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  1. I know you have to remove the glovebox to change the cabin air filter in the Fusion. If this was done, there could be a misaligned sensor.
  2. I've had that same question about my refrigerator light for years! .
  3. I'm hoping a mid-cycle refresh completely changes the grille shape and headlights for all models.
  4. Hey, at least they got their name on a decent vehicle. Look what the Aztecs got stuck with!
  5. So I guess all the plastic parts ( made from petroleum) in vehicles does not count in the carbon neutral formula companies and countries are spouting . I agree with Footballfan about false promises made in the past. (I remember in the 70's when we were headed for another ice age! and were promised perpetual motion) Electric cars are here and in the future, but I don't see it being 100%, and I wouldn't be surprised if something else comes along that replaces it in the near future. Electric cars with battery packs will have no where near the length of market domination that ICE has had.
  6. It works great in my 2013. Seems very responsive, and does not lag at all. I have had zero issues with MFT.
  7. So the GTI and GTR versions will be imported and still available here.
  8. Sure looks like a flatter face for 2021. I have to see the whole thing before I decide which I like better.
  9. I don't need a TV sized infoscrren. This looks to be a good fit.
  10. Chicago looks to be cutting some shifts for a few weeks due to chip shortage.
  11. IMSA is getting rid of GTLM in 2022, and replacing it with GTD PRO. Here's an article from Speed Sport. https://speedsport.com/sports-cars/imsa/weathertech-championship/imsa-adding-gtd-pro-class-beginning-in-2022/
  12. Trying to see through the camo, the grill looks similar to the 2015 F-150, which is a good design.
  13. That would be great. The Ford GT has almost run its course, and a replacement that competes with the Corvette would be sell many more at a much more affordable price. The GT is great, but you just don't see them. The Thunderbird could be a car people actually drive, and not store in a garage as an investment.
  14. I notice this has 2 shark fin antennae unlike the current Ranger.
  15. I like the Lariet front better than the rest. Oh, except for the Tremor, which will be out later.
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