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  1. mybkvu

    New lawsuit $1.2B

    Sorry Deanh, shouldn't have singled your post out (or responded at all, but that's another story). I'd edit, but I guess there's a 15 minute timer for some odd reason, so knuckleheads like me can't go back and correct a post that should have never left draft form. I was simply defending my wife's honor, even though she would never have asked me to :).
  2. mybkvu

    New lawsuit $1.2B

    Based on my limited exposure, personal injury and consumer protection attorneys aren't cut from the same mold. Any more than shyster auto techs represent all dealer service staff. Their culpability is that they pay from their law firm's pot of money, so they could be out a shit ton of money betting on the wrong case. And some state Bar attorneys take their jobs pretty seriously when it comes to ethics. They aren't all as stupid and dishonest as some of you appear to believe.
  3. I could be making it up, but I think I saw a news article or press release awhile back saying that Getrag was going to cease development on dry clutch trans. I thought "big surprise".
  4. Thanks YT90SC, the lack of sufficient time paid to the tech is the main reason I suggested it's flawed, though your point about not trusting their factory techs also wasn't completely lost on me. I did a lousy job of saying that by only mentioning how our shudder has always been much worse when the vehicle's hot, which isn't unique to our car. I also should have skipped any comment on the dealer's work, because I have no reason to believe nothing was done the couple of times we had it in for other reasons and I asked them to check it based on 14M01. I'm really just annoyed by this latest development. What knuckleheads would try to quietly offer a pseusdo-extended warranty for one week with no advance notice. I don't win lottos, and this was no exception. Just adds insult to injury for someone like me that has tried to patiently wait out a solution while living with the limitations. It's the wife's car and she still likes it, even if the TCM did scare the hell out of her on the expressway the day before it took a complete dump. And all in all, at 110k with one TCM, one seal replacement and cleaning (yeah, it was done early), I don't think it's been as bad as some make it out to be. On a personal note, I sure hope you're appreciated at your dealership. What sounds like a high level of competence and commitment makes you one valuable "asset".
  5. But isn't the test flawed? We were told on multiple occasions that our horrible shuddering issues, which often happened after driving for some time, weren't meeting the guidelines. Of course that does assume that the tech actually did the work. Sometimes I wondered why I didn't press the issue.