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  1. Watched that review last night and like his channel no matter what he talks about. Minor gripe, and I think he mentioned the new steering wheel's volume control switches being ass backward, other than that, I like most of the layout. I've not had a vehicle with a heads up display but these seem to be getting more and more common across the board.
  2. Ya it just seems odd that after all these years, they would swap it. It makes the most sense to me being in the middle and I'm sure you would get used to it right away wherever it is. Drove a POS 2019 Rogue rental this week and their center stack only had average speed with real time speed. I flipped thru every screen I could think of and even reviewed the manual, but no luck-you only use the gauge and after being in cars with digital speedometers for the past 4-5 years, is a very hard thing to revert back to.
  3. I've seen this on a few Ford's that are popping up with the full digital dash and also on a few other OEM's-thinking Hyundai? This makes no sense at all to me and can't understand the logic. Forever and ever, every speedometer has been on the right side, unless you are a performance car and now the moment they have a digital dash they move it to the left side. It is these little things to me and again, maybe most people will never care, but I'm not talking to the general public, but why do they do this? And again, i've seen this on a few other nameplates where they switch them up and i don't understand why?
  4. Not sure what you are asking me? Sales may not suffer, but they may not come as easy as they have in the past and that will be reflected in product mix/rebates/fleet sales. And you are mostly correct, exterior styling gets someone in the door minor cheapness in a vehicle usually is not a deal breaker, but everyone today has a much nicer interior than what was acceptable 2-3 years ago. Well, maybe not Honda, but i'm sure they will up their game as some of their vehicles are updated.
  5. Well the challenge is that key competitors in that segment are noticeably more upscale and a few have more distinctive styling (CrossTrex comes to mind). The interior to me in many new Ford's is really basic, functional, boring and I hate their center display between the speedo/rpm gauge. Just layout and fonts look/feel cheap. The funny thing, is everything I ding Ford for I feel completely opposite with regards to Lincoln. Almost feels like Ford is losing out at the conference table when sitting next to the Lincoln folks. I would tell you to stop by a Kia or Subaru dealer but if you are living in Mackinaw then the closest dealer for those might be in Gaylord?
  6. I always love hearing how people spin things when they don't get a good review and CR loves Honda, Toyota, etc. The Escape is a mediocre product at best especially at $32k for a 3 cylinder motor. CR does not take into affect that it may have a $5k rebate, nor should they. Look a little lower and it shows the Honda Passport at the bottom of the midsize category and the Edge as the 2nd place finisher. Guess we can't take that ranking either!
  7. Good for Ford and saw where the Aviator finished 2nd to the Telluride for SUV, which was another strong showing in a very competitive segment.
  8. well I guess anything is possible With attorneys but we don’t know how this played out either. so many of these safety systems can be turned off with people not happy with their performance. I rented a brand new Optima this week and never used their adaptive cruise control or steering assist due to the way it functioned. I’ve heard Honda’s system is miserable and they literally have millions of vehicles on the roads quipped with their “safety sense.” Of course the insurance companies have deeper pockets than I do but that is why I have insurance. I would guess Ford believes they know better and that is why it’s programmed the way it is.
  9. That is a stretch to say the least. Why would they give you an option to them off? The insurance companies are the ones taking the risk and know how the car is equipped. If they removed an airbag that would be one thing but not a setting option built into the vehicle. I’m not an attorney but I’m pretty sure you are not either🥴
  10. What is equally concerning is that what goes for the Explorer also goes for the Aviator......so pissing off those buyers who’ve given Lincoln a chance sucks. I wonder if the Aviator buyers are getting a loaner?
  11. I priced out an Explorer and it quickly got close to $50k and Still has what I feel is a ok interior compared to the others mentioned. while I like some of the things on the Explorer they just fucked this launch up every way they can.
  12. The Explorer might be outselling them but Kia/Hyundai is limited in plant capacity and dealers. If you think the Explorer is the better product more power to you but to me it’s not even close. Haven’t read a car review in years but I watch YouTube and I’ve not seen one overly positive review of the Explorer. I sat in one a few weeks ago at Car rental drop off and it is uninspiring to me compared to the Koreans. have a good friend who is shopping for a new suv and he mentioned Land Rover, Audi and Jag that he really likes. Then he goes and says but “I really love that new Telluide.” So that alone tells me how strong that product is. Just disappointed that Ford didn’t “go further” I will be in the market next year and I don’t see me spending $50k on a Explorer when I can spend $37 for a Kia that is way more distinctive looking and has a superior interior. Plus I’m not into turbo charged engines when I can get a proven V6. that sucks for me since I would rather buy American and grew up in Michigan with a GM family-and I wouldn’t even consider a GM vehicle besides the new Vette.
  13. I am disappointed to see this happen and even more so how it happens in today’s market is unacceptable. Maybe their sales are strong right now but I don’t see those premium prices holding up. This market is changing rapidly and I think Ford still thinks it 1995. You have new nameplates that weren’t in this market 2 years ago like the Atlas and Ascent. And then along comes the Koreans with the Telluride which is flying off the lots At full MSRP and winning damn near every head to head competition out there. Their products were brand new also and somehow managed to be a top safety pick.
  14. Watching the reveal and pretty cool. Not a Ford badge in site?
  15. Saw this last night and really enjoyed the movie. My wife who didn’t know anything about this story enjoyed it as well. Starts a little slow but kicks in after about 15 mins and the 2.6 hours flew by.