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  1. Chuck Yeager pronounces it "Mock". I think he gets to set the pronunciation.
  2. Kind of off topic, but I just realized that calling it "MACH E", if that is the name, is kicking Tesla square in the mommy/daddy parts. I mean that is who they are aiming at with this thing anyway, but wasn't the "Model 3" supposed to be the "Model E", but Ford already had "E Series"/"E" under trademark? Tesla was supposed to have the roadster, the S, E, X and Y.
  3. Crank sensor/Balancer should not set a single cylinder code unless the balancer has damaged teeth. Just because it is new doesn't mean it is good or one of the teeth didn't get damaged in transport. I'd visually inspect, just to be sure. I'd be far more likely to think you have an issue in cylinder 2. Move the plugs and coils to other holes and see if it follows the component. Same for injectors, but you will need new injector o ring kits and the hard line from the HPFP to the injector rail to move them. I've never used the Autel. From what I have seen about it, it would appear unable to read the PIDs you need, but I might be wrong. They are VCT_INT_DIF1 and VCT_EXT_DIF1. They are what the PCM is reading for VCT error VS what it is commanding. If the VCT error PIDs are near zero all the time, except during transition (i.e. when they are commanded more or less and the mechanical lags the comand) the timing is right. Yes, if you loosen the crank bolt, it has to be replaced. There are two balancers available also, laser etched and non. Non-laser etched had to have a diamond washer between the crank gear and balancer. Laser etched has to have the laser etched crank gear and NO washer.
  4. YT90SC

    Front end shimmy@ 75+ mph

    This front suspension isn't rocket surgery. Any competent technician should be able to easily diagnose issues with it. Something easy to do on your own: Rotate the tires front to back. If the shake goes away with the other pair on the front, it is tires. IF not, you have something loose, and it is easy to check all components while it is in the air for tire rotation.
  5. Not having the MP_LRN reset *shouldn't* induce a misfire. Not saying it can't, just saying shouldn't. Check the balancer teeth for any that are damaged or misaligned. What are all the codes you are getting? What are the intake and exhaust error PIDS showing?
  6. Bulldog used to be the simplest and fairly robust. You will need something to work with PATS on the 02. They used to have a bypass module thing, or you can just tape a programmed key head to the PATS transceiver.
  7. YT90SC

    Who checks this a blind person?

    Good luck. #massexodus
  8. YT90SC

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    PDI is generally done when it leaves the transport. It takes time to get parts, so putting it on the lot to "discover" a problem after it is sold is not an option for most dealers. That way, the only thing that should be done when purchased is just the final cleanup and walk around.
  9. YT90SC

    Who checks this a blind person?

    Some day I hope to. Where?
  10. YT90SC

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    It should have been done, but you shouldn't adjust at PDI. Sitting on the lot can flat spot the tires, especially shitty ones like Pirellis. Tire pressure should be set at delivery.
  11. YT90SC

    Who checks this a blind person?

    100% correct. The W&P manual says that "upselling" warranty work is a huge no no, unless it is a safety item. Even then, they will fight it. QC for this stuff is a thing of the past because It is cheaper to fix it in the field. Issues upon issues with Explorer, and we got an F150 in the other day with a tan seat in an all black interior. Stuck out like a sore thumb but it wasn't caught until the PDI.
  12. An awful lot of the time, clearing transmission adaptives and performing the adaptive relearn get them straightened up, with or without software.
  13. When one is dropped off the transport we always ask "Wonder what will be wrong with this one?" Most of them we get have issues. It's not a minor thing that should be ignored.
  14. Doesn't matter how fast they are, they can't outrun QC issues... Ford doesn't get those under control, it won't matter.
  15. What are you having difficulty looking up? Nomenclature is always an issue with the current catalogging system and from what I see with it, it is basically an online version of what the counter personnel use.