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  1. DianeMc

    how did my blue oval turn silver?!?

    Well, I pointed this problem out to my dealer as I was TRADING IN my 2012 Edge for a 2014 Explorer which I absolutely love...and I'll keep an eye on my blue oval this time!!
  2. DianeMc

    how did my blue oval turn silver?!?

    Thanks Bob. It would be nice if my dealership could pop a new blue oval onto my car...for free!
  3. Somehow, someway, the blue background of my blue oval on the front of my 2012 Edge Limited has disappeared!! It is so completely silver that I am now wondering if it has always been that way but I never noticed. How could this happen?? I don't have a front view photo of my Edge from when it was new, so I googled it...they all are blue ovals, not silver. Has this happened to anyone else?? Or do you think it has always been totally silver?
  4. We just bought a used 2010 F-150 Super Crew. The dealer showed us this compartment. As SturgOH said, all it had in it was a funnel in order to assist with filling tank if using a gas can instead of nozzle.