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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Thanks.... i called my dealer again and he said it's "controlled" but he is unable to select the option when placing the order. He will contact a zone manager on Monday. I really hope we are going to be able to order it... my wife says yes only if we can get the massaging seats lol
  2. Hi, I am placing an order for a new 2023 Ford Explore and I want the *premium* technology package but I am being told my dealer is unable to select when placing the order. Can anyone confirm if this is in fact true and if there is a work around ? My wife REALLY wants the massaging seats. Thanks,
  3. Thank you everyone, Someone contacted me in PM and offered me one of his yearly allocations. With the current situation where most dealership are selling at MSRP, the X-Plan will definitely help. Thanks again !
  4. Yes, I have always purchased my Ford's (4 times) with an x-plan and he is willing to work with me immediately as long as I have a pin. He confirmed he will do x-plan and no documentation fees. otherwise because i'm a long time buyer he will do 2500$ off msrp.
  5. Hi, I was a victim of a distracted driver on Saturday. I was traveling west on a highway at 70-80 KM/h as I was exiting a construction zone when I was suddenly hit face to face. The driver was going at high speed (estimated at 120km/h) east on the highway when he lost control end ended up in front of me. I'm still shaken as two of my kids we're with me (3 and 5 years old). We are are still pretty shaken but we are doing well and recovering from minor bruises. That Edge did amazing in protecting us. I was really impressed.... That being said, time to purchase a new Ford. Would anyone have any X-Plan PIN available they could share with us ? My dealer is willing to prioritize our order but unfortunately they are selling MSRP. An X-Plan PIN would save me about 3500$. we will be looking at an explorer.... i'm not even sure if I am allowed to ask ? If it's not permitted, please let me know and I will remove. thank you everyone. I really appreciate it. Pierre
  6. SpykeYs

    2016 Ford Edge Titanium

    Good day Cyberdman, This is my 5th Ford. All my 4 previous one I got them built and this one has been ordered for me a while ago and I am going to finally pick it up Saturday. You actually helped me in the past with my previous orders. I just wanted to have the build history as to when it was built and when they received it. I am sorry if I offended you with my request, Have a nice day, Peter
  7. Good day, 2FMPK4K97GBB68704 Much appreciated,
  8. Oh, Well I should re-phrase my question.. Is it too late for my dealership to cancel his ford order ? What I mean is his he still able to cancel the order at Ford so he's not stuck with the car ? I know it's his problem but i'm wondering until when you can cancel an order in the system so it's not produced ? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I will give my dealership a call. I want to cancel my order and wait for a 2014.. I'll leave my deposit with my dealership Long answer would be until when ? I assume it will be scheduled this Wednesday/Thursday and be assigned a VIN.. After that it's too late I guess or can still even be cancelled ? Thanks!!
  10. Hi, I've placed an order at my dealership. It is currently Unscheduled - Clean Can it be cancelled or it's too late ? I'm wondering if my dealership can cancel the order at this point or it's too late.. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Good day, Order No: K145 Dealer No: CB2482 Ford Edge Limited V6 3.5L - Ingot Silver Thanks for your time..
  12. SpykeYs

    Ford Edge cut off date to place orders ??

    mmmm... That's kinda weird.. Anyway, I pulled the trigger on a 2013. Dealership need to order it so I should be getting it in 6-8 weeks... I've got an X-Pin so i'm getting X-Plan + 5500$ incentives + 1000$ costco incentive + 500$ car show incentive for a total of 7000$ incentive and 0.99% interest on 5 years.. I'm in Canada btw.. The incentive was suppose to be on 2500$ but ford made a mistake on ford.ca and put 5500$ on the edge for a few days and ford agreed to give me 5500$ instead of the 2500$.. So I decided to pull the trigger on it now instead of waiting in July for employee pricing event. From what I can see, they will maybe offer 4500-5500$ incentives when the 2014 comes out, but I wont be able to order a specific model and they usually raise the interest rates.. Can't wait to get my Edge Limited Blue Dealership is placing the order monday as he was waiting approval from Ford on the 5500$ mistake they made.. Happy camper here..
  13. SpykeYs

    Ford Edge cut off date to place orders ??

    Thanks.. I currently have a Ford Escape 2009 V6 3.0 L I was hoping to purchase an Edge with a V4 Ecobost 2.0L but it is not available in AWD in 2013.. However, I was surprised to read that the Ford Edge 3.5L V6 is actually better in fuel consumption when you compare it to the 2009 V6 3.0L that my Ford Escape has.. So actually I will order it as close to the order cut off date so I can hopefully get the Employee pricing. I currently have the X-Plan but hopefully prices in June/July will be better to push the 2013 models. However, my dealership told me that most of the time they give more incentives but the interest rate is higher.. I'm in Canada FYI. Thanks!
  14. Good morning, Anyone know when is the cut off date to order Edge 2013 ? I'm interested in purchasing a Ford Edge Limited and would like to order it close to the cut off date so I can hopefully get the employee pricing end of season sale in june/july.. Also, when are details for the Edge 2014 are to be released ? Thanks!!
  15. Hi :-) I just came back from vacation, YAY.. Drove from Ottawa to Orlando... Are you able to give me an update on the shiped fiesta. Hopefully the ETA has changed VIN: 3FADP4FJ1BM192331 Thanks so much, SpykeYs