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  1. Picked up my Velocity Blue GT this morning! What a fun ride so far! Definitely worth the wait.
  2. Kepler4

    Untitled Album

  3. WOOOHOOO!!! Thank you very much!!! Will post pics ASAP this week!
  4. Requesting an update for VIN: 1FA6P8CF5K5106640 Thank you!
  5. Kepler4

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Yours is in COTUS: http://www.cotus.ford.com/
  6. Kepler4

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    Thank you all for helping us out with our order info and scheduling. I guess those of us pestering you are suffering from 'FOOCD'... Ford Ordering Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... Really looking forward to the day when I can post a pic of my new Mustang!
  7. Kepler4

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Try this website: http://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/quick-look/2017/08/vehicle-tracking-system.html Scroll to the bottom of the first paragraph and click on 'Live Chat', then enter your info as directed (Name, etc), then type in your VIN and request the build date info. Hope this helps!
  8. Terrible incident, but parking a vehicle at the curb that's irreplaceable isn't the best idea. I don't even like parking my truck on the street. Hope he has better luck getting it repaired.
  9. Kepler4

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Would that be the reason my Mustang build date seems to have moved up from w/o July 16th to June 28th?
  10. Good afternoon, Order Code: D340 Sales Code: F71089 VIN: 1FA6P8CF5K5106640 GT 5.0 Fastback, Velocity Blue, 401A, A10 auto, PP1, Magne-Ride, Active Exhaust. Ordered 4/23 from Travis at Ken Grody Ford AKA Ted Jones Ford. I sincerely appreciate your time and any info shared! Thank you, Russ
  11. That was part of the reason. The Mach 1 lettering shown was exactly the same as the deck lid on my '70 Mach 1, but Ford has not leaked a thing about a 50th anniversary Mach 1 Mustang like was done with the Boss, Bullitt, GT-350, and GT-500 versions prior to their release. Maybe the next Mach 1 will be the hybrid-electric Mustang in 2020, but I want a Mustang now since driving my Super Duty every single day for 2 more years won't cut it. :-)
  12. A new Mach 1 configured as you suggest is exactly what I was hoping for since I became interested in owning another Mustang early last year. After the Mach 1 EV video came out, I gave up hope and ordered a Mustang GT 5.0 last month.
  13. Kepler4

    2019 Mustang Premium Rear Brake Calipers

    FYI: The four-piston calipers are not Brembo as those are only included with the Perf Pack 1 or 2 and are 6-piston calipers. Happy to help where and when I can do so!
  14. Kepler4

    2019 Mustang Premium Rear Brake Calipers

    You can upgrade to Baer rear discs if you plunk down $4K: http://baer.com/15-Rear-Extreme-Brake-System-2015-Mustang.html Or Ford Performance GT-350 front and rear Brembos for $3K: https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-2300-AA
  15. Kepler4

    2018 Order Help

    Apparently, COTUS doesn't like my order! Entered my VIN and got this: "A matching vehicle could not be determined. Please contact your dealer to get status updated about your order."