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  1. No joy in mudville. It has reacted like this to a hard reset once before and it came back to life as unexplainedly as it died. I'll just have to drive on it until I can afford to get this fixed. HOWEVER NEW QUESTION. As far as those on this forum know has a 2015 Fiesta ever been upgraded to have SYNC 3 or otherwise built in android auto? IF I am going to save up and pay through the nose I might as well consider getting a nicer version than what I have. Its so frustrating like the AIPM decided to go on strike. It can work but wont until it gets a dental plan...because Lisa needs braces. WIN_20190429_15_35_23_Pro_Trim.mp4
  2. I'll try it and report back. 3 minutes... ok. Thanks 😊
  3. Hello, I have a 2015 Fiesta. SYNC has had issues but they were always fixed by pulling a certain fuse. Waiting for a count of 30, then replacing the fuse. The last two times though this has not worked as before. The most common issue was that SYNC would stop recognizing my voice. Then it would only stream calls from the phone but not music. Fuse pull and replace would fix it in less than five minutes. Last time I tried it SYNC stopped working for over a day afterward then suddenly kicked on and worked again. This time it hasn't. As of now when I press the media button it activates for a second or two but crashes out immediately. SO other than the fuse pull and the battery disconnect trick. Both of which I have tried more than once.... is there anything else I can do? My ford dealer wants $150 just to look at it.
  4. utta

    Hello from Chicago

    Long time ford driver from Chicago. My first car was my parents old 1989 Tempo and other than a used Chrysler I 've driven nothing but fords since 1998.