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  1. NLPRacing

    Ford Gets First Truck Win At Atlanta!

    Not a big fan of spec engines in a series like the NGOTS, especially when they can run a detuned version of the Cup engine.
  2. Mach E Electric & Mach 1 Hybrid.
  3. I bet it'll be electric and based on VW's ID Buzz Cargo concept. At least I hope.
  4. Maybe it'll be a performance hybrid?
  5. NLPRacing

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    My first car when I turned 16 in 1991 was a 1978 E250 Conversion Van with a full 70's style orange & brown shag interior & 8 track player. It was black, had a 460 V8 and chrome wheels. It was my most favorite car I've ever owned. Unfortunately, I ran a red light and was t-boned when right before my 17th birthday. Then I had a 1983 Mustang GLX Convertible. Red with a red interior & black top. It had a very weak 3.8L V6 and was slow as shit, but had a lot of fun in that car. Unfortunately, I smashed it up during my senior year of high school. Then I rebuilt it using a 90 Mustang GT front end from my buddy's totaled car, then smashed it up a year later. I was pretty rough on cars when I was a teenager. Next car was a 1989 Mustang LX 5.0 hatchback. I had it from 1994 through 2002. It was a daily driver turned bracket racer. I won a couple of drag racing trophies with it. Still regret selling it. For a brief time in 1997 I had a 1990 Aerostar that I used for a courier job that I had. Once I got a different job, I traded it in on a new leftover 1996 F150 SuperCab Regency conversion in March 1997. It had a red to black faded paint job, a custom gray leather interior and a 351W V8. I loved that truck. In June of 1998, we traded my wife's 1995 Mustang GT in for a 1998 Expedition XLT 4x4. It was nice and well loaded for an XLT, but I really wish we had got an Eddie Bauer instead. In early 2000, I got a company car. So in June 2000, we sold both the 1996 F150 and 1998 Expedition to Carmax (for $8000 more than what the Ford dealer offered for trade-in) and bought a fully loaded 2001 F150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x4. It was red with a gray leather interior. The only option it didn't have was a sunroof. Right after 9/11, when Ford first offered the 0% for 60 months, I bought a 2001 Mustang GT 5 speed convertible. It was silver with a gray interior & black top. I sold this car in August 2018 with less than 60,000 miles on it to purchase beer brewing equipment. I purchased my 2014 F150 Raptor in December 2014. As of May 2020, it only has 21,000 miles on it. I've done a few upgrades and will eventually supercharge it. I don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. My wife went through a couple of Expeditions (a 2002 and a 2007) and currently has a 2017 Explorer Limited 2.3EB. She also has a 2019 Mini Cooper JCW company car. My son's first car was a 2004 Mustang GT and when he got a full-ride academic scholarship for college, I bought him a used 2016 Mustang GT. My daughter has a Kia Soul that I made my wife put in her name. I've had several Ford company cars over the years and the most recent is my 2017 Fusion Sport. I love this car. It's faster & handles better than my old 2001 Mustang and can get nearly 30 mpg on the freeway. I may upgrade to a Mustang Mach E in the future.
  6. It's not official, but hopefully, Austin gets it.
  7. Texas gave Tesla (and Ford) a hard no on owning their own dealerships. The auto dealer lobby in Texas is VERY strong.
  8. Tesla can't sell direct in Texas due to our franchise laws, there's no way Elon would move Tesla to Texas unless that law changed.
  9. NLPRacing

    No Escape ST planned

    I was really hoping for an Escape ST with a tuned 2.3EB & AWD. It could have been fun.
  10. Rangers don't have MAF, do they?
  11. Have you driven anything with a 2.0L EB?
  12. NLPRacing

    Homestead NASCAR virtual race on Sunday!

    What brand of wheel & pedals are you using?
  13. NLPRacing

    Homestead NASCAR virtual race on Sunday!

    That rig makes it more realistic, but it doesn't make you a better driver or faster. Denny has a little bit of talent. There were some guys with a single monitor and their steering wheel clamped to a table that did pretty good as well. My son does a lot of iRacing, and I've tried it. It's pretty realistic and really hard. I'm looking forward to watching the Texas race on Sunday.
  14. What is this other "ON-ROAD PERFORMANCE" vehicle shown on here? Is that the Fusion replacement?