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  1. You do know that most non-Tesla charging facilities have several styles of ends: CCS, J1772, CHAdeMO, etc. And you can buy several adaptors on Amazon, even ones that let you use a Tesla charger as long as it's not a Supercharger.
  2. Same plug but the Model 3 can charge at a higher rate than the S and X in the US. Don't know about overseas. https://www.motortrend.com/news/teslas-v3-supercharger-tested/
  3. May not work for you but others can get it done. 100k miles in 2 years.
  4. If they use the 180kw battery from the truck/suv that's 400+ miles of range. That should cover the delivery day. Charge overnight at the hub. They could use induction charging, just park it in the stall.
  5. MY93SHO

    An all metal cylinder head gasket?

    Pretty much standard on modern engines.
  6. MY93SHO

    2020 Explorer ST tuned !

    I did a Google and YouTube search and I can't find a 10R60. Typo? If not fill us in on this 10R60.
  7. MY93SHO

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    2020 Defender has an external spare tire so it can be done.
  8. It stays on for 10 inches?
  9. MY93SHO

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    Unless they changed the programming it'll work when hot out. Mine has kicked on many times with the A/C on, it just starts up sooner to cycle the compressor.
  10. MY93SHO

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    Why are you still posting? You made a point of how time-consuming your incredibly important job is. You don't have time to be screwing around here.
  11. MY93SHO

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    Ran into town for some supplies to start winterizing the house in a few weeks. Stop-Start worked every time! Yay! Then I realized when the cold hits I won't see it until Spring. ☹️
  12. MY93SHO

    August Sales?

    Just watched a video about the new Defender. "It's been 3 years since the last Defender was put out to pasture and this new one has been in development long before that." Things take time, it's not a clock radio.