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  1. True but even the leaks that are from Ford, when asked about them, all they say is “we do not comment on future products” or something similar. There never is a narrative. You are probably right. Heck this entire story seems contrived. Get people talking about leaks and not the 3 million vehicles you’re now forced to recall.
  2. Yes I’m very sure is really upset about these “leaks” keeping interest in and discussion of their upcoming products. Give me a break. “We cannot underscore enough the negative impact of these unfortunate actions on our collective business results,...” Ok Ford. I need a laugh. Please enlighten us as to how the business is harmed (numbers, dates, times, etc) by these leaks. You can’t purposely leak things and be fine with that yet get upset when someone else leaks something. Either leaks hurt or they don’t. Can’t have it both ways.
  3. Hopefully they come up with a better name. “Lincoln Corsair” sounds nice. They should just use that.
  4. FR739

    Toyota fined for not reporting defects

    I’ve read her articles and don’t find them sensationalized at all. All I’m saying is that it’s not shocking for someone who “covers the automotive industry for the Detroit Free Press with a focus on Ford Motor Company...” to have in-depth articles regarding Ford whether it be good or bad. If she writes an article about Ford that showcases the abundant positives about the MachE is that an equally sensationalized article?
  5. FR739

    Toyota fined for not reporting defects

    Wait wait. You mean to tell me an award winning journalist who “ covers the automotive industry for the Detroit Free Press with a focus on Ford Motor Company...” would write a story about Ford? Consider me shocked. https://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/phoebe-wall-howard-1049334?challengeId=AQErBoEKc3RaPwAAAXcX3o-kx7OVqTH_wxxlDCQa8WgR6iNxaBM9ekCil3BPUmL8m1_1hM-Lg8ZS6fnYO5L_VtOlmCbf8ccvIg&submissionId=10d03eb9-f777-5b16-f8cc-e72973f32472
  6. FR739

    Mach-E Delay

    I love the Porsche comparison. It’s in no way analogous to calling the Mach-E a Mustang. I wish Ford hadn’t used the Mustang name on an electric SUV but it is what it is. I really don’t think they needed to. They have many names they could have used from past. Fairlane, Galax-E, etc. A name does not make or break a vehicle. It could have been called E-Conoline for all it matters. The end result needs to be a quality and successful vehicle and aside from some issues with their charging partner and some quality issues (the basis for this thread) it seems to be a very competent and well received vehicle. But it’s no Mustang. I guess that makes me a Luddite lol.
  7. FR739

    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    I find it amazing that 10 years ago Ford saw no viable reason to continue the Ranger or anything smaller than the F150 saying that those people that desired a smaller truck would just buy a Fiesta/Focus instead (which still makes me laugh to this day). Now, not only do we have a new (well it’s not really new at all) Ranger but we also have a smaller than the Ranger truck coming (I don’t get that) and a Bronco pickup (really don’t get that one). It seems Ford went from a one size fits all approach to vehicles to making a vehicle for seemingly every niche group out there. I guess time will tell which strategy is correct.
  8. FR739

    Gen 3 Raptor

    Finally! I’m very happy this is getting fixed. A V8 should have never left the Raptor lineup.
  9. This was a great video. A fun little head to head where both cars excelled but when it comes to charging (as with all electric vehicles) it’s a big letdown.
  10. I agree. Absolutely stunning inside and out! The interior is jaw dropping!
  11. FR739

    Rubicon 392 to start above $70k

    I mean $70k Jeep’s are nothing new. The best part is they will sell them as fast as they can make em which is wonderful because they are just so cool.
  12. I think it’s going to be built on the world class Ram chassis which is good. That chassis absolutely needs to be under more vehicles.
  13. Alex on Autos is truly the best video reviewer out there. This review is very well done. I must say the refresh of the Super Duty really looks nice. I wasn’t a fan of the pre-refresh look as it was rather sloppy but the nip/tuck on the current one really pulls the design together nicely. https://youtu.be/VzdFI6SmISU
  14. Looks like it’s shaping up to be another massive success. Can’t wait to see the final product.
  15. It helps to read the article before you freak out. From the article: ”Of course, one driver’s experience at one bank of chargers isn’t an indictment of the entire network that Ford has partnered with...” And nobody has said that Ford specifically needs to fix this. Not me, not the article, and not paintguy. Secondly, yes this is a problem if it’s widespread. EVs come with many compromises and recharging the battery is probably the biggest one. In a related story: https://insideevs.com/news/460919/canada-tesla-driver-failed-supercharge-30c-weather/