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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Sold the car.
  2. Just some photos of the broken part and the "Re-Designed Beefier part that Ford Replaced it with! Also note the bolt hole where it is quite obvious that there was never a bolt in it! That's all I am saying.....
  3. Thank you for that info. Appreciate it!
  4. I understand your point, and if it was something cosmetically non powertrain related with the car we would not be having the conversation. I would eat the expense and not have a complaint nor would I be upset about it. I completely understand the cutoffs of a warranty. My point this is a critical point of the Powertrain and hence the powertrain warranty 5 yr 60K. Just because it is not internal to the engine and or transmission to me doesn't exempt it from that part of the warranty and the fact that there is a part missing to the safety of the car is a liability issue, When the transmission falls out of the car to the point that it bends a axel shaft is a concern to me! That should never happen ever! Again if this would have happened at speed there could have been casualties and then who is liable?
  5. Whether the bolt was completely left out , they didn't tighten it enough, not enough thread lock was on the bolt all point back to Ford and their quality! So to me that is a warranty issue/ Liability issue. I already talked to an attorney about it and he said that the liability is on Ford.
  6. To me leaving a bolt off the bracket is the factory defect! Transferring 25% of the tork off one fastener will make things break and or wear out prematurely.....
  7. So in other words I have to throw away my money at a dealership so they do the right thing? If a bolt is missing on the bracket don't you think it is the Fault of Ford so they should fix it!
  8. Nope the Customer service said they were going to stand behind the Dealership's decision. As for Maintenance I do all my own. Oil changes, brakes etc. If it is a major job I do have somebody but that is not normally the case as I usually keep newer cars and do not need the "major stuff"
  9. It has been sitting since the early 2000's I plan on puling the motor, replacing seals and gaskets in it and the tranny. New rubber brake lines and probably replace calipers. Other than that it is in excellent shape.
  10. It came with the 302 Automatic so I am just going with that. If I had deeper pockets I would get a newer 5.0 and EFI....
  11. The dealer has washed their hands of it. I have asked, Argued etc but I get nowhere. I have also called the Ford 800 line to no avail. I agree that small claims might get me there but that is a long shot. Little me and Big pockets Ford....
  12. Group, Just wanted to show off my 2007 V6 Mustang. Love this car! Love Fords!
  13. Group, How do you handle this situation? My 2015 Focus just broke the transmission mount. I have had absolutely no problems with this car and really love it. Car has approx. 43xxx miles on it. When I took it to the dealer they told me it was not under warranty, Understood, since it is not internal to the motor or transmission. The concerning factor is that they told me and I have it in writing See below. The part that failed was a missing bolt Part # CV6Z-7M125-D I have had to do nothing in terms of repairs other than normal maintenance on this car. Lucky for me that when the bracket broke my wife and daughter were in a gravel driveway and not at highway speeds! My concern is that I feel Ford is responsible for the repair since the bracket was missing a bolt. In my limited knowledge of engineering 1 bolt missing on a bracket with only 4 bolts caused excessive stress on the bracket causing the failure. Two scenarios on this, Factory missed putting the bolt in completely or did not tork it to specs and it worked it's way out. Any advice on how to get this handled??? Thanks Sam
  14. I have started to restore my dad's 1977 Bronco and wanted to share some photos. Some of the rebuilding is creating custom bumpers: My 16 year old enthused about this Bronco, Helping to weld on the bumper: New Wheels for it.
  15. Group, First post here but I have a 79 t-bird that was my sister's, actually still titled in her name and she was 1st owner. About 65,000 miles on it. Some rust but otherwise in pretty good shape. I was thinking about just fixing it up for my teenage daughters but didn't know if it was worth more than a couple thousand dollars, if that? Just wondering if it is worth preserving or just run it? To me it seems like a good starter car for them, big, safe.
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