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  1. Dayshift

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    Just for the record anyone who has symptoms or is sent home from work qualifies for a free Covid 19 test at a local state testing site. Excerpt from Michigan Exective Executive Order 2020-104 (COVID-19) (signed May 26, 2020) Acting under the Michigan Constitution of 1963 and Michigan law, I order the following: It is the public policy of the State of Michigan that testing for COVID-19 should be available to any individual with reason to be tested for COVID-19 without any out-of-pocket cost to such individual. For purposes of this order, “person with reason to be tested for COVID-19” includes anyone who meets at least one of the COVID-19 testing prioritization criteria specified by the Chief Medical Executive. A person with reason to be tested for COVID-19 may receive a test at a community testing location without securing an order from a medical provider in advance. Medical providers will be available to order testing upon arrival. A person who wishes to be tested may call the coronavirus hotline at 1-888-535-6136 or visit www.michigan.gov/coronavirustest to find an appropriate testing location. DHHS may issue orders and directives to implement this section.
  2. Dayshift

    President Trump Visits Rawsonville plant

    Just for the record the the averge inflation rate for the past 4 years is 1.81% and the 10 year average inflation rate is 1.9%. The federal reserve targets a 4% or less unemployment and 2% infltion as the ideal for our economy. Before the Covid Crash our economy was hitting both. You should also remember, unlike the money congress doles out, the Federal Reserve is mandated by law to only issue loans and they normally make money on all their lending. Their purpose is to provide liquidity to minimize recessions and prevent derpessions. So far on the monatary side it appear the fed is doing exaxtly what they are mandated to do and are doing it well. Congress on the other hand is up for debate. If we can just open up our economy again & encourage people to spend, medium and large business will thrive again very soon. Everything is in place for the economy to boom it's just waiting for the consumers to come off lockdown. Small business in our country may never recover and many or our states governours appear to be fine with that. Regardless of who gets elected in November things will be booming next year and the stock market reflects that today. I predict all time highs again, in the markets, by fall.
  3. Dayshift

    Stay at home order

    Gretchen Whitrmer is the worst governor in the history of this state. Rick Snyder averaged 15 Exective Orders per year for 8 years, Miss fix the roads has had almost 100 exective orders in 14 month. Clearly she has had do deal with problems that Snyder did not, but it's begining to look like it's a power issue for her. Having the dealerships locked for 10 weeks in Michigan will be costly. Other states just limited them to a few customers at a time and it was completely safe. Some of the smaller dealerships may go under. How can they allow 5000+ people back into some of our plants, but they will not allow 1 person at a time to get a hair cut with mask and face shield. Liquor stores, smoke shops & weed dispensaries were deemed essental, but other small businesses were forced to close and will likely loose everything. Family owned businesses were padlocked while Wallmart, Target and Amazon took all their customers. Our Governor is supporting big business whlie forcing all the little guys into bankrupcy. I was a Whitmer supporter, but no more. I may never vote for another Democrat governor ever again. My family has voted Democrat for generations, but I don't see how I can continue to vote for a party who does not seem to care about the middle class and the small business owners. A party that seems more concern with power than doing whats right for its citizens. Whitmer is to busy trying to look tough and make a name for her self in national politics, all at the expense of our states economy.
  4. Trump is schuduled to visit the Ford Rawsonville Plant 5/21/2020 Does anyone from Rawsonville have an update for us? Did anyone get to meet him?
  5. Dayshift

    Stay at home order

    I remember the old timers back in the late 80’s talking about collecting government benefits for months in the 70s or 80 from some government program (TRA or TNP or something) and then they ended up having to pay it all back when they got called back to work. Any Grey Beards remember that?
  6. Dayshift

    Ford Stock Price

    Gas prices have been under $3.00 nationally and under $2.70 in the Detroit area since 2015. Because of exploding supply, oil prices are expected to stay below $3 for years. That's good for truck and SUV sales, not so good for EV sales. At 11% you have to love the dividend on Ford stock.
  7. Dayshift

    Ford Stock Price

    With the economy slowing, Coronavirus / Covid19 on the rampage and gas prices under $2 a gallon, how are EV sales looking and how low can the stock price go. On Thursday 3/12/2020 Ford stock closed at $5.35 a share. What will it take to turn the company around?
  8. Dayshift

    $6,600 average Profit Sharing check

    I agree with Q-bert if you take credit for the stock market advance you have to take the hit for a down market. My Tesphe is still up 50% since the presidential election. I suspect the market will recover quickly as soon as the Virus threat and the Berne Threat have passed. Not sure the Ford stock price will recover as quickly. The dividend is at 9% and they still can't find buyers.
  9. Dayshift

    $6,600 average Profit Sharing check

    That's not the only thing that's down Last year at profit sharing time, Ford Stock was $9 as share, today it's under $7. That's a 23% loss in share value in just under a year.
  10. Dayshift

    Did Joe Heinrichs Retire or ?

    He is not the first executive to be fired by Ford Motor Company. Harry Bennett, Henry Fords right hand man & henchman, was fired by the Deuce in 1945 Lee Ioccoa, one or the greatest automotive minds in history, was fired by the Deuce in 1978 Mark Fields was replaced by Hackett in 2017, because Ford wanted a non-auto guy who embraces AI and autonomous vehicles *. Being a corporate executive can be tough, remember everyone is waiting for your job. * https://money.cnn.com/2017/05/22/news/companies/ford-ceo-fields-hackett/ * https://jalopnik.com/why-mark-fields-was-fired-1795431562
  11. Dayshift

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    I meet several people last summer who retired from Ford after working 30 years and have now been retired more years than they worked. One of the men I met has been retired 33 years. One was a couple who said the key was they stayed active, ate right, and watched their spending and they said they have just loved their retirement. They spend several months in Florida every year, travel some and just enjoy life. They said having no debt the day they retired was key. I would say they beat the system, I think they won.
  12. The teamsters were plagued with scandal in the 40's & 50's. It did not correct itself until The teamsters implemented direct election of their national leaders. Is it time to let UAW members nominate and elect our own choices for national leadership or do we continue with the system that has give us the current scandal driven situation. Where is the outcry from membership regarding how our money has been squandered and even stolen. Where is the widespread call for change.
  13. Dayshift

    GM`s Federal Filing

    Former UAW VP and GM Board member John Aston expected to plead guilty to corruption charges in federal court today. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/general-motors/2019/11/06/joe-ashton-uaw-vp-gm-board-corruption-charge/2506119001/ https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2019/11/20/former-uaw-leader-and-gm-director-joe-ashton-set-plead-guilty/4248006002/ https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2019/11/06/uaw-leader-joe-ashton-charged-fraud-money-laundering-conspiracies/4175530002/
  14. Dayshift

    Time Out

    I am in complete support of the GM employees efforts to get back some of what we gave up. I also think if we are going to fight, now is the time. Remember with all Electrics we will no longer need engine or transmission plants. As GM begins to close engine and transmission plants they will need to address the issue of excess labor. As they shift to all electrics it is predicted they will need 40 to 45% less workers to assembly them. The batteries (battery cells) and the electric motors will also likely come from Japan or Korea, it is very unlikely they will be produced here in the US. Things are going to get very tough for the UAW and it's workers in the next 15 to 20 years so now is the time to stand.. If they cut their US hourly workforce by 40% that's 20,000 less UAW workers. The Engine and Transmission plants GM will no longer need when they go 100% Electric are listed below. These plants employee almost 10,000 workers and almost 18,000,000 sq feet of manufacturing floor space. Baltimore (Closed this year) 471,000 sq. ft. 0 hourly employees Bay City 975,000 sq. ft. 395 hourly workers Bedford Casting Operations 1 million square feet on 155 acres 759 hourly workers Defiance 1.9 million square feet; 428.6 acres 482 hourly workers DMAX 584,000 square foot facility 670 hourly workers Flint Engine Operations 1,165,212 sq ft 442 hourly workers Romulus 1.4 million sq. ft. 1277 hourly workers Saginaw 1.9 million square feet on 490 acres 371 hourly workers Spring Hill Engine 1200 hourly workers Toledo Transmission 2.82 million square feet; 151 acres 1519 hourly workers Tonawanda Approximately 3.1 million square feet 1356 hourly workers Warren (closed this year) 2.1 million sq. ft. 0 hourly workers 8671 employees at 10 plants will no longer be needed at GM plus up 40 % of the assembly plant workers.
  15. Dayshift

    Time Out

    The problem with Plug in Electrics is the lack of demand. Though demand is growing, Americans outside of California do not appear to want PEV's Sales of plug-in passenger cars achieved a 2.1% market share of new car sales in 2018, up from 1.3% in 2017, and 0.86% in 2016. * *https://insideevs.com/news/338482/july-2018-plug-in-electric-vehicle-sales-report-card/