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  1. We (the US) have cut back on air pollution, but if the rest of the world doesn't it won't matter. They need to stop cutting down the rain forest too.
  2. Do you remember the BIG hole in the ozone layer? I think that went away didn't it?
  3. People eating bats and unregulated virus labs near populated areas has nothing to do with it though. Spanish flu of 1918 and you say it has to do with climate change?
  4. coupe3w

    cam phaser rattel

    3 days? Why so long?
  5. coupe3w

    2021 Genesis G80 Revealed

    But it's not an SUV/CUV it will never sell.😁
  6. coupe3w

    BMW i4 Electric Concept

    I guess it's a German thing.
  7. coupe3w

    BMW i4 Electric Concept

    Yeah, BMW is so stuck on that "kidney" grill design. It's time to let it go.
  8. coupe3w

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    '67 Mustang 390 GT (stolen) '67 Mustang Fastback (still own it) 64 Galaxie Custom 72 Maverick '68 Mercury Comet '78 Fiesta '80 Escort '84 Mustang GT turbo '85 Mustang GT 1934 3 Window Coupe (all steel still own it) '89 Ford Probe GT '90 T-Bird '96 Mustang Cobra '05 Focus ST '12 Focus '17 Focus ST (my daily) I'm sure there are others I forgot.
  9. coupe3w

    Lagano Testing 2021 Next Gen Cup Car

    If they do go with an OHC engine. I will guarantee it won't be a Ford.
  10. coupe3w

    EcoBoost Engines and Coolant Consumption

    So did they lower the boost to prevent head gasket failure? If so the HP will be lowered also.
  11. coupe3w

    EcoBoost Engines and Coolant Consumption

    I can't see how a PCM reprogramming can fix a coolant leak. Can someone explain this to me. Because it would be a miracle if software code can cure a design defect. If it can get the mechanical engineers new jobs. And to your point no coolant loss is not normal unless it is an external leak. I cry BS on Ford if that is what is in their service manual.
  12. coupe3w

    Tesla stock

    Up over $900 now. Damn wish I bought this stock a while ago.
  13. coupe3w

    Kia Sorento spy pics

    Kia has come a long way. Does look pretty good even inside.