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  1. Furst let me take this chance to say hello and thank everyone on the navi forum for their awsome input. Even though i signed up just today i have been reading you guys for months. I finally recieved my navi 2days ago and i am in bliss. Now on topic and sorry for the hijack. 1. I am pretty certain that you can connect any wifi and it should work even if it is nit the built in one. As formstresming content like netflix etc this is true you cannot stream it to the screens. You will need a chromecast or roku etc via the hdmi to do so. 2. As far as i have read into it the builtin modem, the car connects to the internet regardless of wifi (meaning if you turn the wifi off). I read somewhere that the connection is for 5 years from purchace for the remote start, monitor, location services. I imagine this is tied to the modem and hense to the att connection. I do not think it is possible to change a sim card and swap it for say.... t mobile. That said if anyone know better please let me know because i use t Mobile too.