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  1. Has NOTHING to do with the trans and everything to do with eliminating drag. This saves fuel because the further you coast, the less fuel you use. IF you want the engine/trans to help slow, use Manual mode and manually downshift it yourself or use tow-haul mode.
  2. YT90SC

    F350 Rear Differential and Axle

    I believe SRW get the Ford 10.25, Lighter DRW get the Dana M275 and heavies get the M300. Hard to tell without your axle tags or VIN. Front axle is still a Dana 60.
  3. YT90SC

    Hard to start

    When you say "turns over roughly 3 times" do you mean that it takes 3 times of cycling the key? The ambient air temp where I'm at dropped a lot, so glowplugs are going to become more necessary. Are the plugs good? Did you recently refuel and it started doing this? Beyond that, it is scan tool time with an experienced wrench behind it.
  4. YT90SC

    OBD2 Acceleration Value by Cylinder

    Without a frame of reference (actual RPM drop + or -), that is basically useless, especially since the traces are out of firing order and the time sample size is too large for adequate misfire monitoring. It would appear to me that it is also flat wrong as you are accelerating the vehicle, so the cylinder acceleration should *all* be positive. Is there something you're trying to diagnose?
  5. Just when you think that they might finally be starting to get a hold on QC, Friday Ford issued a service message about "contamination" of the washer solvent bottles with brake fluid on the 20 Explorer/PIU/Aviator. No build dates included in the message, but brake fluid and paint are a bad combination.
  6. YT90SC

    Powertrain Malfunction message

    If you read the codes/have them read, DO NOT DELETE THEM. There is other data (snapshot) that will help with diagnosis that is stored with the DTC. Clearing it can make it impossible to diagnose.
  7. YT90SC

    Rear Brake Rotors

    Not too common an issue, to be honest. Stuck caliper slides? IF it was warranty, the rotor measurements before and after should have been taken. Any chance they were on the R.O.?
  8. YT90SC

    Flat rate tech

    Wow. Blast from the past! Basically lack of use. Everyone moved to Facebook's tech forums.
  9. PTUs are truly lifetime filled! When it blows up, that was it's lifetime. Circumference of tires is CRITICAL on these. The maximum allowable difference is like 1/4 inch. If it gets towards a half, you WILL shell the PTU. Rotation at every oil change and NEVER mis matching or putting just a pair of tires on is vital.
  10. At the time, the minivan market was still substantially led by Mopar. Competitors had never taken a big share from them, and Ford's examples always were lacking. Aerostar was plagued by trans issues, and helpless in inclement weather in the cheaper RWD versions. Service ability was poor due to the super tight engine bay. Early Windstar had headgasket, front cover and trans issues. Later Windstar kept the trans and front cover issues and still lacked the dual sliders found in competitors. Freestar was pricy, bland, tinny, felt cheap and didn't offer any real reason over the competition. So, like Harley Lover said, best to not associate with those. Flex is fairly upscale and sliders present *huge* issues with NVH, not to mention power sliders are problematic in all makes.
  11. PTS has been down/slow for a significant amount of time each day this week. Acting like a "tech company" is a pretty lofty goal when you can't keep a necessary-to-dealership-business website operational. Oh... and they REQUIRE I.E. to access it...
  12. As for offering baby knocky stink in the high end, It is a lot like the heated windshields in the late 80s. Take rate was low because people who had Continentals and Taurus LX's had garages and the glass was always problematic. Just like VERY FEW Platinum owners want to deal with DEF, fuel additives in the cold, or higher costs in maintenance, repair and fuel. The take rate also goes down due to the fact that 3.5 HO stomps it in every single metric other than fuel economy.
  13. YT90SC

    EVMV system E450 Super

    The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) sends a signal , which is HALF of the duty cycle it wants, to the FPDM (Fuel Pump Driver Module) that supplies voltage to power the pump based on inputs from FRP (Fuel Rail Pressure sensor) to the PCM. More often than not, the FRP reads low for a given pump duty cycle and the PCM misinterprets it as a sensor issue, when it is in fact, the pump not outputting enough pressure. You need to check ACTUAL fuel pressure vs the sensor while the issue is occuring, remembering that the fuel pressure is referenced to manifold vacuum so it will differ from the gage. FWIW, it is usually the pump, high resistance in the FPDM ground, or, in the case of the same era F150, the case rotted open on the FPDM.
  14. YT90SC

    Securicode but no keypad?

    ALL BCM's (Body Control Module) are shipped with their keycode card, if they have the ability to use it or not. Akirby is right. Only for entry functions.
  15. YT90SC

    FSA 20b34

    No. Updated cooler assembly.
  16. YT90SC

    2008 Milan Defrost Vent Popped out

    I would try to install a new cover and see what happened, being careful to not break it, of course. If you are concerned about the warpage, you can use the adhesive found in TSB 16-0026 for the airbag opening warp issue, although I am not sure how you would clamp it down without dash removal.
  17. YT90SC

    Lincoln Buy Back Navigator

    It really shouldn't. With weird gremlins, I've learned to never use the word "can't".
  18. YT90SC

    Lincoln Buy Back Navigator

    Sorry you are continuing to have issues. The system seems like it is simple to the end user, but in reality it is quite complex. 2 linear actuators, multiple pinch strips, latch assembly, multiple open/close input paths. This is not made easier on the technician or the FSE by Ford's migration to FDRS for diagnostics. I'm gonna assume TSB 19-2193 has been performed? What "sensor" did they replace? Pinch strips? Drive motor assemblies? Latch? Gotta be honest, it probably IS a software bug so replacing parts to correct a software issue most likely will not help.
  19. YT90SC

    Those poor explorers..

    FCSD Exec: We HAVE TO figure out how to reduce the staggering number of warranty claims on the new Explorer. Transport exec: I got ya boss.
  20. YT90SC

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    You are probably technically right. The weight of the van is supported by the wheel bearings in the hub (which most will consider full float) and the flange of the axle that bolts to the hub, but there is no actual load bearing except on the flange, not the axle shaft itself. There is no side loading on the axle due to the way the hub and axle flange meet, unlike the semi floats in half tons.
  21. YT90SC

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    Not with the K member/frame itself, rather how it is attached to the body. There is a LONG bolt that runs though the bottom part of the frame, REAR of the front control arm, then through the frame and into the body. It always rusts/seizes to the arm. If you are VERY VERY lucky, (low miles, no water exposure) you can get it out with an impact. If just VERY lucky, you turn it out with a breaker bar with a cheater. IF you are just lucky, you cut the head off, hammer the subframe down until you can cut the bolt free between the frame and the body and press the remainder of the bolt out of the arm. IF all else fails, you blue wrench the whole works, without damaging the subframe, and get new control arms. The crappy thing is that it doesn't actually hold the trans. It is just in the way for trans removal. The pan/filter/valve body *can* be accessed if you are determined enough. To get the actual trans cross member bolts, you have to heat the steel bushings where the bolts go into the body. That part sounds worse than it is, there is plenty of access. As for Euro engineering, I'm just glad the bastards have studs and not wheel bolts. I get your worry about high winds. I haven't had the "luxury" of driving any of tall roof in those conditions. I can attest that normal Econoline and bread trucks DO suck ass though. 😁
  22. YT90SC

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

  23. YT90SC

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    The axle o rings are $9.83 apiece, full boat list. I wouldn't call that a deal breaker. If you are going strictly by the WSM, all the hardware (except the o ring) should be replaced, including caliper mount bolts and whatnot. It doesn't need to be, but it is there in the WSM. Ford considers ALL caliper mount bolts OTUP. You're right, the knockoff rotor on the SRW Super Duty is FAR superior serviceability wise. However all DRW SD require the axle and hub to be removed, the wheel studs to be pressed/pounded out, the rotor knocked off, then the new rotor reinstalled, the studs pressed in (if they weren't damaged on removal), bearings have to be packed and a new seal. Those seals list in the $25 to $40 dollar range dependant on which axle it has. Then you have to hoist the heavy motherf**ker back onto the axle and start the G damn bearing nut while not damaging that expensive and fragile seal. You can't have knockoffs on a Super Duty DRW because you would have to have three elements held by the wheel studs, which is unsafe. Transit, however, is the same rotor design, SRW or DRW. I think you are still not understanding how extremely easy it is to remove the axles. If you're shadetreeing, or a salaried fleet mechanic, you would actually like the design for its ease. I do too, because it is definitely a money maker at 1.3/side. As for the stability maybe I am wrong, but drive them aggressively back to back. Your opinion will most likely change. On a side note, I absolutely without a doubt H-A-T-E feeling like I am defending overall serviceability on Transit. There is no shortage of truly stupid engineering on them. Like why in the blue f**k they decided to put the batteries under the seat, location of the fuse panels, no doghouse, or the trans's serviceability difficulty if the subframe has ever been exposed to water. However, the "every day" maintenance is pretty easy (even the dumbass batteries), as is heavy line engine once you figure out that the bumper cover and radiator support are SUPER easy to remove.
  24. YT90SC

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    The axle to hub seals are reuseable. Remember, you are NOT removing the hub. You lose a drop or two of fluid at most. Still cheaper and easier than changing rotors on other floaters with non-knockoffs. You really need a floater in 250 and above, so the only version that would benefit switching to a semi float would be the lightest duty, and that is not enough to change for. I'd bet even high roof Transits have a lower center of gravity than the Econoswine they replace. AS far as diesel. No one was buying them. While I agree it would be nice to offer an option, even with a shitty engine like that, the cost to support them, get them emission certified and all must be astronomical.
  25. YT90SC

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    Transit uses a full float rear axle vs the F150 and As far as serviceability, the rotors are a nearly a non-issue. (1.3 hours a side more for Transit than F150) In reality, it doesn't take much, if any, more effort than a traditional knockoff like you are used to. It is a far cry easier than the old style full float rear end where the HUB had to come off to get the rotor off. Moving the rotor outboard would necessitate a lot of engineering changes as well. Also, with expanded track width for DRW, wouldn't it need clearance lights to be legal in most states? I fail to still see what the big deal is with dropping the diesel. 3.5 GTDI hammers that thing in every way (reliability, power, cost of ownership) except MPG. Fleets don't buy them because of cost of ownership.