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  1. requa

    Seeking Ideas for Phone Mount Point

    Actually, it was more like 325 standard items that appealed to me -- 325 horses, that is. I assume sales lagged because, with the usual upgrade packages, pricing crept high enough that buyers turned to euro sports instead. I'm happy with the performance at a more reasonable price without some bells and whistles.
  2. requa

    Seeking Ideas for Phone Mount Point

    I wish! Sadly, my car has the non-touchscreen Sync system. I got to use Android Auto on a rental car recently and would certainly prefer that if I had it. Thanks
  3. requa

    Seeking Ideas for Phone Mount Point

    Thanks for the quick response. I actually thought about a suction cup mount, but I guess I'm just happier not having the phone in my field of view of the windshield. I'd prefer to keep it below dash level. Vent level is good, but not if it makes the phone overheat.
  4. I have a 2018 Fusion Sport. I don't often use my phone for GPS, but when I do, I use a magnetic mount that clips to the AC vent. This works, but has a few problems -- it blocks the vent, it makes it too easy accidentally to press the hazard light button, and, most troubling, I recently had an issue with my phone overheating because, even though I had heat directed only to the floor vents, enough heat still came through the top to heat the back of my phone. I'm trying to sort out an alternative way to mount a phone for occasional use. I would rather not give up a cup holder. I really don't want to do anything permanent or difficult to remove, such as screws, adhesives, or tape. I was hoping I could find something similar to a cup-holder mount that would fit in the small compartment between the radial shift knob and the large open area where the DC and USP ports are. This compartment is around 2 inches by 4 (guessing measurements here) and is open at the top. Ideally, I could see something between an adjustable cup holder mount and a CD slot mount, that would expand to fit in this opening with enough friction to hold it in place, and a goose-neck or similar arm supporting the magnetic mount. I haven't found anything that fits yet. Has anybody out there had similar thoughts and found a solution?
  5. I finally tracked it down, with a little help from someone on a Samsung board. I was in the Samsung+ app on my phone and took a look at my profile. This screen showed my name as Dan, but when I tapped my name the next screen showed it as Daniel. Tapping My Information took me to a screen that showed my name (as Daniel) along with both my phone number and my wife's I edited that screen and removed my wife's phone number, then pulled up the phone book in my car. I still have the Daniel entry with only the single phone number showing. My wife texted me and the car displayed her name. I guess Ford Sync for some reason downloaded my Samsung profile along with my Contacts. I thought I should update in both boards in case anyone else runs into this in the future. Thanks to all who offered suggestions and kept me pursuing this. Dan
  6. I confirmed that my cell carrier (Xfinity Mobile) shows each of our phones with our first name as the nickname, correctly linked to the proper line, and that it shows me as "Dan" rather than "Daniel." I have not made it to a land line phone yet and I assume testing this theory would actually require my wife's phone to call the land line, not mine. I think the suggestion more generally about the cell carrier records being involved makes the most sense, as that would explain connecting my full legal name, as it appears in the account and credit card rather than in the nicknames, with both lines. Oddly, I'm pretty sure this is a new phenomenon, as I did not notice it until recently and my wife has been my most recent message sender for the year I've had the car. This makes me wonder if my phone's recent upgrade from Oreo to Pie is somehow involved. I feel like Alice.
  7. I appreciate the suggestion. I don't think it applies in this case, though. My car identifies my phone as Galaxy S9 (or possibly Dan's Galaxy S9) with no mention of "Daniel" or my last name. I do think this is more of a phone issue than a car issue now, since it keeps downloading the information from somewhere. At least this only involves the one number and I know what it means when the car says I'm texting myself.
  8. I'm not sure where else in my phone profile this information might be stored, especially since it involved another person's phone number. Can you clarify what you're thinking of here?
  9. Now I'm really stumped. I did find my wife's phone in the paired devices in my car and removed it. I looked in the phone book in my Sync system and found an entry with my name as DANIEL SMITH (OK, not really my last name). I deleted that entry and still had an entry for Dan Smith (still not my real last name). Sync warned me that the deleted entry might reappear since my phone is set to auto download. Sure enough, the next time I started my car, I checked and saw that the DANIEL entry was there again. I have searched Contacts on my phone and do not have any entries containing Daniel at all -- just Dan. I can only conclude that this is a phone issue rather than a Sync issue, but where would it be coming from in my phone if it's not in my Contacts list there? Next stop: a Samsung forum to see if anyone else there has seen this.
  10. That sounds reasonable. I don't think her phone ever got paired with my car, but I'll check it out and maybe delete all devices and phone books and start over. Thanks
  11. I'm driving a 2018 Fusion Sport with Sync (non-touchscreen), paired with my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. When my wife sends me a text message, the display shows it as coming from me. It actually shows my full name with my name as Daniel, instead of as Dan, as it appears in any entries I have for myself in Contacts. on my phone, I checked my wife's entry in Contacts and it does not show my name anywhere; I searched Contacts by searching for the last four digits of my wife's phone number, and it only shows the entry for her name. I already deleted the phonebook in my car and downloaded it again to remove any stray or duplicate entries. I don't see anything like this occurring when anyone else messages me. What am I missing here? Where else would this be stored? Could it be coming from our service provider (Xfinity shared plan)?
  12. I previously posted a long and boring (to anyone not experiencing the issue) thread on problems I had with the Sirius satellite menu system in my 2018 Fusion Sport (see https://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/64769-sirius-presets-missing-in-menu-on-fusion/?p=1042350).The short version is that my saved presets wouldn't display or function, and it took six dealer visits over the past seven months to get resolution. Note that this is the non-touch version of the Sync system. The resolution my dealer finally obtained from Ford engineering was in a software update for the audio control module (ACM). The service adviser told me this morning that the real purpose for the software update was to fix issues owners had reported with the speed compensated volume system not properly increasing the volume at highway speed. The software update did definitely fix my Sirius issue, and seems to have improved the SCV system as well. To test it, I set my volume to my usual level (5) and set the SCV to the maximum level of 7 before getting on the highway. Unlike prior trips, I did not feel a need to increase the volume to keep up with road and engine noise, though it certainly did not get too load, either. I'll continue playing with it, but thought I'd pass this along in case anyone else out there is experiencing SCV issues, as I would not expect anyone to find this easily within my post about the satellite radio. Dan
  13. In the words of my favorite attorney, Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, Esq. (of My Cousin Vinny), "For me, six times was the charm." My dealership contacted me last week and said Ford engineering had come up with a software update that they expected to resolve my problem. I took the car in this morning and waited about 45 minutes for the update, and the Sirius menu system is now working as it should, including all three preset 6 saved stations. The service adviser told me the software update would fix my issue, but that the real focus of it was to address problems owners have reported with the speed compensation volume not working properly. This is a little harder for me to test, but I think it's working better than before. I'll post a separate thread on this issue to help anyone else who might be experiencing it and who might not find it buried in my post on the menu system. Incidentally, I just called Ford Customer Care again to follow up on my earlier report and hopefully to obtain some form of compensation for the six times I had to take my car in to work on this issue, presumably in the form of an extended Sirius subscription. The representative I spoke with seemed pleasant enough and understood what I was saying, but ultimately created a new case record apparently just to notify my dealership that I've been having an issue. I will call the dealership one day this week to get a better idea of how I need to be pursuing this. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Dan
  14. I had hoped to be providing a final update on resolution of this issue, but that is not the case. I realize I'm mostly talking to myself here. I might not do it, except that I now believe myself not to be alone in this issue (see below). Here is the short version of what has happened to date: 2/12/18: Took delivery of vehicle 3/28/18: New car check, state inspection, brake noise check (later corrected with new pads), and Sirius troubleshooting. See top post for full description of Sirius menu issue. Dealer was unable to resolve and, rather than keeping me longer, let me go and said would follow up when the “Hotline” provided additional suggestions. 4/11/18: At the suggestion of the Hotline, dealer disconnected the battery for long enough to reboot the entire system, but this did not change the behavior. 5/1/18: Dealer replaced the satellite module, but this did not correct the menu error. 5/4/18: Hotline suggested another reboot of the whole system (following replacement of the satellite module). Dealer said they would be glad to do it or I could disconnect the battery for 10 to 15 minutes and then report back to them on success or failure. I disconnected the battery for 20+ minutes, reconnected, got in the car, and still had no ability to reach preset 6 on any Sirius band. Presets defaulted to a stock set, then subsequently restored my presets. I called back and gave the dealer this update. 5/10/18 – 5/16/18: Dealer tried swapping individual components from a comparable system in another car on the lot until they could resolve the behavior. They ultimately determined the display module was at fault. They ordered and installed a new display module, and the menu error persisted. 5/21/18 – 5/22/18: Dealer service tech and Ford field engineer performed troubleshooting through entire system and determined there were no hardware faults in any component. This left programming of the system as the only plausible source. If you're keeping track, this makes five attempts by the dealer to fix this issue, plus the one time I did the battery disconnect myself. The only silver lining is the new piece of information the service adviser provided yesterday. He told me that the field engineer acknowledged that this menu error is a known issue in the engineering department, meaning it has been happening to other cars as well, probably including many Ford owners who haven't discovered it or paid enough attention to figure out the behavior they're seeing. If engineering knows about the issue, but had not yet provided a means of resolution to service and the "Hotline" people, that tells me engineering still has not figured out a fix but is working on it. I suspect there will eventually be a recall once they get enough data and maybe a solution. Meanwhile, it doesn't pose any concern with safety or usability of the vehicle itself, so I'm sitting tight. Dan
  15. The dealer ordered and installed a new satellite module yesterday, and it did not correct the menu issue. The tech I've been dealing with clearly understands the issue and has compared the functioning of my satellite radio to that of another car on the lot with the same system to confirm we're not imagining things. Now I'm waiting for the dealership, the Ford hotline, and Sirius to come up with another solution.