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  1. little long but worth watching....
  2. He gets into it and is actually way more aggressive driver than I would of thought.......great video.
  3. Here is another part of this series he's doing.... (150) 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: E3 - Hoist Review | Front Suspension - YouTube
  4. This guy knows his shit and worth following from his manufacturing expertise alone. (142) 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: E1 - First Impressions - YouTube (142) 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: E2 - Under The Hood - YouTube
  5. Have you seen the guy from TFL? Him and his son are tall and the dad is a huge guy...maybe 6'5" if not more? You are correct...space is "ok" and that is to be expected. I fully expect both this (assuming they don't price this out of the market-which is not in Hyundai's dna) and the Maverick to be successful in the marketplace and there is room for any one manufacturer to have both of these products since in many ways they are going to go after different segments.
  6. I watched about 5 reviews last night on this and no one mentioned any issues with the back seat. These are compact trucks and space is a minimum but that rear door configuration may look strange, but did not seem to impede any restrictions on getting in and out.
  7. I don’t see it taking sales away from Subaru as much as continuities grow the active lifestyle market. Kudos to Hyundai bring first to segment with a strong product. Hopefully Ford answers with a few tricks up their sleeves but this is the next big segment companies will be rushing to get into. It doesn’t need to be the most capable with towing etc but more attractive and fun to drive and not get crazy on pricing.
  8. Great review by this guy and I like the direction they are taking their front end designs and hope they go even further. Seeing some comments from the YouTube video and agree that this definitely has a Korean look with some Mercedes on the side profile.
  9. He loves the Aviator and praised the sound system. I think he’s pretty damn objective and not sure anyone would praise a 350 Mustang. It’s a POS inside for the money but also realize that’s not it’s mission. Not sure if he just sets the radio on stock settings but he’s the only reviewer I’ve seen with some type of software that analyzes the performance so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Will check out his BS review next few days.
  10. I drive by that plant all the time but haven’t been that way in about 8’weeks. Not sure if construction is still progressing or not but hope this gets settled or tossed. Another reason Ford needs to get into the battery business or partner with VW on making their own batteries.
  11. You definitely know what you get with him since he is fairly thorough. I also like a few others but almost always watch his no matter what he’s reviewing.
  12. kyle

    Ranger Interior

    Have never seen it placed there so not sure how easy it is to use. My strong assumption is that they are using the same trim around the wheel and it either comes with a key or push button-saves them money.
  13. I can't see much different (on my 13" laptop) with either and you are correct that the KR"s big effort is inside....but I guess I was hoping for something more on the exterior given this is the first trim they've added since launch? The inside looks great (besides that friggin massive tablet staring back at you) though.
  14. Geez what a half baked effort and they could of at least had some unique exterior trim elements. I’m in Birmingham Alabama for a few days and next door is a Ford dealer They had two Explorers unlocked so i checked out the interiors and still see glaring quality issues which would drive me fucking insane if i to look at it everyday. Big panel gap around the center stack where the trim from both sides was misaligned and sticks out some. Glove box latch and rear seat fold down latches took an exceeding amount of effort. I messed with them several times and was just perplexed by this type of oversight. The small bin in the center console is not only cheap but the carpeted trim doesn’t even closely fit into the bin. And one of these vehicles had a noise coming from back of the dash like a switch was opening /closing. Maybe that is corrected at PDI but not sure. In many ways I think the Explorer is a pretty good vehicle but was hoping some of these oversights would of been corrected by now.
  15. So you are saying Infiniti/Nissan have a chance than:) You are splitting hairs and I think damn near most of the respondents understand the context of the question and want to pass along accurate information respectively.