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  1. NLPRacing

    2013 F-59 V-10 Durability

    My old motor home had the V10. It was surprisingly responsive, but would only get 6 mpg when going over 65 mph. Not bad for an 8’ wide, 12’ tall, 35’ long brick that weighed about 18,000 pounds.
  2. NLPRacing

    2013 F-59 V-10 Durability

    The F59's got 3V V10's from 2005 on.
  3. I found this by searching his name:
  4. I'd love to see that.
  5. I would really love to see a 5.0L V8 option. The Explorer is the only RWD based SUV in this class that doesn't offer a V8 option. The 3.0EB ST is great, but an XLT or Limited with a Coyote would be amazing.
  6. NLPRacing

    Another new V8 ?

    Good point, but I'm willing to be a Bell's Two Hearted Ale that it is.
  7. NLPRacing

    Another new V8 ?

    Not much is known about the new 6.8L V8 other than it's 7.3L Godzilla based. It could have an aluminum block, direct injection, built for boost, etc. I can't wait to learn more about it.
  8. NLPRacing

    Another new V8 ?

    I think they want to test the limit before they crack it open. 1100HP with a stock bottom end without blowing up is pretty awesome. And it sounded fantastic as well!
  9. A Metris sized van based on the Maverick would be better here than the current TC.
  10. I found these on Facebook.
  11. From what I've seen of the next "Fusion", it seems to overlap a lot sizewise with the Mach E. I'd rather replace my current Fusion Sport with a Mach E at this point. But if the next Fusion would be available with RWD and the Explorer's 3.0TT or a Coyote, I'd rather go in that direction. Another FWD based crossover-wagon thing does nothing for me.
  12. NLPRacing

    COT Part 2 or V8 Supercars West?

    Here's some more info on NASCAR's Next Gen car: https://www.thedrive.com/accelerator/32447/the-updates-that-could-drag-nascar-out-of-the-dark-ages-in-2021
  13. NLPRacing

    What do you guys think of the new Corvette?

    It's really nice and to me, looks better in person. But, I would take a GT500 any day.
  14. There are many people that would rather have the extra cargo room than the 3rd-row seat. Overlanders, businesses, people using it for towing, etc. Why pay for something you never use.