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  1. Xbar

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    So, how did you make out with the test?
  2. What about when he visited Honeywell? He actually talked to the workers on the line.
  3. I heard that it was locked down tighter than hell. Almost nobody out in the plant got to see or meet him. My guess is Union supression.
  4. Xbar

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    Don't know. But a little birdie told me that it wasn't going too good over there. Too many chit parts from vendors.
  5. Xbar

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    How did you come about getting one of those? I want to get one. I think I had this back just before Christmas. The doctor told me that a lot of Bronchitis was going around at that time. Hmmm....
  6. Xbar

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    Just going by someone that I know that is at Rawsonville. They have been up and running ventilators for a couple of weeks now.
  7. Xbar

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    Go to HR-Online, there will be a green and blue banner at the top. The green one is the daily survey (which Decker had posted last week). Answer the 4 questions, then they scan your temperature. Then you get to enter, providing temp is acceptable and you answered all 4 questions NO. This will be happening every day for a while.
  8. Xbar

    Stay at home order

  9. Xbar

    A plan discount changed

    You must have got more on incentives then. My 2012 F-150 sticker was $43,000 and my A-Plan price was $38,000.
  10. Xbar

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    This could get interesting. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/uaw-detroit-automakers-talks-over-200107427.html
  11. Xbar

    TLO pay

    Direct Deposit. Checked it at 7:00am this morning.
  12. Xbar

    TLO pay

    I think the fun money just showed up Decker!
  13. Xbar

    Making ventilators

    The story that I saw last week made it sound like they already had 500 volunteers. So, is everybody getting solicited? Do you currently work at Rawsonville?
  14. Xbar

    Stay at home order

    Just in this morning: "Ford is delaying the restart of production at its North America plants to help protect its workers. The company had been aiming to restart production April 6 at Hermosillo Assembly Plant and April 14 at several key U.S. plants – and now has further postponed startup dates, which will be announced later. Rawsonville Components Plant will restart the week of April 20 to produce the Model A-E ventilator, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, supported by paid volunteer UAW workers. The Model A-E ventilator is a basic, cost-efficient design that addresses the needs of most COVID-19 patients. Production will quickly scale up to produce 50,000 ventilators by July 4 – helping to meet the growing demand in the U.S. Approximately 500 paid volunteer UAW workers will be building these ventilators. At this time, ventilator production will be the only work being done at the Rawsonville plant."
  15. Xbar

    Sales slowing down? Chicago Effect

    So what happens if they extend the TLO's for another week?