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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. jmac0408

    Why is my Edge Going in to DEEP SLEEP Mode >

    Hey akirby !! Thanks for your reply. And even greater thanks for indicating the level of difficulty required to resolve the issue !! John A.
  2. 2021 Edge Titanium with only 14 KM.'s !! Even after an hour long highway drive when I return and try and perform any function with my Ford Connect via my iPhone 13 Pro (e.g. Lock All Doors) I get the warning that my vehicle is in Deep Sleep Mode to preserve Battery life !! Any and all suggestion/resolution to fix this irritating issue will be very much appreciated !!
  3. Would finally like to try and connect my FUZE with my new 2021 Edge Titanium !! Is it possible and what's the best way to do so ??
  4. jmac0408

    Headlamp Exit Delay Issue

    Have tried numerous methods to programme Headlamp Exit Delay on my new 2021 Titanium and have had NO success !! Hoping that the learned people of this Forum might provide a fool-proof solution !! Any and all input/direction welcomed !!
  5. Good Morning ALL !! I have just taken delivery of my Factory Ordered 2021 Edge Titanium August 24/21 and am absolutely loving it !! It replaced a 2008 Edge Limited which was a terrific vehicle. My new ride has all the latest technology and options available and thus my queries: Shouldn't my new Edge be equipped with Paddle Shifters ? Unless I have been earlier hallucinating, I could swear the feature was recently available/accessible but now seems to have disappeared !! What might be a resolution ?? As stated, my Edge is equipped with all the latest tech and including Wireless Charging. For some reason I am NOT able to charge my phone with this feature. My phone is: iPhone 6S Plus and is covered with an Otterbox protector !! Any and all input/direction/counsel will be very much appreciated. Have a great day !!
  6. jmac0408

    Leaking MoonRoof

    Thanks, "akirby" !! Much appreciated. Have a good one today! John A.
  7. jmac0408

    Leaking MoonRoof

    It's the PREMIUM CARE 36/60 (KM's) !!
  8. jmac0408

    Leaking MoonRoof

    I have a 2014 Focus SE 5 Dr. which has developed a leaking MoonRoof. It is covered with an Extended Warranty. Will this issue be covered under that warranty? Thanks.
  9. jmac0408

    Body Control Module

    Thank you very much for the response. Will have to keep "harassing" the dealer for resolution.
  10. jmac0408

    Body Control Module

    Wondering if the BCM from a new 2019/2020 Focus SE would be/is compatible with a 2014 Focus SE?? Asking because I've been waiting over 2 and 1/2 weeks for the Dealer to acquire the part. If there is compatibility, I would request that they "cannibalize" an existing vehicle form their inventory to resolve the issue. Any and all input/suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. jmac0408

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    Fixed !! There was a spider web in the filler !!hose
  12. What is the correct setting/configuration for lights on my 2014 Focus SE? Is there an AUTO lamps option to have them come on and shut off automatically every drive?
  13. jmac0408

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    Hi bbf2530: Thanks for your response. The issue does, in fact, occur wherever or whenever I have recently tried to "gas up"/fill the tank. As mentioned, this issue has only arisen over the past two fill attempts!
  14. jmac0408

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    Apologies for not providing more details. I have a 2008 Edge Limited with 103,301 KM's which has an Extended Warranty until April 2021. This issue has just recently arisen in the last two weeks!! Thank you to all for your input thus far!!