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  1. I always thought a July 4th reveal would be awesome.
  2. Trailhiker

    Retro Super Duty HIGHBOY

    Looks great. They have a few other offerings on the site that are great looking and less expensive. I like the Cattleman.
  3. Yeah, it just needed a train and a river jump!
  4. Looks like a roll cage inside. I don't think that would be standard, maybe a racing version in the picture??
  5. Bronco = Wrangler Bronce Sport = FJ Cruiser
  6. Trailhiker

    2021 F-150 Production Information

    Maybe Ford will have a 4th of July Independance Day reveal for the 2021 F-150. What's more patriotic than a new F-Series!
  7. Trailhiker

    Rivian Based Lincoln EV Cancelled

    Yeah, I figured. Too much to think about once production and dealerships reopen. Ford will not be the only one to cancel or postpone plans.
  8. Trailhiker

    Yahoo article on Fusion Active

    I think it will be a raised Mondeo Wagon with tasteful side cladding. I doubt styling will chnage much.
  9. Trailhiker

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    I'm thinking they harken back to the 67 for inspiration. larger 2-door sedan styling with muscle car vibes and a more usable rear seat.
  10. My first car didn't even come with a stereo. I taped a transister radio to the dash for a couple weeks, untill I bought a $29 stereo/tape player. Hooking it up to the 2 speakers was a breeze! I think I bought it from Montgomery Ward, but they are closed now, so you are out of luck!
  11. Trailhiker

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    If the Mustang continues on the same platform, and is restyled to look even more like a sports car than a musclecar, maybe we have a chance to get a Thunderbird and a Lincoln off the CD6 platform.
  12. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! More pumpkin than tangerine for sure.
  13. Trailhiker

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    When I was 4, my lifelong dream was to be a lumberjack, marry Raquel Welch, and drive the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. Somehow that never came about.
  14. I must have been dreaming about engines last night. I woke up and looked at the clock several times during the night...3:02, 3:51, and 4:09. I slept right through 4:29 only to wake up with my alarm clock at 5:45...Maybe a bored out 460??
  15. Trailhiker

    Tesla Model Y To Ship In March

    Detroit News is reporting "Two Tesla Employees Tested Positive" https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2020/03/26/tesla-says-two-employees-tested-positive-coronavirus/111465138/