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  1. So you INCORRECTLY did a tuneup, causing a miss bad enough to pork the cats and that is the van's fault??? And please explain how a muffler can cause a check engine light.
  2. Batteries are under the Driver's seat anyway.
  3. None of the wheezy old shitbox diesels you're looking fondly back at made enough power to hurt themselves. Adding emissions equipment and much higher specific power outputs, at best, modern diesel longevity is even with gas if not worse.
  4. Take it to another dealer, or back to the shop you trust. Have it evaluated there.
  5. YT90SC

    1.5L EcoBoast GROANS!

    I miss the sixes, and for some reason, I found the engine note very six like, so I guess I would be ok with it.
  6. YT90SC

    Would be nice to have a better CPO program

    Everyone makes less money on warranty- the tech, the writer, the shop- but that is something that most service department personnel just 'suck up' and move on. The issues you are hearing about are most likely NOT "standard" warranty issues, (beyond the 3/36 B to B and the 5/60 powertain warranties) instead ESP that came free with the CPO. Under ESP, instead of relative freedom to repair the car as the technician sees fit (within the rules of the workshop and W&P manuals) WEPA gets involved if the repair will be over a certain amount. That amount varies dealership to dealership but when you reach the threshold, you're stuck. The tech has to fill out WEPA forms, price every single part and labor to the penny, send required documentation and more often than not, pictures of the failure. Then they still might send an inspector which the tech will have to spend more time showing the failure and suggested repair to. 95% of the time the tech will find himself literally arguing with WEPA to allow correct repair of the car. This can and often does add DAYS onto the repair. The tech makes no more money for all the extra footwork, paperwork and often non-diagnosis or repair related additional tear down. The majority of techs are NOT paid by the hour, but paid by labor completed. So you can see where adding hours of work to do the same job becomes an issue. Most techs hate the WEPA process for the literal distrust in their abilities/honesty that WEPA shows nearly every time within the process. All that long winded stuff being said, with the majority of dealers, this will be a seamless process to the customer, except for the additional time it takes if WEPA is involved.
  7. Mostly early Thunderbird SC's, Cougar XR7's and FWD Continental. Of all of them, it was always the Continentals I saw the most of, besides my own SC.
  8. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    19-2208 has been superceded and is for 2.0L. 19-2375 is the most up to date one for the 1.5L. It was released mid December.
  9. YT90SC

    got the transmission blues

    Fordtech is right. Check fluid level as he said. Aftermarket converter is about a hundred bucks. Plus seal and fluid, just call it $200. Its the labor that will kill you.
  10. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    Ford goes by the VIN/miles/in service date and and base number of the causal part for any warranty claim. It can get cloudy in some instances, but the causal part for TSB 19-2375 is listed as 6009, which should be covered for the entirety of your PowertrainCare coverage.
  11. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    I'm not sure what all the reprogram does- just have to go with what we have been told. Haven't compared them apples to apples yet. Not sure I will get the time to. I *assume* that it has something to do with the fact that they run the coolant in the head hotter than in the block for greater thermal efficiency and that causes a temp differential at some point. Temp differentials will cause things to expand and contract at different rates. Not a big deal during times of no change in temperature, but bad during cool down and warm up, potentially. Also assuming they are re-writing boost/fuel/timing maps to reduce cylinder pressures, but that is just conjecture. They seem to run the same before and after programming, so hard to say. The issue with replacing blocks is that they often warp or erode in the location of the fire ring portion of the gasket failure and "can't be reused". Potentially they could be machined, but over my career, I've seen Ford strongly move away from machining in the field. Too many variables for them to control. Honestly Escapism, if you are concerned and close to the 5 year or 60k end of standard powertrain warranty, get a powertrain ESP. I know it sucks to lay out the cash for it, but it is relatively cheap insurance and peace of mind. There are plenty of dealers online who will sell you one near cost.
  12. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    The cuts in the block, almost always on cylinders 2 and 3, are the failure points for the headgasket. Has nothing to do with casting.
  13. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    The checks are easy. The IDS pulls codes when you hook up to program. If one of the 9 DTC's is there, it smokes or runs poorly at startup or is low on coolant you investigate as per TSB 19-2375. It is part of the FSA, bud. It sure the f**k does get checked if it is in my bays. Again, IT IS NOT A CASTING ISSUE. It is an open deck design with cuts between the holes that the headgasket cannot hold onto.
  14. YT90SC

    Auto startstop

    Failure rates of starters are VERY VERY low, probably lower now with the stop/start style starter. The engine at operating temperature with NO DTC's stored, the battery has to be almost perfect state of charge, the PCM knows EXACTLY where the crank stopped. There are quite a few other things that have to be checked to enable a stop/start event. This makes it is SUPER easy and quick to restart with almost no stress to the starter. This is NOT a "sky is falling" issue.
  15. YT90SC

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    Who is denying there was is and issue with the headgasket sealing on 1.5 and 2.0s? The issue is well known, and has been rehashed MANY times on here. Ford has addressed it with FSA 19B37 to hopefully catch them if they show signs of failure and do what they can to prevent the ones that haven't yet. There are TSB's and SSM's for both engines that lay out a specific repair procedure for both the 1.5 and 2.0. Established repair procedures. Established preventative measures. What is it you want here?