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  1. Thank you all for helping us out with our order info and scheduling.


    I guess those of us pestering you are suffering from 'FOOCD'... Ford Ordering Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...


    Really looking forward to the day when I can post a pic of my new Mustang!

  2. So checked with dealer for the kicks of it today, and they are sayin 7/23 build date with VIN 1FA6P8CF2K5111391. I dont know if it's more bs, only hoping it's true at this point.


    Try this website: http://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/quick-look/2017/08/vehicle-tracking-system.html


    Scroll to the bottom of the first paragraph and click on 'Live Chat', then enter your info as directed (Name, etc), then type in your VIN and request the build date info. Hope this helps!


    Ordering a customer's vehicle as a stock order to get it quicker is fine but there was no advantage in doing that this year as Ford started scheduling 2019 Mustang retail orders the 2nd week of scheduling this year. The only restriction was that the retail orders wouldn't ship until the "Okay to Buy" is achieved.


    Would that be the reason my Mustang build date seems to have moved up from w/o July 16th to June 28th?

  4. Why? That video didnt show anything

    That was part of the reason. The Mach 1 lettering shown was exactly the same as the deck lid on my '70 Mach 1, but Ford has not leaked a thing about a 50th anniversary Mach 1 Mustang like was done with the Boss, Bullitt, GT-350, and GT-500 versions prior to their release. Maybe the next Mach 1 will be the hybrid-electric Mustang in 2020, but I want a Mustang now since driving my Super Duty every single day for 2 more years won't cut it. :-)

  5. A BEV SUV really doesn't appeal to me. I'm happy Ford are making one (I know its the future) but I do NOT like the references to the Mustang or Mach 1. A new Mach 1 should be a 5.2 CPC V8 with the option of the 10-speed auto. It would fit between the GT PP2 and the GT500. Give it 530hp/450 lb ft.


    THAT is along the lines of what Team GT would have done ;)


    A new Mach 1 configured as you suggest is exactly what I was hoping for since I became interested in owning another Mustang early last year. After the Mach 1 EV video came out, I gave up hope and ordered a Mustang GT 5.0 last month.

  6. Apparently, COTUS doesn't like my order! Entered my VIN and got this:


    "A matching vehicle could not be determined. Please contact your dealer to get status updated about your order."

  7. I have no information on my order at this point. I believe that it's been placed since my dealer Rep gave me a printout with all of the info.


    Not sure we can get a VIN since they don't start the line until June 13th.

  8. =( same boat.


    2019 order is in now.


    placed 4/25.


    unscheduled-clean last checked with ford performance chat today at like 10am


    hope i get it before August..


    Placed the order for my 2019 Mustang on April 23rd and my dealer estimated delivery in late August or early September. They start building them June 13th so that seems about right.


    It's going to be a long wait, but worth it!

  9. I know Flat Rock won't build 2019 Mustangs until June 13th, but I'm curious to see if my order is 'Unscheduled-Clean'.


    I would post in the proper forum, but I must not have enough posts to do so. If it's OK, I'll bump this around mid-July for an update.


    Mustang GT Premium 5.0 Velocity Blue PP1 ordered 4/23.


    Sales Code: F71089

    Order Code: D340

    Priority Code: 11


    Thank you,