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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Maybe true but some people use their trucks as trucks, not a status symbol.
  2. An empty open aluminum trailer is NOT a heavy load.
  3. Then why have a truck at all if you can't tow?
  4. Looks like they don't tow very well.......no range what so ever in the real world.
  5. I bet EV drivers spend more time looking at their battery charge meter than ICE drivers look at their gas gauge.
  6. coupe3w

    2024 Mustang Info

    It is the number one complaint from drivers on the road though.
  7. coupe3w

    2024 Mustang Info

    At least you can see out of it.
  8. coupe3w

    Hertz Orders 100,000 Tesla Vehicles

    There's always Avis and Enterprise for Ford.
  9. And that is why the quality will never be fixed at Ford. It really is an archaic way to do business IMHO.
  10. Both cost money and one tarnishes the company name and pisses customers off. It's an easy dissension if you ask me!
  11. coupe3w

    2022 Mach 1

    No one owns one? I can't believe it!
  12. coupe3w

    34 6.14.01-7.jpg

    I just sold it last week. I owned it since 1985 and got it on the road in 2001.
  13. coupe3w

    2022 Mach 1

    Anyone have one and if so did you get the handling package? I'm looking to get one but have heard the handling package is not worth the price for street use.