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    Which F350 Leveling Kit?

    Since 1997, F150 has had a different suspension than heavier trucks. After 2003 (or 2004 Heritage) they use struts that can't kick the spring out if the lift is done poorly. They have independent front suspension that is nearly immune to death wobble. F150 with levelling kits always kill IWEs and upper ball joints faster than stock trucks. The suspension wasn't designed to run at nearly the end of travel like a levelling kit makes it. Otherwise, headlight aim, loss of visibility, rougher ride, loss of MPG and "carolina lean" when loaded are all the same. Admittedly, I am old and just want quiet and comfortable in my junk.
  2. YT90SC

    Death Wobble?

    The 99 and 04 had leaf spring front suspensions and are far less prone to it. As Wizard said, ANY solid axle front end can. Heep Wranglers and the old Heep Cherokees were AWFUL about it. I've even ridden in a Squarebody GM that was bad. Death wobble is a violent harmonic oscillation. The front suspension begins to "ring" like a huge tuning fork. Anything that changes the harmonic of the suspension can lessen or increase the propensity of it. Tires/pressures, loose/damaged/missing parts, track bar angle not matching drag link angle for people who modify, etc.
  3. YT90SC

    5.0 "tick"

    They are all prone to it. Some don't, but an awful lot do. 18s also had a high rate of dropped valves before the first oil change. See a lot of F150 using oil as well. The ones I've heard sure sound like they're coming from the cam phasers, but I am not sure as we aren't allowed to fix them.
  4. YT90SC

    CarPlay problems

    Sounds like a device issue since they both are doing it now. Check your phone for recent updates and see if you have the ability to "roll back" the latest one. Check with Your cell provider because often they send out automatic updates that muck things up, especially Apple. Make sure both APIMs are at the latest software level. Perform Master Resets on both cars, delete the cars from your phone, restart your device(s) and re-pair.
  5. YT90SC

    5.0 "tick"

    Three words: Powertrain CARE ESP.
  6. YT90SC

    Which F350 Leveling Kit?

    None. You will lose fuel economy, lose some forward close visibility, blind oncoming drivers if you don't properly reset the headlamps, potentially cause more issues with death wobble and bump steer, put more wear into the joints of the front driveshaft, and "Carolina Lean" as soon as you put anything in the cargo box. If you go with "spacer only" kits you are guaranteed a rougher ride and potentially other issues down the road like part failure and spring kick out. If you "just have to" use a reputable company like Rough Country or the like and contact them with your spring codes and they should be able to get you set up.
  7. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    Remember that early 13's are nearly 8 years old. The average person drives something like 10-15k/yr? 20k/yr puts them easily at 150k miles. See a few at/near 200k. The trans is almost always the first failure and even then they can usually be PartyPack (R) -ed cheaper than a reman. Once in a while get a turbo due to wear on the waste gate rod/pivot. 100% Totally agree on all the PTU's.
  8. YT90SC

    Towing a 2020 Fusion SE hybrid 2.0

    If it is NOT AWD, almost any FWD can be dollied as the front wheels are off the ground. On almost any AWD, dolly towing WILL damage the rear axle's coupler as they were not designed to operate with such a severe difference in front to rear axle speed. The issue with Fusion - it has a very low overhang on the front that may or may not be easy to get on/off the dolly, although there are different dollies available. Have seen some people damage the front facia/cooling module because of it. Test it on your tow rig with the car before you buy it to be sure. As for flat tow, there are still things that can go wrong. Have seen a lot of folks cause damage to many different kinds of transmissions that were supposedly rated for it.
  9. YT90SC

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    The EXACT same thing as the 1.5L, as we have been over several times on this thread: Cut passages vs drilled, I don't think anything else changed. Have seen a LOT of high mileage 2.0 Ecoboosts. Service the trans regularly and it should go a long way.
  10. YT90SC

    2008 edge limited transmission swap

    Strongly suggest you flush or replace the cooler and thermostat in the lines. You have to program in the new TRID (TRansmission IDentification) tag when you are done. You also have to reset KAM and perform the solenoid body relearn test drive. Probably would be a good idea to have the latest PCM calibration installed as well. The subframe has to be removed as well as the PTU if it is AWD and the rear catalyst as well. The hard plastic backer and the seal for the cooler lines MUST be installed on the lines before you install the lines into the trans. The torque converter hub LOVES to stick in the back of the crank. Heat all exhaust nuts before you try and remove it. If you get a used/reman you need to make sure the fluid type matches your current trans. I believe they changed either late 2007 or mid year 2008, but don't quote me. SO if you have Mercon V, you have to install a Mercon V equipped trans. If it has Mercon LV, you have to install a Mercon LV equipped trans and use the correct fluid. You have to have a way to hold up the back of the engine while the trans is removed.
  11. Tremec. Aisin. Borg/Warner. New Venture. And as much as I loathe them, ZF. As for guibos, the updated ones that were installed on the first recall are failing enough they have re-recalling them. It may still be source issues, but the ultimate fix is going to be replacement with U joints.
  12. Akirby, you're right. Keeping ANY large organization in check has to be hard. And I have absolutely seen time and again where one hand doesn't even know the other even exists at Ford. I also think that there must be *a lot* of turnover in engineering. It seems like they fix a design/ quality issue only to have the exact same crop up again in a few years. For instance: Guibos. Why in the lilly blue F**k would they evan attempt that on their most important SUV after the debacle with Transit? OR: Why in the hell are they still doing/sourcing ANYTHING with Getrag? At least they finally learned their lesson with Navistar.
  13. Throughout my career, it has TOTALLY been a pendulum with them. They build great stuff for a few years, build profit margins, then swing the other way, get lax and build low quality part and QC nightmares. (FYI: not blaming actual assembly here, because I know it isn't all on them.) While doing so they try to maintain profit margins until they realize what they have done, then start the cycle over again. We are definitely still in that swing to crap. What is always infuriating is a few dollars spent in the right places and a modicum of common sense in engineering/development would cure their most of their ills. It is far easier for them to dream up new schemes to take money from the repairing dealerships and keep decreasing part cost (and therefore quality), even though that will not add up to anything real in terms of savings.
  14. Typical of Ford. They don't seem to grasp what they really need to do to stop paying out so much.
  15. Adaptive Cruise has a radar module behind the bumper cover that monitors the distance to the car ahead of you. Something is wrong with the module or the mount. You will need to visit your dealer.
  16. YT90SC

    2017 Ford Focus Radio Issues

    Standard? Touch screen?
  17. YT90SC

    Exhaust Manifold Studs

    The ones that are not rotted too bad, take out with a socket. The stud usually comes with. The ones that the nuts are rotted on, best to use a "twist" socket: https://www.amazon.com/Ken-Tool-30109-13-Piece-Twist-Socket/dp/B00C3IFM5K If you can't get them off, like Twintornados said, use a blue wrench, but then you have to wait for them to cool which EATS time. Broken studs that are above the surface use a small twist socket if it will bite OR a stud remover like these: http://corporate.cornwelltools.com/webcat/products/CBS4MSRIS-%2d-4-Piece-Metric-Stud-R%2d-I-Set.html IF they are broken off below the surface, a MIG or TIG to weld a nut/washer on is easiest and fastest. Drilling takes WAAAAY too long, goes through bits like mad, hard to access and generally SUCKS. I have seen a lot of shadetrees hit coolant passages trying to DIY, or had to helicoil when the drill got off of center, or worst of all, broke extractor off in stud, which is a whole new level of "OH $#!+!!!". If you feel you JUST GOTTA drill them, https://www.lislecorp.com/specialty-tools/manifold-drill-template-ford
  18. I'm with you on diminishing returns. I also know it is Ford's way of things and always has been. Econoline used the 4r7Xx until it was finally dropped for 2015. Torqshift 5 started in 03, but only with 6.0L, and can't remember when they started using them in gas applications. In 2016 they finally went to 6r's only. They were the last to get Modulars, and then only 2 valve. Although 460 and 4R100 were available really late in the F53/59 too. In not changing powertrain options, you don't need to change cross member/mount locations and can use the same driveshafts. You also don't have to teach a bunch of new people to service new powertrain parts, just the updated portions.
  19. YT90SC

    build date

    Doesn't the HPOP reservoir housing still have the engine data on it?
  20. Ok. The only Hellion cars I've seen are ones that got poorly swapped back to stock and trailered in, hoping that the piston fragments, wrist pins, and rod parts in the pan coupled with the obvious extremely recent PCM reprogramming would fly under warranty. I had no idea how they were actually supposed to be installed, and I have seen plenty of 'tuner' cars without them installed, ever. I figured they had a tube stretched out of the engine compartment to not heat soak the air entering the compressor housing, but I was wrong. Thank you for being so kind and understanding of me asking a simple question.
  21. Where are they? Both compressor housing inlets have nothing on them.
  22. Air filters. None on either turbo on the Hellion kitted car. That engine (and the turbos) wouldn't last 3 months in a daily sucking constant dirt.
  23. And, a keen eye will see that this is not a daily/streetable car to begin with. It's missing something(s) VERY important.
  24. YT90SC

    6.7L Oil leak

    Early 6.7 had a gasketed upper pan. All late 6.7 have sealant between the upper pan and block, and the lower to upper.
  25. YT90SC

    Tranny issue

    You need a much more capable scan tool. If the TCM were truly offline, it wouldn't start in neutral. It could still be a networking problem, a T/R sensor, a wiring problem, an internally shorted trans speed sensor... the list goes on.