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  1. YT90SC

    speed specific vibration

    So how did it turn out?
  2. I still want a dentside B100 from Mexico.
  3. YT90SC

    DPoS6 news.

    PM me your VIN. I can tell you what it has as far as coverage.
  4. YT90SC

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    The PCM knows where the crank stops, and gives a quick bump of the starter.
  5. YT90SC

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    Seriously, DRIVE THE CAR. Go for a test drive without her. It is NOT noticeable.
  6. YT90SC

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    I have seen a lot of bricked modules/corrupt software from people jacking around with Forscan with no idea what they are doing. You brick it, you bough it, no warranty. If you come in for something unrelated like a leak, still warranty. Stop/start is a part of the vehicle's overall emissions package. There will NEVER be a Ford/Lincoln approved method or update to disable it. Tampering with it is an EPA fine-able offense. OP You REALLY need to drive a vehicle with it. It is not noticeable at all. In fact, most customers complain when it *doesn't* work.
  7. YT90SC

    2007 Focus Transmission Issues

    It must be neutralling in first. Otherwise I would think it would set a P0732. Hard to tell without a scan tool connected to see if the issue occurs during commanded first or second. Does it engage reverse normally when the condition occurs? Does it pull normally in manual low?
  8. YT90SC

    2007 Focus Transmission Issues

    It is VERY odd to set P1700 on its' own. Get the codes pulled again. IF it only does it first thing, the best thing is to leave it overnight at their shop so they will more likely see the issue occur. When you say that the RPM's jump up, do you mean it acts like it stops putting power to the ground or just has to reach high RPM to shift? 4F27's have a couple common failure points, but with anything it can be near impossible to diagnose on the interweb.
  9. YT90SC

    1976 F-150 DIESEL!

    Don't get me wrong, the body and much of the chassis is NICE. However the frame has been altered and the wire harness has been butchered. New holes in the fender liners. All the cobbled up parts to install it are one-offs including trans cooler lines, hoses, the harness that he fabricated etc. Not sure, but I don't see a vacuum pump for the brake booster, so potentially, no power brakes. It would probably be worth what they are asking if it had the original drivetrain. The wheezy 70s diesel and 70s Mopar trans really shoot it in the foot. My 77 was that color.
  10. YT90SC

    1976 F-150 DIESEL!

    It's a nice truck, but $35k for a wheezy diesel cobbled into it with a Chrysler trans from that era? You have too many zeros in that price tag, bud.
  11. YT90SC

    Have a AC issue

    The evac, recover and recharge is what made it work, not the parts that Identifix said to toss at it. The sensor was "out of range" because it was overcharged by the air that got into it when the cabin fan quit. You still need a drier to deal with the moisture that was sucked in with the air.
  12. YT90SC

    NASCAR Popularity Continues To Fade

    Thanks! Had no idea. That's how little I follow it anymore.
  13. YT90SC

    NASCAR Popularity Continues To Fade

    No idea there. What did he do? Not what I was referring to.
  14. YT90SC

    speed specific vibration

    I've had wheel bearing noises travel all over the car. I've had shakes and shimmies that do not make sense. Get the new shaft. If it is still hosed then, then worry about it. BBF is right. They were running it on the lift to see if they could recreate it. The car hates it and there is no way to avoid setting codes.