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  1. pnwskibum

    22 F350 CCSB 7.3L Lariat

    Could I please have an update on my order? Truck - 2022 F350 CCSB 7.3L Dealer Code: F74026 Order #: 9081 Thanks in advance!
  2. Could you please check the status of my order? Dealer Code: F74026 Order #: 9081 Thanks in advance!
  3. pnwskibum

    Running boards, nerf bars

    Not sure what brands you are looking at but wanted to share my experience with nFab nerf bars. Structurally solid but paint started chipping off within a year.
  4. pnwskibum

    22 350 SRW CC LB 7.3 4.30 first trip w/camper

    solid review. I have a 7.3l F350 w/ 4.30 gears on order and will be pulling a 28ft TT. Our trailer loaded will be right at 10K. I'll also be pulling a 14K dump trailer locally I'm also curious if your MPG numbers are from the dash or own calcs Thanks again for posting your experience!
  5. pnwskibum

    Latest hold up?

    you nailed it w/ "They are the exact opposite or transparent and communicative."
  6. pnwskibum

    Ford Website Tracking Experience

    This is great! Thanks for the share.
  7. pnwskibum

    Latest hold up?

    That's a good point. well damn. guess we shall see what happens .
  8. pnwskibum

    Latest hold up?

    yeah would be curious to know how it's official? that would really suck if true.
  9. pnwskibum

    Priority 02; what does it mean?

    wow gotcha assuming some type of commodity issue?
  10. pnwskibum

    Priority 02; what does it mean?

    ah that's right. learning a lot about the process through this forum. Much better than being completely in the dark.
  11. pnwskibum

    Ford Order Tracker Issues

    have a post about the tracker having major delays. I'm aware of a truck that was sitting at the dealership for two weeks before the site even said delivered
  12. pnwskibum

    Priority 02; what does it mean?

    Same thing just happened to me- I was ordered at priority 19 -yesterday I heard that I moved to 02 - still no vin or any other communication minus the order confirmation email. Do you have a VIN?
  13. pnwskibum


    I saw on a FB page that someone received a PCO after buying a t shirt on the ford merch website.
  14. So the dealer put in a f250 for order for us (we wanted a 350 - long story). While the 250 got delivered to the dealer - Ford's tracking app said for 2 weeks it was still in transit. Some major delays with the tracking function. The only reason I saw it was delivered was because I saw it on the dealer inventory search on Ford's website. It was listed as 'just arrived' at my dealer and the VIN matched. Anyone else run into this before?