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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. They ALL have their place. I love some more than others, but they all have a place.
  2. YT90SC

    02 escape 3.0 oil problem

    Duratecs of that era tend to use oil as they age from a mix of blowby and issues with the separator for the PCV. If it isn't fouling plugs, run it.
  3. Having owned several MN-12's and a couple Fox chassis cars, and just enjoying all 'birds in general, I love this.
  4. The tips are the way they are for Carbon Monoxide mitigation. Downward exit is a MUST.
  5. Sorry, but the SSM referenced ties the technician's hands until engineering comes up with a solution. My guess is there will be YET ANOTHER reprogram. 2020's are a nightmare that Ford keeps updating software over and over. For the time being, make sure all the silicone surrounds are in place around the sensor itself between it and the plastic outer and there are NO other contaminants there. Had one that had a snow brush bristle stuck there and causing a problem. IF the tech might got lucky and was able to find an individual sensor issue, repairing it with a KNOWN "engineering is investigating" will probably get the claim bounced.
  6. They built bumpside pickups and variants like this one until 92, I believe.
  7. YT90SC


    Ok, I'm editing this for a brain fart for the 3rd time. The "100" is an option in F series.
  8. Premium Green and Gold are NOT safe to mix with Orange or Yellow. Technically, Gold should not be mixed with Premium Green either. It does last longer, but it is NOT an OAT like "Specialty Green", Orange or Yellow. This is outdated, but correct until the time Ford said Yellow directly replaces Specialty Green and Orange. https://parts.ford.com/content/dam/ford-parts/resources/motorcraftpdf/Coolants_Brochure.pdf
  9. YT90SC


    TS-5 soldiered on in Econoswine and F53, etc. until late in the game too. Though I am surprised they are using the 6r140 and not the 100 or 80 for certain applications.
  10. YT90SC

    2013 Ford Edge Windshield fogging issue

    When was the last time you serviced the cabin air filter? That would account for all your symptoms.
  11. YT90SC

    The End of The Edge

    What issues are you having? Which engine/trans?
  12. They can't make programming *in shop* work correctly WAY too often. Can't wait till this stuff bricks a PCM or other critical module sitting in someone's driveway or out on the highway.
  13. YT90SC

    2017 Focus Transmission/Warranty question

    Once in a VERY great while they will suffer an internal issue (almost always a worn syncro, broken drum stop or input shaft bearing), but clutches, TCM and actuator levers are most common. Being a 17, It is most likely not covered by 14M02, which covers the TCM to 10 years or 150,000 miles. If you were in the states, it would still be covered by EMISSIONS warranty for 8/80,000 but not sure about Canada. Shudder is annoying, but that is it, annoying. Complete clutch failures (no vehicle movement) are scarce, and almost always caused by contaminant like oil, coolant, water getting into the clutch housing and damaging the levers.
  14. Not really. Mostly those later builds.
  15. Not always. See a lot in 3.