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  1. Dayshift

    Time Out

    I am in complete support of the GM employees efforts to get back some of what we gave up. I also think if we are going to fight, now is the time. Remember with all Electrics we will no longer need engine or transmission plants. As GM begins to close engine and transmission plants they will need to address the issue of excess labor. As they shift to all electrics it is predicted they will need 40 to 45% less workers to assembly them. The batteries (battery cells) and the electric motors will also likely come from Japan or Korea, it is very unlikely they will be produced here in the US. Things are going to get very tough for the UAW and it's workers in the next 15 to 20 years so now is the time to stand.. If they cut their US hourly workforce by 40% that's 20,000 less UAW workers. The Engine and Transmission plants GM will no longer need when they go 100% Electric are listed below. These plants employee almost 10,000 workers and almost 18,000,000 sq feet of manufacturing floor space. Baltimore (Closed this year) 471,000 sq. ft. 0 hourly employees Bay City 975,000 sq. ft. 395 hourly workers Bedford Casting Operations 1 million square feet on 155 acres 759 hourly workers Defiance 1.9 million square feet; 428.6 acres 482 hourly workers DMAX 584,000 square foot facility 670 hourly workers Flint Engine Operations 1,165,212 sq ft 442 hourly workers Romulus 1.4 million sq. ft. 1277 hourly workers Saginaw 1.9 million square feet on 490 acres 371 hourly workers Spring Hill Engine 1200 hourly workers Toledo Transmission 2.82 million square feet; 151 acres 1519 hourly workers Tonawanda Approximately 3.1 million square feet 1356 hourly workers Warren (closed this year) 2.1 million sq. ft. 0 hourly workers 8671 employees at 10 plants will no longer be needed at GM plus up 40 % of the assembly plant workers.
  2. Dayshift

    Time Out

    The problem with Plug in Electrics is the lack of demand. Though demand is growing, Americans outside of California do not appear to want PEV's Sales of plug-in passenger cars achieved a 2.1% market share of new car sales in 2018, up from 1.3% in 2017, and 0.86% in 2016. * *https://insideevs.com/news/338482/july-2018-plug-in-electric-vehicle-sales-report-card/
  3. Dayshift


    AND Please no new tiers. We were told last time they were going to eliminate "tiers and we ended up with several new levels or tiers from the last contract. United we stand, divided we fall and they have managed to chop us into many pieces. They want us to think us (legacy) against them (in progression and temps).
  4. Dayshift


    AND Keep in mind, over time, a 3% performance bonus equates to much less money than a 3% raise. If you have less that 20 years then this trick will cost you thousands of dollars over the course of your career.. Many competing industries received raises all through the last recession and we took concessions year after year. It's time to take a stand and fight for a raise every year? Don't fall for the raise every other year with performance bonuses in between shell game.
  5. Dayshift

    "Make no mistake about it",

    I don't see mass exodus from the UAW ranks advancing positive change at all. What needs to happen is the following. 1. More involvement in local UAW elections. 2. Changes in how upper level leaders are nominated and elected. 3. Improved attendance and voice at union meetings. 4. No longer accepting business as usual from our union at all levels. 5. improved focus on needs of membership. 6. Eliminations of tiers. 7. Improved election standards for contract ratification (computer voting machines). 8. Renewed focus on restoration of benefits given up during recession. 9. Less focus on party politics and supporting those who support us and our needs regardless of party. (Reminder Clinton passed NAFTA and Obama supported TPP.) 10. Outside auditors for all IUAW accounts and programs. We need reform and renewal not elimination of the union. Make no mistake things would get much worse very quickly without union representation. We would all have one tier with lower wages and less benefits for all. We would go from bad to much worse very quickly.
  6. Original Photos were leaked to offroad.com They are public info now. https://www.thedrive.com/news/24884/here-are-the-first-leaked-images-of-the-2020-ford-broncos-baby-brother
  7. Dayshift

    UAW-Vote Democrat 2020?

    Many Democrats, including presidential candidates Harris, Sanders and Gillenbrand, support legislation to cut combustion engine production in half by 2030 and to eliminate it all together by 2040. . Just remember as the Tesla style all electric vehicles replace the traditional ones, there will be no need for Engine and Transmission plants. All those plants will have to close. Those vehicles will use electric motors that we purchase from suppliers.
  8. Dayshift

    Hand Shake Day

    Today is the official start of negotiations between the UAW and the big 3. Regardless of the number of tiers for hourly workers, this years theme is "We Are One" The UAW has not had a real work stoppage, against the big 3, since 1998 where the strike of just 9200 workers resulted in the shut down of over 100 UAW and supplier plants. Ford has not had a significant strike since the 68-day strike in 1967. Will this be the Year? Did any of you submit resolutions for this years contract negotiations? * Pay raises for every year of contract (instead of cash bonuses) * Pension increase for retirees * Elimination of tiers or reducing progression time * Reinstating cost of living * Reinstating Pensions for all hourly employees * Elimination of the use of temporary workers The UAW is itching for a fight, are you financially prepared for a protracted work stoppage.
  9. Dayshift

    UAW Oversight

    What procedures and mechanism's are in place to assure our dues are being spent properly at the regional, national and international level? Do we have outside auditors verify the books and confirm our money is being spent properly? What do we need to do differently, as a Union, to assure our money is being spent properly and to prevent what happened at UAW/FCA from happening again? What is the process to assure changes are being made? Other than the FBI, who is responsible for oversight of our UAW leadership and it's actions?
  10. Dayshift

    It`s Gettin Close

    In the 90's the UAW stated they were going to focus on auto suppliers where it was much easier to organize and we get a much better return on the 10's of millions of dollars spent on organizing. How many time are we going to attempt to organize assembly plants that clearly do not want to be union? With the FCA / UAW scandal it looks like we need to get our act together before we tell companies how they should treat their workers and how they should spend their money. We need to fix the perception of Unions, in the south, then convince them to join. As long as the plants in the south have the same pay and benefits as we do they figure why should I join. Some of the transplants currently pay more than the big 3. Our tier 2 workers make much less than many of the transplants and their cost of living in the south is much lower.
  11. Dayshift

    Retirement LIB

    It seems the company is playing Major League Baseball while the UAW is playing little league. The company is always looking 3 steps down the road and we are so short sighted and never see it. Look at the Visteon spin off. The company was able to convinced the UAW it was a win for everyone. In the end the company was able to close 13 parts plants, eliminate 20,000+ UAW ford jobs, bring back a few thousand workers and call it a success. The UAW would have never let Ford close all those plants, so Ford played the Visteon shell, a little slight of hand and they fool everyone. Another example is the "pull profit sharing early and call it a contract bonus trick". It's your money, they just give you a no interest loan and call it a signing bonus. We fall for it every time. How about the performance bonus instead of a raise trick. "It's $3000 right, just as good as a raise" and you get it as soon as you sign. The problem is you don't get the 3% raise which add's up to $10,000's of dollars over a 30 years career. Combine that with another performance instead of raise mid contract and another couple next contract and your looking at a ton of cash. In 30 years we are talking more cash than you could carry home in one of those E250 vans we no longer make. How about the benefits of going VEBA. All I see is retires get benefit reduction after benefit reduction and increased co-pays with no recourse. Now we can't even complain to the union because they are the ones making the cuts all while collecting a second income as VEBA board members. Overall the VEBA may be better for the membership, but it has been an economic windfall for those who get a second check for being VEBA advising committee board members. How about giving up the Cost of Living raises. We agreed to give that up assuming we would get it back when things got better. Last time I spoke to a national negotiating team member they acted like they didn't even remember that was once a benefit. How about the "we're going to get rid of the two tier system" mantra we heard before the last two contracts. We ended up with 4 or more tiers. How about all the other things we gave up 3 contracts ago. You don't hear them even talk about getting any of those back. I guess I should be thankful I still have a job. That's what were going to hear in the fall. Ford Motor revenue for the twelve months ending March 31, 2019 was $158.721B Ford Motor annual revenue for 2018 was $160.338B. ($3.7 billion Profit) Ford Motor annual revenue for 2017 was $156.776B (7.3-billion profit) Ford Motor annual revenue for 2016 was $151.800B ($10.4 billion profit)
  12. Dayshift

    paystub site

    Download the "Blue Oval Now" APP and you can see your paycheck from your phone. Finding the link on the APP is always a pain but it gives you quick access to paycheck info on the go.
  13. Dayshift

    NOO MOE Sedans

    Toyota and Mazda to build new joint assembly plant in Alabama to build next generation of cars. Honda and Volkswagon also making plans to ramp up production of cars in us. At the same time FORD eliminates sedans and reduce our customer base. How can the other companies sell sedans and we can’t? I recall us depending completely on truck and Suv sales once before. Dejavoo I guess.
  14. Dayshift

    Retiree's Xmas bonus

    Retiredmasrerhelp: Did your check finally arrive. I wish we could get you retirees a raise on your retirement, but we will be lucky to get a raise ourselves.
  15. Dayshift

    Retiree's Xmas bonus

    The direct deposit stubs ($250.00) should come in the mail this week. I know several arrived yesterday.