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  1. Justdatdude

    NG Mustang 2023 Model?

    The profile isn't beautiful or sexy. The car is nice and was way better than MKS but it was still a stubby hood FWD car. They NEED a RWD car to solidify their brand ethos in a lower volume halo car.
  2. Justdatdude

    NG Mustang 2023 Model?

    I hope that's the case because Lincoln needs a beautiful car to make the brand aspirational..I believe the CUVs would sell even better with a A7 type car to put the brand in front of enthusiast.
  3. Justdatdude

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    I'm wondering how these torque number badges are going to work when both engines torque is close to 400?
  4. Why the shady remarks? Give credit where it's due, Lincoln did a great job. We heard all the way back in 2013 this was going for Range Rover territory and I, like many, just said "yea ok" but now that it's been revealed there's no question it's in the same level of a RR aesthetically. Ford fans need to now get behind Lincoln and stop acting like they are cluess when it comes to the luxury class.
  5. Justdatdude

    Dodge Demon Livestream Reveal

    This is a sick car...BUuut this seems like special send off edition not a keep you interested in the overall brand. Let's face it dodge i a two trick pony and the show is starting to get stale.
  6. ^^ That white mkx looks great and I'm not a fan of those wheels either but with white I think it looks good. Any other color and it looks overly styled for a cuv.
  7. Mic drop moment! This is the best Navigator ever the exterior look like the 1st and second gen evolved even if the the grill is different Lincoln's have certain visual ques that go way back to the 64 conti. The interior looks top of the class and you can tell they were benchmarking Range Rover by the deatail put into it (look at that big slab of wood in the doors!). It's not going to out sell the Escalade just yet but this will be like the 2nd gen was in how regal it looked going down the road.
  8. Justdatdude

    What is anti-American?

    When did he say moving to different countries was American? I recall him sayi g the protest are apart of our politcal process. It's not just liberals committing violent attack after this election but since you are conservative you are only acknowledge the opposing party. I think you should check your own intelligence before trying to criticize someone else's especially when you mostly likely voted for Trump when he has new qualifications and didn't give concrete plans. You voted based on party and that is the dumbest thing anybody in 21 century could do. Are we all not independent thinking enough not to just go with whatever party we affiliate? Trump is just seriously stupid he thinks he stopped Ford from moving jobs to Mexico from "the Lincoln" plant when Louisville wasn't gonna lose jobs but probably pick up some because Escape production has been constrained by the Mkc. He might would have understood that had he not been ready to blow hot air out his big head. I agree with Borg that most times the right is more devisive and thats what keeps this country stuck on sociopolitical issues. Also lets not forget that Republicans were not open to working with Obama like democrats have expressed that they would work with Trump barring he doesn't implement some of his campaign promises. Why do you think he had to use so many executive orders? We as Americans have to accept elections no matter the outcome because it could be where we couldn't choose our leaders. I'm interested in how this will turn out as I think he will be the most liberal republican we've had.
  9. You're demanding all these request as if you are in the market for an 80k lux car when actually you are a used or cpo lux buyer. Here lies the problem with doing what you suggest yes there is a market for it but when you actually have to pay for the product then that market becomes thinner because people like you who wants to buy used for cheaper. Why would a brand thats been irrelevant for 20 yrs suddenly be what everyone wants to own? You can't make people buy this type of car from Lincoln if they have a problem selling 40k cars and then have to reinvest for the next gen of products after barely making a profit off the one before, this is why there is no 2nd gen LS. I understand what you want as do others but if you are a "LincolnLover" you would love to see them make strides that they are making. We're only 3 yrs into a dedicated plan, staff and design studio thats huge for a brand that didnt have that for decades. Let's keep watching and see what they do and maybe by the time you are able to purchase brand new you will have a rwd Lincoln car.
  10. Justdatdude

    Mid-engine Vette spied again

    GM is the me too company it like they read other companies Product development stories and start doing the same. "Ford has an aluminum truck we will have one 2018" "Ford has a supercar and we should too" "Oh we know we need performance models for Cadillac since BMW has them too" It's one of the reason I'm not a big fan of GM as a company, I understand competition but the way they go about it announcing PD after a competitor makes a debut or realese info on it reeks of mismanagement. I think they make excellent cars and trucks but the make up of the company seems to always come through be it TV ads or press. The f150 attack ad shows what type of people run the company, so I know the only reason we are seeing a MR vette is because of the GT. I can't say for certain thats why but the way executives act Im pretty sure it made them jealous to see that blue GT in Detroit and then winning at LeMsns.
  11. Well the 2018 Focus will be on an all new platform as well as having a dedicated electric vehicle. You can't just look here for Ford info because most don't post it but the news of cd6 which is said to be modular like VW. What does anybody know about the new toyota platform? How are the going to effectively use a single platform for all their cars? I just find it odd that now so many car companies are talking about a single platform for all vehicle but how close can it be when half the structure has to change in some way?
  12. Why isn't there a pie in the sky? If you want to have and opinion make sure it makes sense. If you think Ford is cheap/lazy how can you use Toyota as example of cutting edge tech when they've been lagging since the start of this decade. GM has been hit or miss on the last 5 gens of malibus how can the keep conquest from previous versions when the can't keep consistent with a mid size that works. Then Honda has finally stop hanging on to vtech and released a new engine family and a cvt after sticking with 5spd up til the most recent full accord redsign. Ford isn't behind if they are they could be doing a lot worse.
  13. Stop using Toyota as a standard for cycles when they've just put a new transmission in the corolla after having the same 4speed since 2000.
  14. I like that chey tried to do something different while also copying lol. I think the designers tried to resolve all the lines in the front instead of making them flow toward the back thats why the face has so many lines coming together in the front.
  15. Justdatdude

    2017 MKZ

    The new grille is the new face of Lincoln according to David Woodhouse.