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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. napwife

    Ranger rear seat

    Thank you. We have a service appt in July. Funny how there is a latch but no movement to it at all.
  2. Thank you for your response. But it is the bottom seat that won't latch. There is a storage area under the seat and there is a latch and bar it is suppose to hook too but the latch doesn't engage at all. It's in a fixed position. I do have an appt to return it to the dealership but not until July. I was hoping someone from the plant could tell me if it is suppose to latch.
  3. Thank you for your response but we have tried everything. We have slammed it down several times, we've pulled the handles and the latch has no movement what so ever. We have made an appt with the dealership.
  4. Trying to find a answer for the rear seat question. Our back seat locks in the upright position but when you put it down it doesn't lock. Is it suppose to just sit there or is it suppose to lock in place?
  5. napwife

    Ranger rear seat

    Does the rear seat in a 2022 Ranger Super Crew suppose to lock down in place?
  6. napwife

    Roof rail leaking

    Has anyone had any issues with the roof rail leaking around the A pillars in their 2016 Escape? If so what did Ford do to remedy the problem?
  7. napwife


    Ordered our Ranger. Got a confirmation from Ford that they had received it. Can't wait for them to send me a build date. My husband retired from Norfolk Assembly and this is his first ever truck he has ordered. It's about time!
  8. napwife


    Getting ready to order a Ranger. Does anyone know what the turn around time frame is? I was told 8-12 weeks. Thanks!
  9. napwife

    NAP Retirees

    That is why we all need to band together and write letters, make phone calls and plead with all those that are still working. Retirement comes quicker than you think and if the workers don't help with the fight for us then they won't have what they are enjoying now. I'm trying really hard to pass the word around and to get everyone on board to press for a change for our benefits. This goes for ALL workers and retirees........
  10. Is there anyone who is retired and has an HMO for medical? If so what is the name of it and what is your location? My husband retired from NAP after 31 years. We are not of medicare age and won't be for a while. We were blessed with having an HMO for the past 25 years. Since the union took over our medical benefits we were now given TCN Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Imagine my surprise (shock) when I had my physical and received a statement from Blue Cross that it does not cover preventative or routine care. My bill is for $335.00. My husband was a proud union man and supported and believed in his union and that retirees would be protected. Retirees are on a fixed income. I guess the days of having physicals are over. By the time you wait for any cancer symptoms to show up to make you go to the doctor it will probably be at a stage 2 or 3. I think paying for preventative care would be far less expensive. I urge anyone who had an HMO and now is under a tradition care to write letters to your union and to the Solidarity House. We retirees need to stick together and fight because as one we have lost our voice. No one is going to protect us but ourselves.
  11. napwife

    NAP Retirees

    For those of us who have had the benefit of having an HMO for our provider this new TCN Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan has been a shock. I, like my husband, have had physicals every year. Well I had mine in Jan. In the past my payment has only been $25.00. Imagine my surprise when I opened my explanation of benefits and saw that I owed $335.00 because BCBS of Mi. doesn't cover preventative or routine care. I urge everyone to write letters to the UAW and anyone else you can think of. My husband was a proud worker and union member and supported his union to the fullest for 31 years. I can't believe this is what the retirees were given when there are other areas that still have an HMO. I don't think they looked hard enough for us. They waited to see if someone wanted us. People forget retirees are on a "fixed" income. The union vowed that we would get the best possible benefits and they failed us. Just because our plant is closed doesn't make us less valuable retirees. We let others speak for us when the plant was put on the chopping block and look where that got us. WE ALL need to speak up and I've already written letters and I appeal to everyone else to help me fight for ALL of us.
  12. It's all about supporting your fellow employees to ensure job security, benefits and retirement. When everyone starts with the screw Ford attitude you are screwing families our of their jobs, homes, benefits and retirements. My mother is a retired surviving salaried spouse. And because she has no union to protect her, Ford has already taken away her vision, hearing and dental benefits. Come January they will give her $1800.00 a year for a supplemental medical policy. They give her 3policies to chose from. And guess what, the one she needs is the one she'll have to pay more for out of her pocket and still won't have vision or dental benefits. How do you think someone 80 years old with rising personnel property taxes can afford this stuff. Have you had to get a pair of glasses lately or even pay out of pocket for a dental visit. So now if we don't support our brothers and sisters of the UAW this is what your retirement will look like. If you have one and are not asked to leave or have your plant close. Believe me it comes much quicker than you think. And all you are trying to save goes quickly with un expected bills and kids going to college and yes, early retirement because your plant has closed.
  13. Just look out in the parking lot of your plant...not all employees support or buy Ford's. That is just another area where our so called fellow brothers and sisters have let us down.
  14. napwife


    This napwife isn't going anywhere. I think you are looking for "NAP wife". Not sure who she is but her screen name is similar to mine. Nice of you to ask though.
  15. Another embarassing article for the hard working people at NAP. Why would anyone quit their job in Nov. if they already knew they wouldn't have a mortgage payment for Dec. I call that being a bit greedy. Also no one took into account the holiday down time for which all business offices fall behind. I guess she thought the house payment could wait until she got her buyout check. As much as I don't like seeing our plant close and fine employees out of a job, Ford has offered us something which NO other company would. If you didn't have a job lined up then there was no reason to jump so fast for the buyout. Just tired of hearing people whine.