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  1. Trailhiker

    2022 Ranger speculation

    I notice this has 2 shark fin antennae unlike the current Ranger.
  2. I like the Lariet front better than the rest. Oh, except for the Tremor, which will be out later.
  3. Either Dodge or Chrysler will likely die due to the mega-merger. It may be Chrysler now that Jeep is a more premium brand, but there is still a chance it will be Dodge..
  4. Ford is still the best selling vehicle brand, beating the Toyota brand by 100K sales.
  5. Trailhiker

    2022 Ford Fusion

    Possibly we are getting a sportback and a wagon version of the Fusion.
  6. There is a new Explorer ST that parks in an office building near me. It is white, and has the same black roof and blacked out pillars. I thought it was a police vehicle when I first saw it.
  7. Trailhiker

    Mercedes Shows Off New Electric Platform for Vans

    Not s3xy enough too!
  8. Trailhiker

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    Great job Ford! Looks like a real winner.
  9. Trailhiker

    Unplugged Cadillac dealers ditch brand

    What I see happening is the Dealers who do upgrade and spend all that money for ne equipment etc... will be very disappointed when GM decides to sell Cadillacs on-line and circumvent the dealerships in a few years.
  10. Trailhiker

    '20 November Sales/Chart

    But hundreds of thousands of buyers are already ignoring the Escape and buying Rav4, CRV, etc... Designing a vehicle to attract both types of buyers is the way to go. (inventory, parts, marketing costs etc...) I'm hoping Bronco Sport becomes so popular that they ditch the Escape and make Bronco Sport in both plants.
  11. Trailhiker

    '20 November Sales/Chart

    Or really just what the Escape should have been.
  12. Oh, I expect they are employing the best hackers and infiltrating many companies with access to the power grids.
  13. Trailhiker

    Hennessey Venom 800 F-150

    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/introducing-the-2021-hennessey-venom-800-supercharged-ford-f-150-pick-up-truck-301183398.html 805HP supercharged 5.0 V8 0-60 in 3.6
  14. All I know it that for every gallon of gas I buy, the state gets about 25 cents to repair roads and bridges. Where will states get that money when gas is no longer sold?