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  1. Hi all, we bought another 03 Grand Marquis GS. this one doesn't have the keyless entry and FOB system. You actually have to use the key???? anyway, we would like to have one installed. I checked with the dealer and the kit has bee discontinued..... anyone with a suggestion???? thanks, bill
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    Thanks for the welcome......yeah, that would be neat to see some tanks and stuff!! when my wife bought her 03 GS new, I tried to talk her into the Maurader, but the extra 10k, took it up to 36k and we settled on the GS model. never looking back!! they run and run and run and run........ I'm the kind of guy that would enjoy putting a Boss 9 and 5-speed in one......
  3. billwoodward

    new to the forum.

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I dont have a lot time in my life for internet stuff, but i do like to look at what interests me. I currently am involved in two model airplane forums, one Harley-Davidson forum and here. We have had many Fords and Mercury's in our life and we now have one 03 Grand Marquis GS we bought new and it has 104,000 on it. We just put a new front end under it and then found a "new" 03 Grand Marquis GS with only 37,000 on it from an elderly one owner person. So we bought that and we're now going to give the other one to my wifes sister. she needs a better car so it will have a good home. We also have a 2006 F-150 XLT super cab with the 9800 tow package. it has 34,000 on it so far because i have a company truck during the week. I just another Grand Marquis a couple of days ago.....04 Maurader, and the very elderly lady that owns it is selling it. it has 31,000 on it a looks like it was just off the lot. but her son knows all about them and he put the asking price up around 30k and its just too much for my budget........ FORD/MERCURY fans for life!!!!!! bill woodward