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  1. YT90SC

    Ranger Shift Issue

    Cold? With age and mileage, it is fairly common to develop vacuum leaks that are worst during warm-up. Check the intake gaskets, PCV inlet o-ring, PCV system or o-ring around the EGR nozzle in the intake. You mean you cleaned the MAF, right? 04 shouldn't have a MAP. Does the commanded gear (read with a scan tool) match the attained gear? What are the long and short fuel trims doing while it is occuring? Do you have a physical aftermarket performance chip in the J connector in the back of the PCM? What is the fuel pressure doing at the time it is occuring?
  2. YT90SC

    2018+ cabin air filter

    I gotta ask: what was wrong with the SHO? They were fantastic cars for their time.
  3. Most of my Rangers (and I've had quite a few) have been 2wd, M5OD and Lima powered, so stoplight racing was never in the picture and neither was a high towing rating. I'd want to replace it with something guaranteed reliable, preferably with a stick, but not a deal breaker. Since realistically we are talking what will fit in the engine bay of a T. Connect, my favored engine would be 2.0 N/A, or 2.0 Ecoboost. Absolutely nothing with a "1" in the displacement.
  4. Corporate doesn't, but the dealers... wait... they make very little too. Fwiw, Akirby talking about it not making sense, during the school year (if we have one again) , I daily my Focus to drop kids off. Summer time, it is my 2WD regular cab shorty Ranger. If I had to get something to replace one, or both, I might consider this, if it is offered with the right powertrain.
  5. YT90SC

    05 Nav. Blend Door Issue AC

    The vacuum system is made of the EATC control head, the lines, a check valve near the engine, a reservoir and door vacuum servos for the mode (floor, defrost,vent), recirculation door and the water shutoff. That is the water shutoff, not a blend door. In MAX AC vacuum is supplied to the recirculation door in the cabin and to the water valve in addition to the mode door to move it to VENT. What you are seeing in the valve is a symptom, most likely. IF you think it is the valve, just plug the vacuum line with a golf tee and retest. You have a vacuum leak or a failure of the vacuum control part of the EATC. The blend door, which sets the temp of the air, is controlled by an electric motor.
  6. YT90SC

    Ac vent problems

    Either a vacuum leak in the recirc door or the EATC module head is junk. IF you google repairing them, supposedly you can replace the o rings in them.
  7. The glass was DEFINITELY NOT fine. Recalls for exploding back glass was a HUGE issue in the 02 redesign. Even the recall hinges corrode and break, the strut mounts do the same, which led to glass failures too. AS Kev-Mo said, cost is a huge factor, with the fact that complexity breeds more failure points (latches, hinges, struts, strut mount balls), and they ALWAYS squeaked around the glass closure, which is unacceptable with the prices they command.
  8. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    April 8th 2019 is the last date that the TSB applies to for Escape. So, it would be after that.
  9. YT90SC

    Maintenance - When?

    Know what your service department calls a 20k mile service interval? "CP 6006". As for "normal" service intervals: You can theoretically go that far when you use quality oil and filters. I wouldn't. An awful lot can happen to a car in 10k or a year. Mouses' houses made out of the air cleaner, tire wear from a pothole, a small leak over a long period, just a few of the unplanned things that can happen and cost you LOTS in a short period, let alone a year... Service is cheap. And no, the dealership is NOT making a killing selling "The Works". "But why can Quickey Monkey" and "Ceiling Store" sell their service cheaper?" Because they use cheap oil and filters, pay poorly and are all about the upsell. An "orange can of death" or other low grade filter and certain brands of "pennsylvania crude" will not adequately do their jobs out that far. A good link: http://www.agcoauto.com/content/news/p2_articleid/55
  10. YT90SC

    2005 Nav. Soft Spongy Brakes

    There is a little bit of loss of pedal feel/stopping distance before the pads are burnished to the rotors. When the brakes were bled, did they do the ABS service bleed as well as conventional bleed? Sometimes pushing caliper pistons back causes debris from the calipers to enter the master or abs and it can cause a soft pedal. Sometimes pumping the pedal through the whole master travel can damage the master as it has debris/corrosion that is usually not touched. But I wouldn't hammer a master in it yet... Do all caliper pins move free and lubed properly with XG-3-A? Are the pad perches clean and lubed with XG-3-A so the pad smoothly travels on the perch? On the front, there is an inboard and an outboard pad. Do you have the inboard pad (two humps on top) on the inboard side on *both* fronts and the non-humped on the outside? Take all four wheels off and have someone press, then release the pedal. Watch for move-back of the caliper. It should release the pad, but not cause a gap between the pad and rotor or pad and caliper. Sometimes when you push the caliper back the seals will 'take a set' and pull the caliper back from the pads. The only fix there is caliper replacement. If everything looks ok thus far, you should consider master replacement.
  11. YT90SC

    Which F350 Leveling Kit?

    Since 1997, F150 has had a different suspension than heavier trucks. After 2003 (or 2004 Heritage) they use struts that can't kick the spring out if the lift is done poorly. They have independent front suspension that is nearly immune to death wobble. F150 with levelling kits always kill IWEs and upper ball joints faster than stock trucks. The suspension wasn't designed to run at nearly the end of travel like a levelling kit makes it. Otherwise, headlight aim, loss of visibility, rougher ride, loss of MPG and "carolina lean" when loaded are all the same. Admittedly, I am old and just want quiet and comfortable in my junk.
  12. YT90SC

    Death Wobble?

    The 99 and 04 had leaf spring front suspensions and are far less prone to it. As Wizard said, ANY solid axle front end can. Heep Wranglers and the old Heep Cherokees were AWFUL about it. I've even ridden in a Squarebody GM that was bad. Death wobble is a violent harmonic oscillation. The front suspension begins to "ring" like a huge tuning fork. Anything that changes the harmonic of the suspension can lessen or increase the propensity of it. Tires/pressures, loose/damaged/missing parts, track bar angle not matching drag link angle for people who modify, etc.
  13. YT90SC

    5.0 "tick"

    They are all prone to it. Some don't, but an awful lot do. 18s also had a high rate of dropped valves before the first oil change. See a lot of F150 using oil as well. The ones I've heard sure sound like they're coming from the cam phasers, but I am not sure as we aren't allowed to fix them.
  14. YT90SC

    CarPlay problems

    Sounds like a device issue since they both are doing it now. Check your phone for recent updates and see if you have the ability to "roll back" the latest one. Check with Your cell provider because often they send out automatic updates that muck things up, especially Apple. Make sure both APIMs are at the latest software level. Perform Master Resets on both cars, delete the cars from your phone, restart your device(s) and re-pair.
  15. YT90SC

    5.0 "tick"

    Three words: Powertrain CARE ESP.