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  1. Not sure where you're getting your information as this makes the second time you've suggested something that doesn't make sense. We've used K&N filters since their creation and have never had any issue with any sort of down stream sensor screw up. It is best that we part ways as I'm getting bad vibes from your conversations.
  2. Correct on the trans issue, you may encounter shuttering while driving. We're hoping to take of this issue on our own by having the shop performance a BG service. We're totally removing the dealership from our equation. One may have to change the front seats either raise them or change the angle of the seats which is what we're doing. Other issues include struts that didn't last beyond 2 years as we've had to replace ours after only 2 years. One other thing that's bugged us until I was able to disable this feature was the pre-collusion warning system.. Although this can't be disabled is can be adjusted. as for the automatic braking during while the system is active, even though I've entered into the system settings and disabled the auto braking.. it still activates when least expected. @GearheadGrrrl for a quick upgrade in the torque and horse power, add a drop in K&N air filter. Plus opt for the NGK plugs as these are designed to ignite faster and cleaner.
  3. Since my last post, we're looking to lower the van even more. With the current forward rake of the van, The front end of the van suits the 18''s nicely, but we're looking to just lower the rear of the van by either 30mm or 40mm just to tuck the new 18'' inches wheels within the wheel well.
  4. Moved: https://vptuning.substack.com
  5. I've been using this forum as well as other forums with this same software. However and often I would get discouraged because I'm constantly scrolling left or right in order to read topics or post topics myself. This morning while at one of these other forums, I found out a simple solution to my forum width issue. For all those who are having the same issue, follow these directions. Press and hold the "Ctrl" key Using your mouse scroll/roller/wheel, roll forward or back (Do not move the mouse) this adjust (zoom in or out) the web page within your browser. Done. Now I can see and read everything over the entire page, even stuff on the right side that I've never seen before, tag clouds and more.. Another adjustment I just located is a shadow box, as shown in the attached image. Take note of the red arrow over at the top right.. this is pointing to a shadow box, which can be clicked to close the right side column area (tags, top posters etc) thus allowing for a wider view of the forum area. Hope this helps anyone who has a smaller screen or even those who need to read the site in large text mode.
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