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  1. The best new rumor is that Ford may start manufacturing the actual battery cells like Tesla and GM do. These are high tech jobs of the future. Same with the DC drive motors for the EV's. This would account for many more jobs and it would not just be assembly jobs, we would manufacture them from raw materials. This would be a win for the UAW. We "NEED" to start insisting Ford manufacture the components for the EV's. We will loose all the Engine and Transmission Plants when Ford goes 100% EV's in the distant future. That means we need to make up those jobs producing EV components or 30% to 40% of the UAW jobs will just go away. We did not fight this battle when the auto's started outsourcing parts last time and now we are half the size we were with even less bargaining power.
  2. Dayshift

    Dependent eligibility verification

    I've had to do this several times in the past 10 years. I have found it to be uneventful. Send in paperwork and you don't hear from them until the next time your name comes up. Ford spends millions on dependent benefits each year With all the fraud these days it would be accounting and financial malpractice to not verify info from time to time. .
  3. Batteries for all electrics will be assembled on site at the assembly plants. They are too large for transport. Batteries for all the hybrids are currently being assembles in Ypsilanti, MI, if I recall. I believe this is the model we will be using well into the future.
  4. Dayshift

    Walton Hills Stamping

    Maybe when Trump or Biden (either way) gets elected and brings back all those manufacturing jobs that building will be needed...... Both are promising the same thing with regards to manufacturing jobs. Always remember Clinton pushed NAFTA and GATT through, Obama tried to push TTP through and the Senate Republicans have approved every trade deal since the 1980's Why did we give these guys (Clinton and Obama) our hard earned union dues if they are not going to represent us as workers. We know the Republicans are going to protect big business, but the Democrats we send our dues money and support to are no better. We need to force our bought and elected government representatives to stand up and fight for us the workers. Guess this goes for our international Union leaders as well. Sorry about the politics but I just got another dozen emails from my Senator and representative and from Joe Biden telling me how much they need my help and support. Reminds me of my elected union officials every election cycle. I also got another dozen flyers from the UAW telling me who to vote for and why the other side is so bad.
  5. Dayshift

    2020 Voluntary Incentive Program

    Wishing you all the best aibohphobia. Not sure I can be of much help but here goes. Like Decker said get all the information and sit down with your financial planner and maybe your accountant before pulling the trigger. Sometime a retirement advisor can help as well. Everytime we go through this we lose a lot of great workers, some go on to do much better at other companies and some struggle to find a new home. Good luck
  6. Dayshift

    Is the USPS competative?

    The USPS is a major topic since they are loosing so much money. Both Democrats and Republicans are using it as a political issue for the upcoming election. Every campaign email and every piece of campaign literature I have received in the mail from Senator Gary Peters has mentioned the USPS debate.
  7. Dayshift

    Is the USPS competative?

    The men and women at the USPS are on the whole very hard working and do a great job. They deliver 500 million pieces of mail each day with only a very very small number being delayed and even fewer lost all for the cost of a cup of coffee. If they were allowed to make the needed adjustments the USPS could reduce its costs greatly. cost for letter FedEx 2nd day 20.75 Fedex 3 day $8.75 UPS 3 day $8.75 USPS 1st class letter to all 50 states and us territories is $0.55. A global mail letter mailed the 8350 miles from Miami To Guam Is only $1.20.
  8. Dayshift

    Is the USPS competative?

    The postal service, like so many government agencies, does amazing work but due to meddling from Congress it is not allowed to make the changes required to be efficient and profitable. The USPS, according to the GAO has lost $69 billion dollars over the past 11 years. The causes are simple: Increased labor costs increased pension liabilities Increased healthcare costs Congressional insistence for post office in every zip code no matter how small or close together. Congressional requirement for daily and Sat delivery. Some very rural areas could go to every other day delivery and save billions.
  9. Dayshift

    Report Out On Your Slush Fund?

    Outside oversight appears to be the only way to stop the corruption. All that money is just too tempting for some union officials. What about the VEBA, has anyone checked on those books.
  10. Dayshift

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    I sure am glad i work in the detroit area and not in one of the out state plants. Can it really be that bad out there. Every plant I'm aware of, in the detroit area, re-opened with very little issue. A supplier part issue here and a reported case of Covid 19 there, but all and all it's been extremely smooth. Anybody have a different view for a detroit area plant? Plants seemed to re-open in an organized way with inhanced cleaning, temperature screening, increased social distancing in breakrooms and other common areas and mandatory PPE. Though we're not sure how effective these measures are, I think Ford is doing everything they know to do, symbolic or otherwise. In tyhe Detroit area Ford is even offering free covid 19 test for anyone with symptoms. Antibody testing is the only other thing I can thnk of that they could offer. This would allow each employee to know if they have been exposed to Covid 19 at some point and if they carry the antibodies and likely immunity.
  11. Dayshift

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    Just for the record anyone who has symptoms or is sent home from work qualifies for a free Covid 19 test at a local state testing site. Excerpt from Michigan Exective Executive Order 2020-104 (COVID-19) (signed May 26, 2020) Acting under the Michigan Constitution of 1963 and Michigan law, I order the following: It is the public policy of the State of Michigan that testing for COVID-19 should be available to any individual with reason to be tested for COVID-19 without any out-of-pocket cost to such individual. For purposes of this order, “person with reason to be tested for COVID-19” includes anyone who meets at least one of the COVID-19 testing prioritization criteria specified by the Chief Medical Executive. A person with reason to be tested for COVID-19 may receive a test at a community testing location without securing an order from a medical provider in advance. Medical providers will be available to order testing upon arrival. A person who wishes to be tested may call the coronavirus hotline at 1-888-535-6136 or visit www.michigan.gov/coronavirustest to find an appropriate testing location. DHHS may issue orders and directives to implement this section.
  12. Dayshift

    President Trump Visits Rawsonville plant

    Just for the record the the averge inflation rate for the past 4 years is 1.81% and the 10 year average inflation rate is 1.9%. The federal reserve targets a 4% or less unemployment and 2% infltion as the ideal for our economy. Before the Covid Crash our economy was hitting both. You should also remember, unlike the money congress doles out, the Federal Reserve is mandated by law to only issue loans and they normally make money on all their lending. Their purpose is to provide liquidity to minimize recessions and prevent derpessions. So far on the monatary side it appear the fed is doing exaxtly what they are mandated to do and are doing it well. Congress on the other hand is up for debate. If we can just open up our economy again & encourage people to spend, medium and large business will thrive again very soon. Everything is in place for the economy to boom it's just waiting for the consumers to come off lockdown. Small business in our country may never recover and many or our states governours appear to be fine with that. Regardless of who gets elected in November things will be booming next year and the stock market reflects that today. I predict all time highs again, in the markets, by fall.
  13. Dayshift

    Stay at home order

    Gretchen Whitrmer is the worst governor in the history of this state. Rick Snyder averaged 15 Exective Orders per year for 8 years, Miss fix the roads has had almost 100 exective orders in 14 month. Clearly she has had do deal with problems that Snyder did not, but it's begining to look like it's a power issue for her. Having the dealerships locked for 10 weeks in Michigan will be costly. Other states just limited them to a few customers at a time and it was completely safe. Some of the smaller dealerships may go under. How can they allow 5000+ people back into some of our plants, but they will not allow 1 person at a time to get a hair cut with mask and face shield. Liquor stores, smoke shops & weed dispensaries were deemed essental, but other small businesses were forced to close and will likely loose everything. Family owned businesses were padlocked while Wallmart, Target and Amazon took all their customers. Our Governor is supporting big business whlie forcing all the little guys into bankrupcy. I was a Whitmer supporter, but no more. I may never vote for another Democrat governor ever again. My family has voted Democrat for generations, but I don't see how I can continue to vote for a party who does not seem to care about the middle class and the small business owners. A party that seems more concern with power than doing whats right for its citizens. Whitmer is to busy trying to look tough and make a name for her self in national politics, all at the expense of our states economy.
  14. Trump is schuduled to visit the Ford Rawsonville Plant 5/21/2020 Does anyone from Rawsonville have an update for us? Did anyone get to meet him?
  15. Dayshift

    Stay at home order

    I remember the old timers back in the late 80’s talking about collecting government benefits for months in the 70s or 80 from some government program (TRA or TNP or something) and then they ended up having to pay it all back when they got called back to work. Any Grey Beards remember that?