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  1. What else could they offer under the Mustang name? They already have a 2+2 coupe/convertible & a 5 seat performance "SUV" (to me it's a CUV, not an SUV). Maybe a 5 passenger, 4 door "coupe"? A 3 or 5 door "hot hatch"?
  2. The "That's not a Mustang" crowd is paying attention to a vehicle that they may not have cared about had it been called anything else. And I think that's the point.
  3. I agree, I was hoping for something more like the Mercedes GLC Coupe. This looks a little narrow. I wonder how the front & rear track width compares to the current Mustang.
  4. How about something like this...
  5. Kind of off topic, but is the "All-Electric Mustang-Inspired SUV" based on CD6 or a unique BEV architecture?
  6. My sister sold her 04 Mustang to get an 07 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door and recently traded the Jeep in on a 15 Mustang, so it works both ways. They may trade the Mustang in on a Bronco when it's available.
  7. Maybe C&D used 93 octane & sport mode whereas MT may have used 87 octane, eco mode & a parachute.
  8. NLPRacing

    Sync 3 in E350

    Since your E350 still has the "brick", you'd be better off with an aftermarket head unit that has Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.
  9. NLPRacing

    Fusion styled crossover?

    I was really hoping the Fusion replacement was going on CD6, oh well.
  10. The Baby Explorer is around the size of the Escape. So they could offer a 2-Row & 3-row version of the Escape. Then let the Edge go to CD6 and be a shorter, sportier version of the Explorer. A CD6 Edge would be a good replacement for my Fusion Sport.
  11. NLPRacing

    I can't go from page to page

    While it's loading, hit refresh. That's been working for me.
  12. NLPRacing

    Bring back the Excursion

    The current expedition shares a lot with the F-series cab. I wonder if an Expedition Max body would "bolt on" to a Super Duty frame with a few floor pan modifications. An Expedition Max with a Super Duty front end would make a great new Excursion. Especially with the gas 7.3 V8 & 10 speed auto.
  13. The OG Bronco had coils up front & leafs on the rear.
  14. Maybe the F150 will offer a Coil SRA and IRS as options. We've already seen one test mule, probably electric, with an IRS.
  15. I plan on doing the MLT to Sync3 swap in my Raptor just to get Apple CarPlay.