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    Adaptive Cruise Control issue: Sensor Blocked

    I got this error message on our 2019 Ford Edge while we were on a recent trip. Initially the error was sporadic, but became more persistent over time. On the 2019 and later models, the sensor is located just below the license plate bracket. It appears someone either backed into the vehicle while it was parked, or nosed into it in a parking lot. I could see some minor abrasion on the license bracket and the bottom of the plate was bent. But otherwise the front-end of the Edge looked great. However, I could feel something loose behind the grill area and one of the 'shutters' was displaced from its location. I took it to the dealer and they removed the front fascia. The sensor is held in place by a bracket that is part of the shutter assembly and had broken away. So the sensor was loose and not properly aligned, resulting in the error message. This ended up somewhat costly. I could submit an insurance claim, but the damage repair cost was only slightly more than my insurance deductible. It might have been possible to glue the assembly together using two-part epoxy, but the sensor body hangs from the top and the piece holding the two bolts and centering pins broke off. It might have eventually failed, so I chose to go with replacement. See picture for what this looks like once the front bumper assembly is removed.