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  1. xman302

    Radar location on 2020

    I found a sensor in the rear view mirror looking forward , then I popped off the plastic bumper piece beside the driver side tow hook. Just like YT90SC said , there is no block like the 2019 it sits behind the plastic piece. Good to know where at when adding aftermarket bumpers. Thanks everyone .
  2. xman302

    Radar location on 2020

    I looked there and there is no box like the 2019. The hunt continues, thank you for the input.
  3. Could someone tell me where the front radar for the crash avoidance is ? I was going to order some aftermarket bumpers and didn't see the usual block in the front bumper area. Any information would be greatly apprciated. Tim
  4. Up until 3 weeks ago I was the proud owner of a 2011 Flame Blue Raptor. While driving down the road I heard something that sounded like a blow out, as I looked around before getting stopped I saw black smoke in the rear view mirror. Needless to say the truck burnt the whole front end and under the drivers side of the truck, totaling it out. I received what little insurance money there was, so here I am asking for help on a PIN and any help is greatly appreciated, thanks Tim. FYI. My 15 year old and I were in the truck that night and I would still trust our lives to Ford before going Offshore. Go Big Blue !