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  1. Mbrooks44

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I got mine today as well, but no snow plow option. Ordered 6/28.
  2. Mbrooks44

    Waiting Not So patiently

    Unreal. Folks having trucks ordered last month being built with similar stats it sounds like.
  3. Mbrooks44

    Waiting Not So patiently

    F450 and/or AS on it?
  4. Mbrooks44

    Waiting Not So patiently

    Lol. Mine has been order confirmed since 6/29.
  5. Mbrooks44

    Loyal Ford Customer

    Adaptive steering as an option?
  6. Mbrooks44

    Service Plan for f350 Diesel worth it?

    Here is what I was told about the service plan: Ford adds up whatever costs for the services for the mileage you pick, applies a 15% discount and charges you the current labor rate. So, there is a benefit if you don’t do it yourself.
  7. I’m more jealous of ~3.10/gal. We pay about 3.70 in the NW., and that’s a good price, not even average.
  8. Mbrooks44

    7.3 SD emblems (Godzillas)

    Why such names like Godzilla or dreadnought? It’s a 7.3L engine or 439 cubic inches. Chevy had had a 454 for ever and Ford ran a 460, or 7.5L and other have larger engines. The size isn’t anything new, maybe just the power it makes without a bunch of bolt ons?
  9. Mbrooks44

    Powered Running Boards

    Maybe in the after market world? A friend installed a switch in his Ram that he can lock them in, out or auto.
  10. Mbrooks44

    Retractable tonneau cover leak

    I have no experience, but when watching some reviews many seem to leak in this area.
  11. Mbrooks44

    Should I Drop Spray-in Bedliner?

    I think when you force closures, the ships didn’t stop. Now they can’t work quick enough to offload and if you change any of their working conditions their union fights it.
  12. Mbrooks44

    Should I Drop Spray-in Bedliner?

    Plenty of aftermarket setups which can be installed. Look at the B&W turnover ball
  13. Mbrooks44

    Commodity availability based on model?

    It makes it tougher, if n my opinion. I have a platinum 450 on order since 6/28. I’ve seen many 450 builds at lower trim levels and I’ve had a priority of 2 for 4 months. I think the combo of platinum and 450 is causing my issues. Also, I don’t have AS or other common commodity issues other than it’s a 450.
  14. Mbrooks44

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Crazy...I ordered a Platinum 6/28 without AS. I have priority 2 for about 3 months....nothing. My dealer has a total of 9 450s on order.
  15. Mbrooks44

    7.3 liter Gas option verse 6.7 liter PSD

    You lose 15-20% through the drivetrain. So, with 1,000 lb ft you get 800 to when tires. I have a 6.7 Cummins with 910 lb ft I think it is. Unless I smash the pedal, it doesn’t slip.