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  1. If I can get one one decently optioned for under $50,000, it will be my next daily driver.
  2. They could put it where the spare tire goes and put run flats on it.
  3. NLPRacing

    Nausea-inducing Fumes on my '17 Sport

    I travel a lot and use whatever gas station is close when I need gas. I'll try using the same one for a while and see if that matters. The heavy foot is staying, that's why I bought a Sport. I can smell it with the AC on recirculating. It's like it seeps in from somewhere else.
  4. NLPRacing

    Nausea-inducing Fumes on my '17 Sport

    Is it kind of a rotten eggs smell? Mine does it too but it seems to dissipate after a while of "normal" driving. Mine has almost 40,000 miles on it.
  5. It's typical Ford lately. Make it class leading and increase when it necessary. I have a feeling it's tuned to be very conservative. Can't wait to see what the aftermarket does with it.
  6. NLPRacing


    I actually had this idea about the Bronco even before the current Ranger was even announced and a lot of people here thought it was dumb...
  7. NLPRacing


    Now I'm thinking it'll be a Power Wheels or something like that...
  8. I think an "Active" version would be good, but there should be regular versions too, like the new Focus. I would like to put my order in now for an ST version.
  9. I would rather have something like this than an Edge to replace my Fusion.
  10. An F150 Tremor to bridge the gap from FX4 to Raptor makes sense.
  11. NLPRacing

    GM urges patience as Silverado falls to No. 3

    GM should really drop GMC and Buick and put all that money into making Chevrolet better.
  12. NLPRacing

    Full size Bronco mule?

    It doesn't appear to have a leaf spring rear suspension. Never mind, I see it. What I don't see is an exhaust.
  13. Part of me loves the "sleeper" look of my Fusion Sport, I have surprised a lot of people with it. But, a sportier "ST" styled Fusion would have been nice too.
  14. I love my Fusion Sport and I will try to hold on to it as long as I can. It's too bad that it never got the full ST treatment.