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    2016 Ford Explorer Platinum 1-8-7

    That's a great idea (Brembo Brake Package). I might have to save a little more to do that. I painted the brake calipers on a 2012 Tahoe LT that I used to own and it looked pretty good but I think new calipers, especially Brembo's, would be better.
  2. Jon Noriega

    2016 Ford Explorer Platinum 1-8-7

    You should just for for it, my friend.
  3. I am in sales. I travel 9 states when I'm on the road selling. I love my Explorer. I first wrapped all of the chrome from the roof racks the door handles and did some detailing on the hood and trunk. The next step was to powder coat the wheels, DIP coat the front grille and smoke out the head and tail lights. Next step is to install a K&N cold air intake and pint my brake calipers red. Thoughts? I want a clean but mean look. (I apologize for some photo's being upside down. It's defaulting to that for some reason).