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  1. Delford

    2017 Ranger?

    Thanks. I guess I'll get a taco and continue to breathe.
  2. Delford

    2017 Ranger?

    OK, the 2015 Ranger thread is done so I thought I'd throw this out. I still have my 92 Ranger XLT V6 (3.0) 5 speed with 102000 miles on it. I'm looking to buy new since 22 years has gone by and I've got a buyer. I drove a Bronze Fire Metallic XLT FX4 2.7L at a dealer nearby and loved the color and performance and hated the size. "Trade allowance" on the Ranger was $2K :-) No deals to be made there. The floor sales manager said Ford was bringing out a 2017 Ranger and the Continental was coming back. Since I've seen a lot of speculation in the previous thread I'm wondering if Akirby or anyone knows any details on a Ranger. I was close to buying a Colorado Z71 V6 until I drove one and the front bolster on the seat cut off circulation in my legs at the rear thigh. So I fixed the AC on my 92 and will drive it through the summer. The 2016 Tacoma and Frontier are being introduced. How long until a Transit variant Ranger will magically appear? Is there a new willingness at Ford to look at something smaller than the gargantuan F150?