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  1. YT90SC

    Auto startstop

    If you apply the brake very lightly it won't activate as well. Still a non-issue. Just drive it and enjoy the fuel savings and *quiet* while stopped.
  2. YT90SC

    2010 Taurus SHO rear brake calipers open too far

    95% of the time, replacing the caliper solves caliper retraction issues. Odd that two are though, but it is possible. I'd also replace the rubber lines to the affected calipers and thoroughly flush the system with the correct fluid. Think it is DOT 3 but don't quote me.
  3. YT90SC

    EcoBoost Engines and Coolant Consumption

    I haven't gotten to drive one after the recall. Be sure to post anything odd you notice otherwise. I'm curious.
  4. YT90SC

    EcoBoost Engines and Coolant Consumption

    Before going further, ALL new Fords are shipped at or very near the "Minimum" mark. If you get one shipped to you anywhere above it, be *very* surprised, or someone added when PDI'd. A few ounces less coolant per car times millions of cars adds up and Ford is notoriously tight assed on stuff like that. A side note, The 1.6's with the coolant level sensors had to be set where ever the sensor was happy, and often that was the low end of the marks on the bottle. In answer to your question, YES. Some loss is to be expected OVER TIME as they do weird voodoo in the head on 1.5 and 1.6 to run it hotter, and thus maximize fuel efficiency. They also water cool the turbo. Both of these may create potential for outgassing at the cap. You're not really "using" coolant (it isn't being burned or leaked), just outgassing water as steam and other parts of the coolant due to normal heat cycling. Your Fusion does not hold very much (10.9 qts total) so a very small amount of change is noticeable. And finally, temperature of the coolant causes the level to vary slightly in the bottle. Can't speak as to the statement in the WSM. I never looked for that, honestly. The 1.5 has a LOT of places it can leak externally that are hard to determine. The usual culprits are the waterpump, the totally unnecessary quick connect directly above the transmission, and numerous other fittings. The water pump is tough to diag as the weephole is inside a cavity that can fill and dry up easily without streaking anywhere else, or hitting the ground. Usually some light streaking from the hole, or gooey sludge on the inside of the pulley are the first signs. Keep an eye on it. It doesn't fix a coolant leak. It reduces the possibility of headgasket failure. As I told JTav8r, some loss of coolant over a long period of time is expected due to outgassing. Fact of life with these engines primarily due to how they use the coolant in the head to maximize efficiency. LARGE amounts of change are a problem. Yes. Reprogram is to reduce the potential for headgasket failure due to the design of the block.
  5. It's 52 inches at the narrowest point in a '15 four door. It's 50 inches across my '08 four door. That being said, the most kid friendly car when mine were little was my '95 TBird. Preferred that to the Focus or the Tauruses (95, 02, 03) I had during those years.
  6. YT90SC

    Preferred oil for 3.5 ecoboost?

    Uhh.... Motorcraft?
  7. When my wife got pregnant with our third, she figured out how to get two *and a booster for our oldest* in her 08. It can be done.
  8. YT90SC

    Batter issue?

    The electronics aren't that finicky. Under 8.5ish volts, modules shut down. Been that way since EEC IV in the 80s. No alternator on the planet can stop transients dropping voltage, because it takes a bit of time for the alternator to react. It is also harder to make more when the voltage is low to begin with. To reduce transients it needs physical storage. In other words, It needs 2 batteries, and the OE one is probably failing. It is NOT a warrantable item, as per Ford. Things age. The battery, your plow, alternator, etc. It probably takes just a bit more amps to run than last year and your battery is a bit older.
  9. YT90SC

    Batter issue?

    Test the battery. Then get a copy of TSB 19-2373 to add another battery. 19-2373
  10. YT90SC

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    ALL new short blocks are of the new design. That is the latest part number. If it had an earlier revision I'd be concerned, but that is the latest available.
  11. YT90SC

    2011 Ford Edge Oil pressure Warning Intermittent Light

    You didn't say what year the vehicle is, but It appears to have Specialty Green in the coolant bottle so that makes it a 2009 to early 2012. So that's what I'm running with. Correct me if wrong. Does the oil appear milky at all, like it may have coolant in it? The waterpump is the timing chain idler, and it can leak internal to the engine. If it does, it can be saved as long as it runs and doesn't knock. Is the check engine light on? Does the engine operate quietly at startup and when the light is on? What type of oil filter and grade of oil are you using? It may be as simple as the oil pressure switch giving up the ghost, but I'd want to have an engine oil pressure check performed, to verify it is not the engine. The switch is a simple on/off switch, screwed into the block near the oil filter. It has a single wire. You can probably DIY a new one in. STRONGLY suggest MOTORCRAFT replacement, if you do. Your pic is the VCT solenoids. Sometimes they weep, not a huge deal as long as the solenoids are functioning ok. The other thing might be that someone missed the oil fill at some point. Typically the 3.5 leaks from valve covers and timing cover.
  12. YT90SC

    Alarm goes off randomly

    What year is your MKZ?
  13. You're smelling it in the cabin? Several possibilities to check, In order. Check for missing/broken hardware on exhaust manifolds, cats, or Y pipe. Check manifolds for cracks. Soot around any pre-cat connection is also an indicator of leakage. Loose spark plugs. Fuel leaks from rail/injectors and EVAP system. Check for missing/damaged grommets, air vents and decklid seal, just as they would for CO issues in Explorer. Make sure HVAC is at latest software level- won't solve issue, but may mitigate it some.
  14. YT90SC

    Black Fluid leak

    Most of the 6F55 transmission's port plugs are in the case end cover (driver's side) and on the bottom. The lowest one in the case is the sump drain, the one slightly higher, still in the case, is the line pressure port. If I remember right, there is one more located near the rear cooler line. The end cover has several. Four, I think but don't hold me to that. But most of those will not pool on top of the trans. I've seen the cooler lines leak where they go into the case as well, but it is much rarer and usually because someone was messing with them.
  15. YT90SC

    Black Fluid leak

    Pooling on top of the transmission or the PTU? I'm a bit confused. If it is pooling on top of the PTU and it is gear oil, the PTU is done. What year and which engine does it have? I guess I just assumed it was a 3.5?
  16. YT90SC

    Black Fluid leak

    The only place gear oil is used is in the PTU and the rear axle. If it is towards the front, the PTU is generally nearing death. There are several places it could be leaking transmission fluid, and LV will discolor dark and lose its redness fairly soon, so be sure it isn't transmission fluid.. The most common 6F50/55 leak points are the port plugs loosening up and leaking over time, the linkshaft seal, and the case half joint.
  17. YT90SC

    Sync 4 is on its way....

    Haven't done that yet. Why start now?
  18. YT90SC

    2020 Mustang Eco Boost Hi Performance

    Currently the parts catalog shows one piston and one rod for all 2.3L Mustang. It may not be updated though. There hasn't been an 2.3 N/A for quite some time. 2007 was the last year for Focus, 08 Escape/Mariner, 09 for Fusion/Milan and Ranger carried through till its' demise in 2011. Besides being made of metal, nearly everything is different from those. I wonder if they will cheap out and keep the same FWD timing cover. It's still funny to me to open the hood on one and see it.
  19. YT90SC

    Cummins in a Ford? Sooner than you knows?

    "You may fix a 6.0 but replace a 6.4." You can delete and reduce the chance of failure, but the 6.4 is still very prone to fuel system, turbo, rocker arm, and cracked piston issues. Fordmanptw, I'd NEVER suggest a used 6.4 assembly unless you can verify maintenance and/or plan on putting a new fuel system in it before you install. Too many variables and too much work/money involved. It almost always is buying someone else's headache.
  20. YT90SC

    Cummins in a Ford? Sooner than you knows?

    Torque-Shift 5. The automatic trans behind 6.0 and 6.4L engines in Ford trucks. I am assuming you mean a manual trans then? The ZF-6 in a Ford is *VERY* expensive when they eventually break (and it will), so it would be best to just get the engine and trans as a whole, rather than buying adaptors and stuff for the ZF to mate to the Cummins.
  21. YT90SC

    Cummins in a Ford? Sooner than you knows?

    DESTROKED.COM FYI: TS5 stand alone controllers don't work worth a shit.
  22. YT90SC

    Diesel option F150

    We can't seem to sell any. I can see them holding back to build up demand.
  23. MARKs and their cousins, the MN-12s were some of the finest cars Ford ever built. They were ragged on for their fat ass barely under 4000 lb curb weights, but they handled, rode and drove very well. Did a 97 T-bird with full urethane suspension and Bilstein shocks, a Mark center section (aluminum vs steel) and filled it with 3.55's and limited slip, Mark rear lower control arms (aluminum vs steel), the "260 hp" 2V Mustang cams that someone was practically giving away after a cam swap, a PI intake, elbow and throttle body, shorty direct fit headers and topped it off a full "J-Mod" to the trans and aluminum driveshaft. Cost was minimal due to mostly stock parts. Thing handled like it was on rails and seriously woke up, power and shift wise. An absolute HOOT to drive. More fun than my very lightly modded 5 speed SC, but don't tell the guy who owned the 97... MARK was FULL of performance potential. 4 valve 4.6, fantastic suspension for its day. Through some jacking around we discovered that they seriously pulled power during the shifts to keep it smooth. That was easily fixable. You had to be careful with gears on the Birds and Cougars. The long ass single piece driveshaft had a tendency to turn to spaghetti at high speed with deep gears. Most Marks got aluminum shafts or had 2 piece. I imagine the "lock out 4th" in the article was more for this reason as well as the AOD family tends to hate WOT into and in OD.
  24. YT90SC

    2.7 Fusion Sport, Opinions

    I don't have the pocketbook to buy one, so I can't speak to owning one. However, Sport should have been the halo car for third generation Fusion from the get-go. It should have been given the "SHO" moniker. Well worthy of the name. Seriously fun to drive. That being said, day to day it is a lot easier to enter/exit the Taurus, so definitely take that into consideration.