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  1. Trailhiker

    Flatrock plant

    If they can't go taller, maybe adding a Capri for worldwide, and a Thunderbird for America on a modified Mustang platform would be the answer.
  2. They should have put a used a similar style for the Explorer's front end.
  3. Let's just call it the Taurus MachE...certainly looks more like that than a Mustang.
  4. Looks more like a redesigned Taurus in the front than the Mustang! We've seen this worn out decade old front end styling on just about everything from Fiesta to Transit. Lincoln has great design...why can't Ford?!
  5. Trailhiker

    Bronco R Prototype

    Scared me...I saw the 2069 on the side, and thought it was delayed again!
  6. Wouldn't it be cool to see at show up as the pace car!
  7. Trailhiker

    RIP: Ford Flex

    If the new platform for Edge/Nautilus will still be FWD, mabe they could do a three-row version of the Edge, and price it lower than the Explorer. I have heard quite a few people express that the new Explorer is no longer on their list due to styling, interior oddities, and value. On the other hand, the Aviator is well praised for styling, interior, and value.
  8. Sacrificing profit for market share seems to be expensive but effective. Losing money in order to kell the competion sometimes works. I see people buying Hyundais that used to buy cheap Dodge, Chevy, Nissan, Isuzu and Daihatsu cars. How long it can work is another question.
  9. The AIr Design version of Escape with the black over white paint actually makes the front end look really good. So much better than standard. I still don't see anything that makes the Explorer front look acceptable. I love the MAD Industries Expedition. I'd take one in Highland Green.
  10. Trailhiker

    2020 Continental Production Information

    https://www.autoblog.com/2019/10/04/lincoln-continental-coach-door-edition-returns/#slide-2174472 Looks like the coach door edition was a great success, and Lincoln will make another 150 for 2020!
  11. Trailhiker

    Corsair first drive reviews

    Thanks...Here's another very positive one: https://carbuzz.com/cars/lincoln/corsair
  12. Trailhiker

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    FIN has devolved into an site of anti-Ford trolls with only a few faithful Ford enthusiasts left to counter them. I do not understand the mentality of people who just visit sites to continually post negative remarks about the topic of the site. This happens with forums for sports teams and many consumer products and services as well.
  13. I just watched the video, and it reminded me so much of the domed cities in the old Logan's Run movie. Except I guess there will be no "last day","sandmen" or "renewal".
  14. Trailhiker

    Mach e prototype on the streets

    Their lack of clarification is confusing the media (and myself)! So, the Mustang inspired one will be sleeker, lower, and more Mustangy. This could be a mule for the 'other' electric SUV.