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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. That is sorta funny. I can’t find a wiring diagram to show what is on the circuit. If I did I would disconnect things. I have two wires coming from that fuse on the fuse box. A black - red which I unhooked and a white wire. No wiring diagram I found has a white wire on the fuse box. Wiring diagrams DO show a fuse with Nothing hooked to it which doesn’t make sense but that is reality. I’m going to have to cut the tape on the harness and see where the mystery white wire goes as something on the circuit is shorted to ground.
  2. Thank you. I’m going to check all wires at the switch. The switch was already replaced but that doesn’t mean it was good. I had brand new parts that were bad right out of the box.
  3. I have a 66 Mustang that blows the accessory fuse ( 14 amp, fuse number 1) as soon as I turn on the ignition. The wiring diagrams I found say the accessory fuse controls Back up lights, Radio, PRNDL light and turn signals. The car doesn't have back up lights, the radio is missing BUT my turn signals work fine. PRNDL light bulb is good however connector is unplugged and I can't see where it would go. The wiring diagram shows circuit 140 going to a Yellow 3 way plug coming out of fuse box. I unplugged what was plugged into the Yellow connector but the fuse still blows. I can see another wire on the back of the fusebox going to the accessory fuse but can't find that wire on the wiring diagram. I want to unhook whatever is on that wire but it goes into a taped harness. Where does the wire go? Remeber, I don't have a radio, no back up lights and my turn signals work... Please help. Dan
  4. Danford1

    8.8 axle source needed

    I'm looking for 8.8 axles that are 1" shorter than the stock 95 Mustang GT axles. Where do I get them? Thanks Danford1
  5. Danford1

    E350 V10 Misses when gas tank is filled

    Thanks. I'll go watch some of his vids 🙂
  6. Danford1

    E350 V10 Misses when gas tank is filled

    Thanks. I know the purge valve is under engine cover near top rear of engine. Is there a simple test I can perform to see if that is the problem? Like unplug it or remove a vacuum line etc. Thanks Danford1
  7. I have a 1999 E350 with a V10 135,000 miles (a guess, I'd have to look for sure). I noticed after I fill the tank with gas the engine misses, chugs and runs rough at idle. While driving it seems fine. This is a fairly new condition. I noticed it once in awhile but didn't think much of it. It is doing it more often now. Could it be Evap system? I'll have the codes read soon but also heard not everything sets a code off. What can I check? It does this with a full tank and sometimes when starting van with 1/2 to 3/4 tank. Thanks Danford1
  8. I’m new here. I’m looking for a forum where we can talk about eco camper conversion vans. Is there one here? I just started searching the internet and found this site and other Ford sites but don’t know where to look for camper conversions. Thanks Danford1