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  1. Good question, and potentially a fantastic suggestion. I know some vehicles like Honda Civic has graphics in the instrument cluster for headlamp and taillight indicators and it would be cool to use in conjunction with adaptive cruise control.
  2. dlghtjr90

    Minivan vs 3 row SUV - why are minivans looked down upon?

    The looks of an SUV with the accessibility of a minivan - this solves everything.
  3. dlghtjr90

    Minivan vs 3 row SUV - why are minivans looked down upon?

    Yes indeed. minivan over SUV any day for all practical purposes and ease of access with that sliding rear door. Whenever I read an SUV review that the 3rd row is hard to access or the seating feels like squatting b/c the floor is so high, well, get a minivan! Unfortunately the exterior silhouette single-handily seemed to have decided the consumer preference over the years. As of today I can only think of 4 choices if you want to buy a minivan (Sienna, Odyssey, Pacifica, Sedona), and about 10 times more choices for 3-row SUV's. Perhaps the consumer taste will change over the years and the practically is the new 'cool' and minivans make a comeback, but for now, it seems people want to have a better image than a soccer mom.
  4. It depends how much I'm allowed to change up the panels, but I would like to question would what's preventing from having a nice flat surface in the center, including a flat-surface wood panel which would give much better chance to place the start-stop button that I've circled. If there is no intention to change any of the contour, then I guess we're stuck where we're at, but I don't think I've seen a button that faces inward-diagonally like that in any other vehicles, including other Fords.
  5. This was the single biggest reason that I chose to purchase the EcoSport over the Escape. I would think the ergonomics team would have something say about meandering your way to start the car every time.
  6. I am sure the feature is also present in the Aviator, and possibly also in the Escape/Corsair, but I will use this Explorer forum to get started. Has any 2020 owners have experience they can share with the Eco Coach? It would be one of the instrument cluster view options such as below: The green band shows what is an acceptable acceleration input for better fuel economy. I am aware there are customers confused about it, but I would like to understand in detail what aspects that may be frustrating you, or if you use it at all. You can an view in a score format:
  7. Considering most BEV's will be jelly-bean shaped for maximum aero efficiency, perhaps this is a chance to differentiate from the competition. It seems Ford got an SUV for every size, and with introductions of BEV SUV's that will have similar dimension to one of the existing lineups, the best thing it can do is perhaps have a different design.
  8. I'm guessing there is a good chance that some of the future battery vehicles will try to take design cues from GC to create something visually different from the existing Ford lineup.
  9. I mean, that is exactly what Edge/Nautilius are supposed to be.. perhaps the Bronco will match the style better?
  10. The biggest difference is the shifter always comes back to the 'central' position unlike the mechanical one where P is all the up, D/S is all the way at the bottom, etc.
  11. Thanks for your experience. Is it possible that a design like below from Audi A4 is also acceptable? It is a shift-by-wire, but Audi chose to make it look like a traditional shifter. It would be good to understand if people miss the latent feature to rest your hand on the shifter, or hate the general shift-by-wire technology. Also very true. It's basically an iceberg phenomenon that the top of the shifter may look nice and sleek with the rotary design, but there is 50lb more content compared to a mechanical shifter underneath.
  12. It would be good to further clarify exactly what aspect of rotary shifter that folks don't like. It is correct that the dial shifter, or shift-by-wire in general are necessary for automated parking where it can automatically shift between R and D, and also provide safety benefit such as when you open the door while in D and shift to P. If people simply don't like the dial design, then it's possible to have something like you see in BMW i3: Where is it column shifter, but it is more or less the same shift-by-wire mechanism that is positioned next to the steering wheel column.
  13. dlghtjr90

    Edge ST Line

    Excellent comment and sharp observation sir. There is that Explorer Appearance Package happening for 21MY, but I wouldn't be surprised if the name changes to ST-line sooner than later.
  14. dlghtjr90

    Edge ST Line

    Audi: S-line Mercedes: AMG-Line BMW: M Sport, or even M340i which is different from M3 Hyundai: N-Line Kia: GT-Line Genesis: Sport - probably the other OEM besides Ford where 'Sport' means you get upgraded engine in addition to different appearance Chevrolet: RS Cadillac: V Sport, or just Sport for the blacked-out trims Toyota: TRD - at least for Camry and Avalon, it is simply different suspension tuning and different tires. Lexus: F-sport Honda: Sport - no signs of using 'Si-Line' yet Acura: A-Spec - different from Type-S Nissan/Infiniti: I guess they never got in the game Mazda: also never got in the game, and 'Sport' indicates the base trim to my dismay VW: GTI and GLI, but those were always tied to the Golf and Jetta respectively. The 2018 Passat GT is a car that no one seems to remember. Volvo: R-design Subaru: Sport, WRX and STI have always been Impreza-based Jaguar/LR: I think they have something, but never quite cared enough Lincoln: Monochromatic Package - ooh la la FCA: whatever they do, i'm sure it won't last any more than 3 years whether it's Scat Pack or Hellcat and bring it back 35 years later.
  15. I can attest to the '09 RAV4 to one of my friends who owned it the whole time. There's nothing major wrong with the car like the engine or trans breaking down, but the creak and buzz coming from the center dashboard was so annoying. I should've caught the memo then, but I made the decision to buy a '16 Camry and I'm somewhat living with my consequences. To the main point though, congrats on your Ford Escape SE Sport. I think that trim is the best value among all Escapes. FordPass will be particularly useful for remote start, and of course, using the $210 value maintenance coupon.