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  1. Thanks for alignment specs, worked out great.  Did better alignment with my laser pointer and marked tape on walls than the shop did.  Like a train on tracks now and love it.

  2. No choice I say.. We depend on these vehicles and its the 1st time in 35 yrs I got my Ford towed home. Oh! No check engine light or any warning either. Just a dead disconnect like a mad bro...
  3. Well well well! It seems I’m nit out of the woods yet.. No start issue occurred again.. reappeared. So I fumbled about with the automatic shifter and got partial clicks at the neutral position. Then by insisting got it started and made it home. Did some research and now the switch inside the tranny shows every symptom of failure I have been experiencing. Shift regulator. The good news is I dont have to remove the trans. Bad is it takes a manual to change this part the correct way. Anybody have this for 09 Flex ltd please?
  4. Ok I found the culprit. The starter relay worked only on occasion and since replacing all is back to normal. Happy camper once again. Thanks guys. Sometimes just writing about it helps too!
  5. Yt90SC Thanks for alignment specs. It’s appreciated. ?
  6. Thanks again. Akirby and friends for alignment specs. Going back to my initial no crank no start issue, well the problem persists. This ign starting system has a feature where you simply flick the key and the starter keeps turning till engine starts. Well that feature definitely is out snd often times by turning the key and holding it may turn over or just engage very shortly but not enough to start. I jumped battery to starter direct and starter is fine. Now apart from the ignition switch and the relay am I missing something to check ? Yours truly Patcroy
  7. Changed battery then jumpered from bat to starter solenoid and A1 no starter probs. However! Ignition switch seldom sends signal plus the starter module that helps start so you needend hold the key doesn’t work either. How can I check this please?
  8. Hi again akirby! I am new to this site and do not really know how to navigate to ask eguru or find him. Wonder if you could offer me some pointers please?
  9. Well you are right akirby.. The battery was ok but I found verdigrri on both terminals... so I cleaned, brushed thoroughly and it starts like a charm now. Those were Really weird symptoms but you nailed it square on the head. Being an old mechanic I am still a user of sliding sticks and laser lights to align tow in. Would you know off hand how many degrees I should adjust the front wheel in at please? Its so hard to get appointments around here and besides my system does work. Thanks Patcroy
  10. Hi akirby. Yes it is older than 2yrs and I will check my grounds also. Thanks for the tips
  11. Anyone know why my 09 Flex LTD has intermittent starting problems. Had to have it towed yesterday and it was -25... no fun. Once on the tow truck platform it started but reverse lights were on in park! Plus couldn’t move the stick shift out of park. Any ideas?
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