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  1. Watching the reveal and pretty cool. Not a Ford badge in site?
  2. Saw this last night and really enjoyed the movie. My wife who didn’t know anything about this story enjoyed it as well. Starts a little slow but kicks in after about 15 mins and the 2.6 hours flew by.
  3. I'm looking forward to it and this is one of those vehicles that will get my attention. Hopefully they deliver the hype factor. One of the things I got to say, is that just on this post I have recognized a bunch of new names here and want to welcome them to the forum....let's not run them off to fast guys!!!!
  4. So that will be in about 12-18 months! Why the hell would we wait that long, when somebody throws up a post that Tesla's doomed!!! LOL.....
  5. The way I look at is that Tesla is really pushing the entire industry to create a better vehicle and think way outside of the box. They deserve a lot of credit, but also have a lot of challenges. Most of the things I've read about the 3 mention the paint quality but also like novanglus say it is best in class with driving dynamics. And I will give him credit, since novanglus at least has one and can comment from first hand experience. One thing to remember is this is Ford's first jump into this arena and I'm sure they will get better and grow the market. I actually like the way the vehicle looks and don't mind the minimalist interior-as long as it is up to standards for a $60k vehicle.
  6. Well Ford better hope that is the case since that will cross a pretty hard line and one they have almost entirely avoided and that is why the DOJ wants to look at the info to make a decision either way.
  7. Funny I really enjoy this guys channel!!!! He is definitely passionate and tells you his opinions but I like his perspective. He is not a Ford guy but has done some great reviews and praised a number of Fords. His new sidekick knows what he is also talking about and tones down his personality-and he is very much a Ford guy and balances the perspective. That is the beauty of YouTube-plenty of channels for us to enjoy what we want:)
  8. You are absolutely right besides the Gladiator but it also gets pretty expensive. I've driven several and if i was willing to spend $45K for a Ranger or a Jeep, it would be a easy decision for me. But like you said, the market is driven more from a cost stand point than someone wanting to push the product to the next level. Ram will also be adding a mid-size truck and I would expect that offering to be very competitive. I agree with Savagegeese-go get an F150!
  9. I saw that and thought what an ass! Such a typical response when someone does not like what you had to say. I love Savage Geese and think he has some of the best reviews out there. He just did one on a Mustang Bullett and it was fantastic-he praised it where it did well and was point on in the vehicle's shortcomings. The Ranger is an "ok" product in today's market and is obviously dated and should be judged accordingly. I don't fault Ford for bringing it to the market and actually like some of the things about the truck but expect the next effort to be greatly improved-until then, it is what it is.
  10. kyle

    Ranger Rear Seat Delete

    My guess is with higher trim levels they are not de-contenting vehicles and want to take away that option from a dealer where all of a sudden they have these vehicles ordered and just sitting on a lot.
  11. He was the guy in automotive spy photography and did it well. RIP sir.
  12. Around the 3:40ish mark they had a ray of red vertical lights against the wheels-I would think they are measuring something, but any idea what that test does?
  13. This is a cluster F in very high proportions and not going away anytime soon. The quicker they settle this the better off they are going to be, but unfortunately, Ford's accounting and legal team cxck block this stuff from getting past them and the customer's pay the cost-just a terrible way to run a business. On another note, did anyone read the comments? First one I read is from our old friend RJ! Sounds a little cranky but good to know he is still around. Richard Jensen • 3 days ago No the buck stops with that idiot Alan Mulally. He was a cancer at Ford and the effects of his reign are still being felt by problem this this garbage transmission. His entire business model was “profits now, recalls later”. He cut quality to an almost non existent level. It’s astounding how bad he was at at Ford. Fields was the fall guy for Mulally. Fields genuinely tried to do the right thing and fix what Mulally did but his plan wasn’t fast enough for the Ford family. So they went out and found some fool that sold furniture to run an automotive company.
  14. Thought the same thing and if 95% of Explorer owners won't pop their hood, than maybe 99% of Lincoln owner's won't either:) I got through most of the clip and while I think they did a good job with the Explorer-it did not reset any goal posts. For me, the Kia Telluride is star in that segment and would get my money.
  15. Not sure how this played out but I come more from the dealer's perspective and disagree completely that they are trying to take advantage of you, bend you over, etc. By far, most dealer's are very good and ethical. Having owned a service shop for years, I can tell you shit happens. But the dealer should be more than willing to split the cost with you-no way should they be charging you full customer pay labor/parts. Push back and get with the Service Manager or GM. If you had them do brakes/rotors they already made some good profit there on that RO along with a pinion seal, they should be more than accomadating in this situation. Good luck with your Mom-hope things work out ok.