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  1. Jimm44

    2020 Edge Order Guide

    Hey, you don’t think that is why Ford cut the dual note horn on Edge Titaniums, hmmmm......save $5 a car times a large number is a large amount of cash for the beloved investors. 🤣
  2. Jimm44

    Dual Note Horn on ‘19 Edge?

    PonyHP, thank you, thank you, thank you. Ford should be ashamed of themselves; saved a few bucks for total embarrassment.
  3. Jimm44

    Please Explain How Turbos Function

    Thanks to all for the answers. For the past month I have been the proud owner of a ruby red Titanium Edge. The turbo is pleasant to drive and gets good fuel economy and also power when you need it.
  4. Jimm44

    Please Explain How Turbos Function

    So then from the above 2 posts, I presume that better economy is obtained when normally accelerating and power is achieved during heavy acceleration. Correct?
  5. I understand that turbos force air into the engine and the reason for them. My question has to do with when are turbos working. Do they work all the time or just when accelerating hard? For example, if I do 0-60 in 30 seconds is the turbo just idling in the background ready to go if you put your foot into the pedal or is the turbo constantly operating? I would imagine on a max run to 60 the turbo is running for the full 7, 8 or 9 seconds. True? Thanks.
  6. Jimm44

    Finding a Competent Dealer

    I am back to buying a 2019 Edge Titanium. Here is my dilemma.......my wife and I are getting older and we would like to keep the servicing dealer as close as possible. We have 2 Ford dealers within 7 miles and another within 12. What I am going to say does not apply just to Ford but rather to the whole auto store industry. All of the above dealers have “help wanted” signs on their websites which does not instill confidence. Then when I read the “Yelp”, “Google” or other reviews the results are scary, very scary. I do understand that most of the time only unsatisfied customers write reviews but then how come all of these 3 dealers have so many glowing reports with honey just oozing out of them? As an addict of the web I read stories about auto techs taking shortcuts due to time restraints, etc, etc, etc So here’s my question, how can a prospective buyer of a $40,000 vehicle pick a dealership that is honorable, trustworthy and knowledgeable?
  7. Jimm44

    2019 Edge Production Information

    I wanted the Titanium without the large sunroof. I asked to delete it. I was told cannot do. I asked if I could pay to delete it. Answer was the same. I walked away.
  8. 2019 RAV4 is going to have the same thing. Must be getting popular.
  9. Jimm44

    2019 Edge Order Guide

    Typo, package states that it includes 21” wheels.
  10. This guy Farley sounds like a car salesman to me!
  11. Before blaming the deceased woman who was wrong, take a look at the video from the car. The bozo driver was looking at something in his lap and not paying attention. If,he was alert she might be alive today. [url=http://www.autonews.com/article/20180321/MOBILITY/180329893/uber-self-driving-car-video-shows-operator-was-distracted-before?cciid=email-autonews-blast]
  12. Looking at the picture a few posts up, it appears that the right front fender is caved in, indicating the person came from the curb side. There seems to be no parked cars around.
  13. In the WDC area it is about 75% for the 3.5 and 25% for the 2.0. What I notice is that in the lowest priced Edges it is more prevalent. In the Titanium’s the 3.5 is what is stocked.
  14. Now that would get me to sign! Thanks for the “maybe”
  15. Isn’t Ford taking a chance by offering only a turbo in the 2019 Edge? Your opinions.