutoNation, Sonic, etc.) first. Many of those are public traded companies and would obviously benefit tremendously. 

  13. 3 hours ago, akirby said:

    It doesn’t matter whether states care or not.  It matters whether a dealer cares enough to file a lawsuit.  There is no way Tesla wins a lawsuit under the current laws.  

    If they allow Tesla and others to continue then Ford could also start selling factory direct.  In what universe do you think dealers would let that happen?

    not sure how this plays out but you are assuming Tesla loses that lawsuit and I’m not so sure. 

    Ford bought up dealers in a few markets around 10 plus years ago and there was a ton of push back from their network and Ford quickly exited owning their own points. 

    Do you think Tesla just exits certain states? I don’t see that happening and the demand is to strong for their products and others coming into the market. 

    I would be interested to hear others that are tied to the dealer network that can comment on this that may have other thoughts.  

    Having worked for several OEM’s in regional positions I’m aware of the strength of the dealer network and franchise laws. I’m just perplexed that there has not been a concentrated effort to address this years ago.  


  14. 3 hours ago, akirby said:

    Manufacturers aren’t the issue.  It’s local dealers.  And local dealers have not seen a dramatic drop in new car sales because of Tesla.  They’re selling all of the Mach-Es that Ford can build so it’s a non issue.


    When legacy dealers have BEVs sitting on the lot gathering dust and Tesla and others are selling direct into their markets they’ll have Tesla and the others in court so fast it will make your head spin.


    So you are saying that the dealer's don't care right now cause everything is rosy but when sales tank in maybe 9 months, so whatever the date is, they will sue Tesla in that respective state and force Tesla to stop selling in that state or what?  They will never use a dealer network and I strongly believe if the dealer network was frightened 5 years ago by Tesla, they sure as hell are now and not waiting for their sales to drop to take action. 


    I think some states will support the dealer network and their franchise rights (more left leaning states for sure) but other's not so much. 

  15. On 12/5/2021 at 12:52 PM, akirby said:

    As that changes with more legacy mfr BEVs you better believe the dealers will sue Tesla and stop factory direct sales in most states.

    They can sue them but I think they won’t win or else they would of already halted this in many states. 

    I’m not as convinced as I once was that having a dealer is as much of an advantage as it was previously.  Full disclosure I’ve worked for various OEM’s supporting dealers efforts so this is not a statement said lightly.  

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