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  1. What is the correct setting/configuration for lights on my 2014 Focus SE? Is there an AUTO lamps option to have them come on and shut off automatically every drive?
  2. jmac0408

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    Hi bbf2530: Thanks for your response. The issue does, in fact, occur wherever or whenever I have recently tried to "gas up"/fill the tank. As mentioned, this issue has only arisen over the past two fill attempts!
  3. jmac0408

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    Apologies for not providing more details. I have a 2008 Edge Limited with 103,301 KM's which has an Extended Warranty until April 2021. This issue has just recently arisen in the last two weeks!! Thank you to all for your input thus far!!
  4. jmac0408

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    I'm having problems at the pump other than paying for the gas. The gas nozzle keeps clicking off way before the tank is full. This happens every time, no matter what station I'm at, position of car etc. Changing the position of the filler nozzle does not change anything. I looked for obstructions etc and everything looks new/undamaged. Anyone else experience this?