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  1. The 6.7PS is a $8455 option over the 7.3Gas. You can buy a lot of gas for $8455 plus the money you save on maintenance.
  2. NLPRacing

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    Does it have adaptive cruise control?
  3. NLPRacing

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    The DRW converted E-Series vans used hinged doors, not sliders. There's no way a slider would be able to clear that fender. Ford doesn't offer hinged doors on the Mid & High roof Transits.
  4. NLPRacing

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    I've driven a few passenger & cargo models of the mid-roof Transit and from experience, they are very stable. From behind the wheel, you would never know that the roof was so tall. The tall roof with DRW seems to handle well on the track too.
  5. NLPRacing

    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    1) I agree, there should be a nicer version with more comfortable, bigger seats at the expense of less seating. 2) I don't think a DRW sticking out of the body would work with the sliding door. The Chateau was available on E150 and E350 through 2007. After that, they offered the "XLT Premium" which was basically the same thing as the Chateau until they stopped making E-Series passenger vans. Conversion vans are still available. Camper conversions are very popular right now. Sprinters are the #1 choice and the Promasters are gaining traction with their low floor. Exactly! The seats in the Sprinter are much nicer. Maybe Ford is thinking that if you want to haul people in nicer seats, buy an Expedition.
  6. NLPRacing

    Mustang S650 news!

    If not, let's start one and hope it happens.
  7. Why not both? I belong to a few Raptor Facebook groups and forums and I can say without a doubt that many Raptor owners will be trading their trucks in on the Hellcat TRX. From what I see, about half, if not more, of the Raptor owners in these groups are not "Ford" guys. They are the type of people that rush out to by the latest & greatest. For many of them, their Raptor is their first and only Ford. If Ford wants to retain these types of customers, they need to make the GT500 powertrain (or maybe even the 7.3) available in the next Raptor.
  8. NLPRacing

    TFL: Transit 350 AWD

    I was really disappointed that you can't get the 3.5 EcoBoost and/or AWD in the SWB.
  9. Maybe improved cooling for a 5.0L V8? 😈
  10. They should put Nitto Ridge Grapplers on them.
  11. NLPRacing

    Ford Gets First Truck Win At Atlanta!

    Not a big fan of spec engines in a series like the NGOTS, especially when they can run a detuned version of the Cup engine.
  12. Mach E Electric & Mach 1 Hybrid.
  13. I bet it'll be electric and based on VW's ID Buzz Cargo concept. At least I hope.
  14. Maybe it'll be a performance hybrid?