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  1. This should help sales...... https://www.dragzine.com/news/ford-mustang-cobra-jet-1800-sets-full-bodied-electric-car-record/
  2. I wonder if they are going for the historic record of the most recalls too... https://www.cnn.com/2024/01/03/cars/ford-f150-pickup-recall/index.html
  3. Your ignition switch may be faulty. I would start there. Try getting help on one of the Mustang forums like Vintage Mustangs.
  4. Good one raise prices then roll them back and tell the consumer they are saving money. LOL
  5. They are biting off more than they can chew, and they can't seem to get a handle on quality issues.
  6. Usually when just draining the coolant from the radiator there will always be some left in the block. I would pressure check the the cooling system. I still bet you have a cracked cylinder or head.
  7. I'm retired. And getting a pay raise that is deserved is not being greedy. But over charging for something is. Like dealers up charging over MSRP.
  8. I agree, but that is not happening. Until it does the pollution will remain. Cheap labor and goods will keep the pollution going on for years to come.
  9. No it's not like that at all. If your neighbor is polluting the air and water it also affects you even though you keep a clean yard and don't pollute. You can't clean up his pollution by no polluting yourself. It's like shoveling shit against the tide.
  10. If it's about emissions nothing will change on this planet if China, India and some other nations don't do anything about it. The USA can cut back to zero emissions and it just won't be but a drop in the ocean of change.
  11. I heard fire risk. Don't worry though Ford will have a work around. Maybe an onboard fire suppression system. That would do it and they can make it an option to cost you more. Hey, at least it wasn't a recall (yet).
  12. Were the gaskets blown when you removed the heads? Did you even look at them? I would say you have a cracked head or a cracked cylinder.
  13. Rich people are stupid when it comes to vehicles. Just watch Barret Jackson auctions.
  14. I wonder how they will deal with the batteries in a crash. What about fire risk?
  15. It would be nice if Ford would at least tell us where the noise is coming from or what is causing it. Is that to much to ask?
  16. From what I have seen so far the the Clash / Daytona cars are still the S550 type cars.
  17. Starting in 2023, Ford and Red Bull Powertrains – the Milton Keynes team’s dedicated engine division – will develop a next-gen power unit to supply both Red Bull Racing and the sister AlphaTauri operation from 2026 until at least 2030. Based around the current turbocharged 1.6-litre power unit, F1’s future engine regulations will feature increased electrical power and 100% sustainable fuels, while also improving safety and lowering costs for manufacturers. A giant of both the motorsport world and the automotive industry, Ford are set to provide expertise in several areas of development “including battery cell and electric motor technology as well as power unit control software and analytics”.
  18. https://the-race.com/formula-1/honda-back-in-red-bulls-f1-engine-name-for-2023/ Red Bull has also been linked to deals with other manufacturers in which RBPT would provide an engine for a different major car brand to badge. It has recently been linked with doing such a deal with Ford.
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