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  1. We must run in the same circle because always getting hit up for various focus groups around town and getting a free sandwich and $50 visa card is pretty sweet!
  2. Great commercial by the folks over in the UK. well done.
  3. I live in the county where this verdict happened and coincidentally, after my beer league hockey game Sunday night, one of my players is an attorney and knows this guy. Discussion kept going on about how long this has been going on and what a potential nightmare for Ford this could be. Never good publicity.
  4. Well it could of been 5 and they were factoring in dealer markup!!
  5. I am in Memphis this week and ran into a guy shaping dirt at Blue Oval City so I took a ride up there today. The place is friggin massive and goes on forever. He said there were a few dozen pieces of equipment and I saw a few cranes in the distance. Could not get any photos due to the distance but will be fun if I can watch it come together. Not impressed with the balance of the area and not sure where they are going to get the labor they will need to make this all come together, let alone the infrastructure that will play a part in this project.
  6. Well this investigation just launched so that is the relevancy. May not seem like much but 50 fires is 50 fires and fires are not that common with any modern automobile.
  7. Is it surprising anyone that Ford is wanting to split the dealer body and rewrite their franchise agreements? Feel bad for a lot of the dealer's out there, but the model needs to change. Maybe us 50-80 year old's still want to deal with all the clunkiness of a typical dealer, but talking with anyone under the age of 40 and their world perspective is completely different.
  8. Nice solid effort here and the D side profile looks a lot like my Telluride. They've really cleaned up the center stack and down to just a few manual knobs/buttons.
  9. Love the name and upgrades......small missed detail was Ford should of put graphics from the Everglades on the start up screens instead of mountains.
  10. I have no idea why but thinking it is along the lines they have always had this and it gets better AM reception or something. My pet peeve and I own it, but their EV 150 is their most advanced truck and just screams 1970's to me at least.
  11. The previous comment HRG quoted indicated it would not sell-doing this between meetings on the road:). I agree with you about who will be more comfortable with buying the Ford versus Silverado. I’m not sure about who rolls out the 400 mile range first though but it is changing almost daily. I just wish Ford got rid of the goddamn antenna!
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