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  1. Trailhiker

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    How does the cargo space compare to the C-Max? Is there a significant advantage/disadvantage in height/width/length with seats up or down?
  2. Trailhiker

    Tesla unintended acceleration

    Even if it was found to be human error, shouldn't the sensors override the driver input and still apply the brakes before it crashes into something?
  3. Great idea. One for the Ranger would be nice too.
  4. I hope it has a carpet delete option like the Super Duty XL.
  5. The '05 was a great design, but I believe that now 15 years later, they could design a Mustang even more influenced by the late 60's models. Ford should really have three cars. A Capri that would compete with the MX5 and 86/BRZ A retro Mustang pony/muscle car in a wide price and power range. A Thunderbird, similar in size and power to the Audi A7
  6. Trailhiker

    Future Edge Replacement

    If they ever cut off natural gas, I'd go back to propane for cooking, and start splitting wood again for heat!
  7. I'd take the designers of the new Bronco, show them a Mustang from the late 60's-early 70's, and let them run with it.
  8. Trailhiker

    2021 GMC Yukon

    The grill on the AT4 looks much better than the upmarket Denali. Overall it looks fine, but I still prefer the Expedition.
  9. That's the problem...the segment the Mustang created was the pony car, and it also fit right in as a small muscle car. The sportscar segment was and should be chased by a different model, and let the Mustang be a Mustang again.
  10. Trailhiker

    Genesis GV80

    Odd looking...almost like they are trying too hard and adding too many design elements that don't go together inside and out.
  11. Trailhiker

    Mustang EcoBoost be renamed to Mustang ST

    Instead of ST (which could be confused with SVT), maybe they could just change it to the Mustang Rally.
  12. I think Gen 6 went too much toward a sportscar look, and doesn't look like a muscle car anymore. The GT500 helps, but only in the front. The whole silhouette just doesn't look tough enough.
  13. Trailhiker

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    If they make the Baby Bronco in Mexico, they should make a comparable profit, selling it at no markup compared to Escape. My question would be if there will be added cargo room due to the squared instead of sloping rear like the Escape.
  14. This looks a bit too much like the Flex for some reason.
  15. Trailhiker

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    My point is that every Chevy salesman will know this. Even if the I3 is better suited than the Equinox's I4, average customers will think they are paying more and getting less with the Escape. They may never even bother to test drive one.