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  1. Xbar

    Mustang? Really?

    Keep it the Mach E , drop the Mustang name, preserve the Mustang heritage... Please!
  2. Then I am very sorry for bringing it to your attention. Seems whenever I post on here, I either get poo-pooed, or the thread gets locked. I will post on this section no more. Good-Bye.
  3. Getting really serious now. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/u-doj-demands-ford-focus-215951916.html
  4. Xbar

    2019 UAW Ford Highlights

    Only if you are at Romeo right now.
  5. Xbar

    GM contract highlights

    Inserted wrong one. 56100-UAW_hourly-1.pdf56100-UAW_hourly-1.pdf
  6. Xbar

    GM/ IUAW contract negotiations

    You beat me to it cal.
  7. Xbar

    GM/ IUAW contract negotiations

    Word is that GM wants them to pay %15 of their health care cost.
  8. Then I got hosed out of $35. Because I wanted one and I went and bought my own.
  9. Is the tow eye supposed to be supplied standard? I got my 2018 Limited last year and there was none supplied. It had the slot for it, but it was not there. I bought it myself, I just thought that was the way it came.
  10. The day they can get a 747 to lift off the runway and fly from Coast to Coast, I will be all in for the Electric scene. Until then, Pfffft!!!!
  11. I plan on getting the update. I was just looking for peace of mind in the meantime. Thanks
  12. I have a 2012 F-150 and I run a Livernois Motorsports tuner, do I even need to be concerned about this?