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  1. I still love this car now at almost 7 years old and 80,000 miles and out of warranty. Sadly, 5 months after the extended warranty expired (I bought it Certified Pre-Owned which had a 6 year/100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty) the AC quit on me at the worst time possible. We were having an early fall heat wave, breaking record high 90s temperatures. I had the fuses/relays checked and also the Freon pressure and they were fine. This means it will most likely be an expensive out of pocket repair to replace the compressor or sensor inside the dash. The only other problem I had was the heated/cooled front seats stopped working last winter but that was repaired during the warranty period.
  2. hbalek

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    https://www.cars.com/articles/2020-ford-escape-ford-made-you-a-porsche-macan-1420757750310/ To me it has always looked like a Porsche Macan in front and the new RAV4 in the back. Anyone else? Did anyone see the front of the Aston Martin DBX? It also resembles that!
  3. The same person who told me a year ago in Detroit that suicide doors would show up on Continental (and they did) and that the Mustang platform was made available to Lincoln told me more last week at NAIAS. There will be a coupe and sedan version of the Mustang-derived, rear-drive model. He said NY Auto Show should be very interesting for Lincoln. It may be the debut of a concept or production Corsair or I'm thinking that this new rear-drive model which would replace the MKZ could be the big thing in New York.
  4. I follow Ford and Lincoln on both Facebook and Twitter and noticed that there have been no posts on any of their social media sites since April 20! This is odd considering they have consistently posted at least once daily on all platforms. Does anyone know why this is happening? I did check YouTube and they have posted a lot in the past week which is unusual.
  5. 1. Lincoln Aviator Concept will be at NYIAS with the production model coming sooner than NYIAS 2019. 2. The mid-cycle refresh of the Continental will have suicide doors!!!! This was a shocker to me but he assured me this was being worked on as we speak... 3. Ford has relinquished the current Mustang platform to Lincoln for them to do with as they wish... Mark X anyone? As all MK names disappear by 2020.
  6. An update on the repair. I picked up the car on Thursday after 38 days! Everything was working fine except one thing. I discovered that the power sun shade for the roof would one touch open but will not one touch close using either the shade button or the close button in the overhead console. You can close it all the way by holding down the button. Using the lock button on the keyfob is no problem. It one touch closes like normal. So I took the car back today and the service manager has asked the sublet tech to fix it today. They said it needs programming and/or calibration.
  7. So here's an update on this ordeal. Last Thursday, 12/21 they received the motor and cables for the side that was determined to be broken. Today I received news that they installed the parts and tested it, it worked fine but when they restarted the vehicle, the other side motor and cable wouldn't operate and couldn't retain the program or memory, whatever that means. Now they're saying they will order the other side cable and motor and have to replace it. So it will take another several days or week. The dealership is Lindsay Ford in Wheaton, Maryland and the sublet repair shop is Paymer and Phillips in Laurel, Maryland. The new service manager told me that he's been there for a month and worked for a Cadillac dealer that NEVER sublet this type of repair and did it all in house. He is saying that he will work on expediting this and also will never send a vehicle to a third party ever again! The vehicle is certified used with a 6 year/100K mile bumper to bumper warranty. They had to submit photos to make the warranty claim which took time also. The extended warranty has a $100 deductible which he waived because I said I wouldn't pay it. I told the manager that they should be paying me for this miserable and unnecessary experience.
  8. I appreciate your advice! I know for sure that it sat for at least a week or more at the sublet repair shop and no work was done on it. The reason no one seems to be in a hurry now is because I'm in a dealer owned loaner and not a rental car costing them money. The service guy even said as far as he's concerned they did their part because they're honoring the warranty and providing a free loaner car, so why rush it. He did assure me that this specialty shop are the experts but later admitted that they had never seen an MKZ roof before but they did all kinds of re-upholstery, leaks, sunroofs, convertibles, etc.
  9. I've never had a problem with this Ford dealer in over 6 years of warranty repairs and maintenance/recalls. The dealer I bought it from is over 30 miles away, whereas this Ford dealer is only 1 mile away! LOL There are other Lincoln dealers closer than 15 miles to me. The thing is I figured even though this roof is a unique Lincoln feature, they have Ford models with Panoramic roofs.
  10. Maybe my mistake was to take it to the closest Ford dealer which is one I've been going to for several years now rather than the nearest Lincoln dealer further away!
  11. At 60,000 miles my 2013 MKZ panaromic roof started making a creaking and grinding noise when opening and closing. Fortunately it has an extended warranty until 100,000 miles and 6 years from purchase. I took it to my nearby Ford dealer who said they would have to have the car for a day or 2 to fix it. At the end of the first day, they said they would have to send it to a specialty repair shop to figure out the problem and fix it. It took 2 weeks for them to diagnose, get warranty repair approval and now the parts are on order. Fortunately they gave me a free of charge loaner car! This ordeal began on 11/27/17, over 3 weeks ago. I'm just not sure now if this is taking so long because of the dealership and their sublet repair facility or is it because Ford was so strict on verifying the damage and repair. The service dept. told me they had to take everything apart and send photos to Ford before they would give approval for such a presumably expensive repair under warranty. They told me they had to order a new motor and new cables, essentially the entire mechanism and assembly that moves the glass roof. Has anyone else experienced such a failure or please share your thoughts and suggestions. They've had my car so far for 18 business days, which is an inconvenience but I'm relieved that there are no charges that I have to pay out of my pocket!
  12. Also, those who don't follow Lincoln products as closely as we do think that my 4 year old MKZ is "the new Lincoln?!" Lincolns don't sell enough for the average mainstream car buyer to know how a 3 year old car differs from a brand new one. It takes non-enthusiasts years to notice a "new" model just as it's about to be refreshed. I have friends who buy a model the last year before a complete redesign or MCE and don't even know their new car will be "old" in less than a year. At least they get a good price on it! Hopefully...
  13. I imagine the Aviator will return as a shrunken down version of Navigator, which I would seriously consider as my next Lincoln! Navigator is too big for me too but Aviator will be just right...
  14. There is a video on Facebook and Twitter today teasing the Navigator: https://twitter.com/LincolnMotorCo/status/851805466518859776 The announcement and reveal is tomorrow at NYIAS!
  15. From the front the LED headlights and accent lights are obvious indications of the refreshed model!