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  1. Ram. And every automaker is being affected aside from Toyota (up until the fire at a semiconductor plant recently).
  2. The 10-speed has been problematic since day one regardless of application. Yes he called out The interior which is mediocre at best (especially the infotainment and that screen) and the ride he said was trucking which he liked! As for the Ranger, that was deserved too. Cheap center stack, sluggish infotainment, cheesy and awful augmented engine noise, and a gauge cluster from a 2011 Edge. His complaints were valid. And his praises were valid too. He praised aspects of both vehicles as well.
  3. The Jalopnik article also indicated this PTU failure also occurred on a Badlands model.
  4. Great points. Much like society in general, it seems facts and honesty have no bearing. You should just follow and repeat the narrative. I don’t know why honesty is so despised. Also I watched both the Ranger and Explorer review and found them to be very accurate. Of note, during the Explorer review when they were discussing the awful stereo, their chart of the analysis did say that a lot of the issues were present regardless of how the EQ was set. So I’m lead to believe they do adjust it.
  5. Wow. That’s even more sad that this happened at an official Ford event. You think they’d avoid that. Really good commentary in the comments too. Dave Tracy is genuine and a great writer.
  6. Those were not hit jobs. They were very accurate and fair. It’s ok to call out poor design or shoddy materials. As for the BS they clearly get it. It’s a vehicle designed for the Renegade crowd and for those who want an Escape but one that doesn’t look like...well...an Escape. As for the sound system, the B&O logo is all that makes the system B&O. It’s still a cheap, basic audio system. Not sure why B&O would want their name tied to something so cheap but hey, money is money. It reminds me of the Bose system that was in GM vehicles in the 2000s. It was crap
  7. While it may take a little longer than 15 minutes it’s still a possibility. Even at -20 a car will still overheat with a stuck thermostat.
  8. Change sand to snow and it becomes a very real possibility.
  9. So true. Nothing about small SUVs (because I refuse to use the made up marketing term crossover) is about capability. The vast majority have no more capability than an AWD sedan. But sedans became the new minivan and nobody wanted to be seen in them. It’s a facade of capability and all about image.
  10. Very well put. I fully agree.
  11. Oh without a doubt. But there is a difference in calling something “full self driving” that most certainly is not and a poorly engineered PTU.
  12. Precisely. And it remains to be seen if the Bronco will fair any better or worse.
  13. Thats my entire point. Nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Thats fine you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. But in terms of styling (which is what this conversation is about) it’s not too far off. Again, never said it was a bad thing. People need to not immediately get so defensive