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  1. kyle

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    I will have to keep a look out for them SB on Peachtree Industrial right before 285!!! They are always there....
  2. Better yet, Ford is offering 0% interest on 7 year loans! If you have to go anywhere near a engine, time for a different vehicle. That alone would cost well over $5k w/labor and on a 2004 not worth it. Good luck and welcome to the Forumn...LOL....
  3. Saw this floating over from a buddy of mine....
  4. I see a lot of Wrangler from the back rear, but less so with the front end. I also see some Defender influences, but still think it looks good and should be pretty popular.
  5. The rebate money usually varies by Region , I’ve never seen it by state, but it could also pertain to certain trim levels.
  6. Well funny how Ford added some warranty coverage after this story was unveiled a few months ago, and as far as I am concerned-Ford fucked themselves on this deal. It is 100% their own fault and customer's paid a price.
  7. kyle

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    I guess as long as my family and I Am part of the 99% group life will be fine:) all kidding aside you wonder why major companies are restricting travel and events are being cancelled. These organizations are not dictated by the media but want to make sure they don’t endanger their employees to something that is potentially deadly.
  8. Nice looking vehicle and know Ford is limited to what they can produce profitably for the US market but think this could slot in nicely below the Escape.
  9. This is hardly a conquest buyer to say the least. He’s already in the Ford family and his last new car was 7 years ago. I was down by you last week in Jupiter Florida and saw probably 10 Aviators. I can promise you that the vast majority were conquest buyers likely moving over from a 2-3 year old BMW or Audi-based solely on the democratically of the area. The Explorer will holds it own with their current owners, but I don’t see a Mazda CX-9’buyer, or any other nameplate selecting this product unless it’s an ST. What is great though is that the Aviator is definitely grabbing conquest sales and shows what is possible if they really go all in.
  10. yea you are spot on and that makes sense about arriving at dealer with most decisions made. again general perspective since customers have variables regarding trades and what they qualify for.
  11. I've been in the industry for a long time myself and have to disagree about your part regarding customer's only choosing one brand and want to decide which model they want. Maybe 25 years ago, when brand loyalty meant something but not today. No way. There are way to many good brands out there and customer's want to look at vehicle choices. Maybe in the truck market or the luxury market they may be more brand loyalty, but not in mid-priced segments. We can go around and around on this but I just don't see it. Have a neighbor who has had Honda's forever-get's totaled in her Pilot by a cop car who ran thru a light and she was debating going back and getting another Pilot. I suggested she look at the Telluride and her co-worker mentioned the same thing. Not sure if she ever looked at the Kia but she is driving a new Subaru Ascent. I could care less what the ATP is if I'm purchasing a vehicle-I want the best product/price that I can afford and am factoring in safety, quality, dealer network, etc......10 years ago, I would of never considered an Korean nameplate-now you have to be blind not to look at them and make your own decisions. There are way to many great products out there for consumers to choose from.
  12. Great point and I don't disagree either but the competitive vehicles are not letting up and Ford is struggling to maintain/grow market share so they have little room for mistakes. Just look to a competitor to see how quickly things can change. Nissan a few years ago was moving along pretty well and now it seems like the company is in chaos and is turning into a major fleet manufacturer.
  13. That's good! Well you are right but 1 year ago you would of had Explorer on the can't fuck up list so my point is there are no guarantees of future success.
  14. What a classy guy and interesting to read the employee's comments about Hackett!!! The easy answer in today's world is to just fire everyone and move on but the reality is that you learn from mistakes and grow into a better manager/company-this one kind of stings for sure and will be interesting to see where he lands!
  15. Not sure you can blame Hinrichs for the Explorer debacle and give Hackett credit on a vehicle that is not even out yet (even though I think the Bronco will be a hit). No you don't need an engineer at the top spot, nor do you want a bunch of marketing/sales guys at the top. I'm not convinced you broom Hinrich's out the door because the Explorer was a fuck up. If the Explorer was going great, half of the people on this board would be signing the praises of Hackett since his hand prints are all over this vehicle. We don't know who ultimately is to blame and can only speculate, but I as a sales guy want stuff out now, and have the mindset that the engineers will figure it out. I don't know if there are any current CEO's/Presidents in the automotive world who don't come from an engineering background, but hopefully Hackett is entrenced into the engineers/operations as we hope he is (and I think he is to a certain extent-but think he is by far his own worst enemy by living in a parallel world where no one knows what the fuck the guy is thinking). Maybe 10 years ago, you could of looked over at the senior leadership of GM and compared to Ford, they definitely felt like they had a short bench. Now, looking at things, the polar opposite is the case-at least to me.