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  1. righttime

    2016 Edge Sync-(it doesn't)

    Trying to get Sync3 to recognize my Android Auto. Tried just about everything I could think of. Went to local dealer. Made appt with service dept they referred me to a Salesman, he said I need to connect phone to car with USB and then it would work-NOPE. It did upload my Fordpass app once, but that is gone now and I can't get it back. I have a fairly new Samsung, but not an "S" anything version, would that matter? Neighbor with a 2018 Lincoln got the dealer to upload Android Auto onto her car. But after about a month it disappeared and now she can't get it to upload again? Is this a Ford Sync "feature"?
  2. righttime

    Vacuum leak 2016 hissing noise driverside of front seat

    Dealer replaced the BRAKE BOOSTER, F2GZ-2005-F, BUSHING 3M5Z-2L523-AA, AND GASKET CJ5Z-9439-A. Replacement Booster supposed to have 2yr warranty. No idea of parts or labor charge, this repair was under original warranty. Thank you Henry.
  3. New to me, 2016 Edge. Hissing noise in driverside front seat area. Hiss stops when you press brake pedal. Checked brake fluid don't see any but reservoir is tucked back under firewall so there must be some in there cause brakes work. No idiot lights. Can I use regular dot 4 or does it have to be low viscosity?